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100 You see Flip.
101 You see a huge mutant.
102 Arrrghhh! Die, infidel!
103 You should be in the control room. Do not tarry.
104 So, a human. This is very interesting. You will come with me to the Lieutenant, or you will perish right here.
105 Never!
106 Okay, I give up. Let's go.
107 Lop!
108 Excellent. Come with me if you want to live.
109 OK. Let's go.
110 After you.
111 You think me moronic, like many of my kind. You are sadly mistaken. It is a terminal problem, I understand.
112 We meet again. You will not escape me this time.
113 Don't you come near her! I'll kill you first!
114 Flip, when will I get out of here?
115 Soon. Very soon. Your time is near.
116 I can't wait to be together again.
117 You will not regret your decision, dearest. The dipping is painful . . .
118 Not too much, I hope.
119 The FEV is very painful, but you will live.
120 And you will join us. In body and soul.
121 We will be together again?
122 Yes, dearest. Yes.
123 I love you.

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