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100 Watch yourself around the Doc, and I won't have to get medieval on your face.
101 We're closed. Come back later.
102 I gotta see the Doc.
103 OK, will do.
104 It is very important that I see the doctor.
105 Hnnn.
106 Nice weather we're having, huh?
107 That's just too bad. Get out of here, and don't come back until morning. This office isn't open at night.
108 Hold on a second, I gotta check with the Doc.
109 What do you want now?
110 I gotta see the Doc.
111 Is the doctor available?
112 Hnnn!
113 No way. The Doc is sleeping. Come back later.
114 I dunno, why don't you talk to him yourself.
115 Yeah, OK. Get out.
116 Hey, this is private property. You'd better be leaving, now.
117 Eat my dung.
118 If you don't get out of my way, you'll be needing the doctor for personal reasons.
119 Don't you know that women are the weaker sex?
120 Think I'm weak? Watch this then . . .
121 I'll just be leaving.
122 Take your puny threats and run home to mamma. You're talking to a real man here.
123 Think I'm weak? Watch this then . . .
124 I'll just be leaving.
125 Whoa! If you really want to see him, go right ahead.
126 Well, when is the doctor here?
127 The doc sees patients from 8 to 5. Now get outta here.

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