Fallout GANGER Dialogue
100. You see a ghoul gang member.
101. What are you doing here? Answer wisely - this could be your only chance . . .
102. I'm looking for the boss.
103. This building is condemned - I've come to serve final notice.
104. Sorry, just looking around.
105. Duh.
106. Set ain't here, so git.
107. Oh, OK. Bye.
108. Well, when I find that son of a bitch, I'm gonna make it so no one can find him.
109. Well, you'll just have to be my punching bag, then.
110. You gots some mental problems to work out. Set's not gonna let some loser like you take 'em down. He's got the guards and he's got the guns.
111. How many guards?
112. What are you doing here?
113. Set keeps at least two guards around him at all times, but he can call on more then ten if he needs it. And when he's in his throne room, those ten guards are seconds away.
114. So what are you doing here?
115. I ain't telling ya' that. Whadda ya' think I am, stupid? Now git . . .
116. I'm supposed to make sure no one goes by. Dis is Zombie house.
117. What's a Zombie?
118. Well, you have a nice day.
119. Not a what . . . A WHO. We are the Zombies. If we do good, Set'll make us one of his guards. Now that's all I'm gonna tell you.
120. Why do you want to be one of his guards?
121. Bye.
122. I said dat's all I'm gonna tell ya'. Now git.
123. You crazy. What do you think dis is? You better leave.
124. Nah, I want to go in.
125. OK, I'm out of here.
126. I don't think so. Get out before I call the boyz over and dance on your face.
127. Is that a threat?
128. OK.
129. It was. Now it's a fact. ZOMBIES!
130. Stay away from dis place if you value yer life.
132. You should git.

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