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100 You see Garret.
101 You shouldn't be here during the day. It makes Set unhappy. Come back at night
102 Oh, OK.
103 He should learn to deal with his problems.
104 That's not important. What is important is that I speak with him.
105 You should talk to Set.
106 You receive: a shotgun, 10 shotgun shells, 4 flares, 4 Coke bottles and $200.
107 You receive: a shotgun, 10 shotgun shells and $100.
108 You receive: 4 flares, 4 Coke bottles and $50.
109 You had better leave now.
110 See you around.
111 Is this all I get? I deserve more, and you'd better give it to me!
112 Yerg.
113 You need to leave here . . . immediately.
114 Follow me. I'll see to your reward.
115 I hope not, for your sake. Set was not too happy to have to use you. It might be a good idea to leave Necropolis . . . soon
116 I told you to leave.
117 Whatever.
118 Perhaps. Hmm. Here, take this as well.
119 You receive $100.
120 Now leave.
121 Hmm. Some things are missing from the fridge. It seems that we have been robbed.
200 Garret ignores you.
201 Here is your reward.
202 You receive a large reward.
203 You receive:
204 a shotgun
205 some shotgun shells
206 some flares
207 a flare
208 some coke bottles
209 a coke bottle

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