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100 You see Jerry of the Follower's Scouts.
101 You see Basbear of the Follower's Scouts.
102 You see Richard of the Follower's Scouts.
103 You see Jason of the Follower's Scouts.
104 You see Shadow of the Follower's Scouts.
105 You see Lynne of the Follower's Scouts.
106 You see Gwendolyne of the Follower's Scouts.
107 You see Rosa of the Follower's Scouts.
108 You see Elizabeth of the Follower's Scouts.
109 You see Rebeca of the Follower's Scouts.
110 Who travels the halls of the Followers?
111 Huh?
112 I am
113 . I come in peace.
114 I am
115 . Your destroyer.
116 Who are the Followers?
117 OK. I can see that you are a little slow. Who you?
118 Me
119 . You dead.
120 Me
121 . Me hep.
122 Me kill!
123 Me
124 . Me go.
125 You want to help? I think you will need to talk to Nicole or Jake if you want to help us. They have more time for dealing with slower people.
126 OK. Just stay out of trouble around here.
127 Do you see to end the evil of the Children?
128 Yes. I want to wipe out those scum.
129 No. I'd rather kill you wimps.
130 Who are these Children?
131 Why would I want to kill children?
132 Excellent! Go talk to Nicole and she will be able to tell you how you can help us.
133 The Children are an occult group who worship some dark god. Personally, I think there is something about them that reeks of evil.
134 I will kill them.
135 I don't know. They sound too strong for me.
136 What can I do to help?
137 Forget it! There is no way I will help you.
138 They are a strong lot, but I think with someone of your skills, you will be able to get in and help us destroy them.
139 I'll do it, then.
140 No. I don't think I will help.
141 Suit yourself. If they take over the wastelands, don't say we didn't warn you.
142 If you talk to Nicole, she will be able to tell you more of what can be done to stop them.
143 Thank you. Goodbye.
144 Not children. We wouldn't think of harming them. No. These are the Children of the Cathedral. A nasty group of people.
145 In that case, sure - I'll waste them.
146 Oh. I thought you were talking about kids. Nevermind. I don't think I'll help.
147 What can you tell me about these Children?
148 We are the Followers of the Apocalypse. We are trying to bring peace to the wastelands.
149 Sounds like a good idea. Good luck with it.
150 How do you plan on doing that?
151 That seems highly unlikely.
152 We are working to bring about tolerance to those in the wastelands for those few unfortunates who have been mutated by man's destructive nature.
153 Good luck with that, then.
154 In all of history, we have never been able to get tolerance. Why do you think the War happened?
155 That's just a bunch of bull.
156 You are right in saying that we, as humans, have been close-minded. However, there is always hope.
157 Good luck to you, then.
158 I think you are right. Here, let me make you more open-minded with this.
159 Be that as it may, your opinion was not requested. Goodbye.
160 A cynic in our midst. I am sure you have your reasons. Regardless, I am certain we can bring about some type of understanding.
161 Good luck to you then. Goodbye.
162 I've heard that the Children have been able to get some of our secrets. I wonder how that is happening?
163 I believe that there is a spy somewhere around here.
164 I know. I am selling your secrets to them.
165 I am sure you are just imagining things. How can they know anything?
166 Truly? I thought as much myself, but feared that I would never have been able to get much support on the theory.
167 Do you have any clues as to who it could be?
168 I'm glad to know that. Thanks for your time.
169 You are the double agent!!!
170 Not really. The only thing I can think of is that the person would have to have access to some information and have access to the outside. You might want to look to the initiates or scouts.
171 Thanks. Goodbye.
172 Nicole will be pleased, then, to know that I killed the agent.
173 You must be right. Thank you for setting me straight.
174 I think you are the double agent. Trying to trick me, I see. Well now you DIE!
175 Great job on wasting that agent. Now we might have a chance against those Children.
176 Good luck to you.
177 I can help train you to become more efficient in your fighting.
178 Would you? That would be wonderful.

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