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100 The guard is enraged and begins to attack.
101 The guard is frightened by your power.
102 Only Shadow Sword can intimidate this guard by his very presence. You must do so through words.
103 You successfully swipe something from the guard.
104 You have been spotted.
105 The guard has nothing else on him.
106 The guard is unaffected.
107 A Junktown gate guard.
108 What are you doing in Junktown, stranger?
109 Looking for a little fun.
110 Give me everything you have!
111 Might you assist me in acquiring equipment?
112 Nothing. Thank you. Good bye.
113 There are a lot of things to do here. Let's see. You can practice your aim on the cows, or you can just wander around Junktown and see the sights, as long as you don't start any trouble.
114 Is there anything else around here?
115 Fine! Give me everything you have!
116 Thank you. Good bye.
117 Well, supposedly one of the old residents had a nasty gun hidden in his house, on the northwest side. But nobody has every found it.
118 Ok. Thank you for you time.
119 Is there anything else?
120 Ok, Ok, Ok. Please, don't hurt me.
121 Not a chance! Die scum!!
122 Well, supposedly the fellow who used to live in the building to the northwest had a pretty nasty gun. Maybe you can find it.
123 Sorry, I'm just a guard. Try talking with some of the other residents.
124 This is just a taste of things which you can do when the full game comes out. You can either: kill everything that gets in your way, pilfer and sneak your way through situations, or you can talk your way out of trouble and into the graces of others.
125 When the full game comes out, you will be able to see more use of your skills than here.

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