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100 You see Initiate Walter of the Followers.
101 You see Initiate Nicolas of the Followers.
102 You see Initiate William of the Followers.
103 You see Initiate Matthew of the Followers.
104 You see Initiate John of the Followers.
105 You see Initiate Mellenie of the Followers.
106 You see Initiate Jeanne of the Followers.
107 You see Initiate Lori of the Followers.
108 You see Initiate Sarah of the Followers.
109 You see Initiate Christine of the Followers.
110 May peace be your guide in this horrid wasteland.
111 I can't wait to fight the Children
112 If I can't be a Scholar, then I want to be a Scribe.
113 I want to be a Scholar eventually.
114 Those gangs out there really should stop fighting
115 I wonder what the world would be like with peace.
116 I hear that someone has been taking our knowledge to the Children.
117 Those Nightkin scare me.
118 Only scouts are allowed out after sunset.
119 I wonder where the Scholars get their new books.
120 We have lost a lot of people because of that spy.
121 I overhead Neil say that the spy was probably one of the new people.
122 Please find the spy soon.
123 I wonder if Nicole will let us actually use this fighting technique.
124 If Amber saw us now, she'd be furious.
125 Neil was very happy that you were willing to teach us.

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