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100 You see a seedy-looking Mexican man with slick hair.
101 You see Hernandez, the rascally gambler.
102 Oye, muchacho, allow me to introduce myself. I am Hernandez, a man of mucho gusto! You look like you are new here. Please, allow me to be your informant to the casino.
103 Can you tell me about the casino?
104 No, thanks.
105 Bloo?
106 But of course! This fine establishment is run by the famous Gizmo. A true visionary and a very wealthy man.
107 Thanks.
108 You say Gizmo is a visionary. What's his vision?
109 What are the odds like on the games here?
110 My friend, I hate to impose, but perhaps you could assist me. I have developed a sure-fire system, because I have discovered how Gizmo runs his tables, but I do not have the caps to play.
111 [You get the feeling that he's trying to scam you.]
112 Perhaps you can spare a few caps? I guarantee success.
113 Sure, sounds good.
114 No, thanks.
115 I think you're lying. You're trying to scam me.
116 Sorry, mi amigo. Hey, let me show you a neat game . . .
117 Thank you very much, mi amigo! In a few days I shall be able to pay you back, with interest. My system is slow, you see, it requires much patience, but it will most certainly reap great profits!
118 Very well, but I guarantee success! If you want to get in on the riches just waiting, come back soon, or I will find another partner!
119 My friend, I see you are a man of much taste, as well. Perhaps a simple game of dice?
120 All right!
121 No, thanks, I'd rather try something else.
122 Gizmo had a dream of setting up a place where people could meet and enjoy themselves. He had the ambition to make it happen. The result is the casino you see here.
123 He gives people a chance to shrug off their cares in the broken world outside. And he brings money into Junktown!
124 Sounds like a good idea.
125 Life's hard enough. I don't trust the motives of someone who would encourage people to lose their money.
126 You obviously don't share Gizmo's brilliance. This place is a respite from the harshness of everyday life.
127 Well, Gizmo runs a pretty good house, although the games are, how shall we say, rather weighted towards the house. It's not like his dealers cheat, though. But unless you have a system, like me, you will need to be very clever.
128 Thanks.
130 How is your system coming?
131 Nothing, thanks.
132 My system is developing slowly. I have living expenses and such, you know, but it is working!
133 That's great!
134 I think that you are a liar and a cheat. Where's my money?
135 So, you think you have tumbled to me, eh? Well, you won't get anything from me!
136 Buenos dias, my friend! What can I do for you today?

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