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18 Results For FLSUPMUT.MSG
100 You see Lou of the Nightkin.
101 You see Sue of the Nightkin.
102 You see Drew of the Nightkin.
103 You see Kurt of the Nightkin.
104 You see Bert of the Nightkin.
105 You see Tyche of the Nightkin.
106 You see Mike of the Nightkin.
107 You see Char of the Nightkin.
108 You see Reine of the Nightkin.
109 You see Daggarth of the Nightkin.
110 Me was told to take you to do something. Something about Normies. Me no remember what.
111 Me think Normies is stupid.
112 All Normies should die!
113 Uthern a smart one. Uh huh.
114 Boss say Normies are nothings.
115 Don't know why boss want these books.
116 Me glad those stupid Normies ain't around. They ugly.
117 Me is better than you! Me is better than you!

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