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100 You see a lean and unkempt boy.
101 I don't think I should talk to you. Go away.
102 Why do you have a weapon drawn? We don't got nothing, not even fish!
103 Hi. Wha'cha want?
104 How's the fishing?
105 I'm running a little low on supplies . . .
106 Seen anything unusual lately?
107 Want to hear about my adventures in the Rad Scorpion caves?
108 Runk!
109 Hi. Aren't you that person who goes around helping people? You must got lots of interesting stories to tell!
110 Where do you come from?
111 Hi there. I see you're not stupid enough to be fishing here. What's up?
112 Not sure. Dad and I have been wandering the wastes for so long. We had a friend, a scorpion hunter with us, but he went nuts and we had to kill him, and then we . . .
113 Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't talk about that.
114 Tell me about your dad.
115 What about scorpions?
116 It sucks. Sorry, I shouldn't use the word 'suck.' Dad thinks that people who say suck all the time are either brain-dead simpletons or inarticulate losers. Dad's always trying to sound smart.
117 I agree with your father.
118 Sorry. I'm not the one to talk to about supplies.
119 I saw a big thing like a giant spider with two heads, and one head looked human. Dad thinks I sucked up too much radiation. I dunno. Contaminated water does weird stuff to the brain.
120 Yeah, like what?
121 What's a runk?
122 Sure!
123 The worst thing about hunting Rad Scorpions is waiting for them to get into a good ambush spot.
124 The worst thing about hunting Rad Scorpions is chasing them down after they run away!
125 The worst thing about hunting Rad Scorpions is getting stung in the face by their stinger.
126 Yeah. Did you ever hear about the raiders who fell into the Rad Scorpion nest and they all got stung and stung and eaten alive, except for the one who ran away with half his face chewed off!
127 Man, that was a good one!
128 Well he's kind of loud and boring, and I ain't sure he's my real dad. I think he musta stole me when I was a baby. But he feeds me most of the time, so I like him, I guess.
129 They're big and they're nasty, and they're getting outta control. Dad said there used to be heroes who'd wander around the wastes and kill them off, but most of them are dead now, I guess.
130 What kind of heroes?
131 Yeah, adults always agree with each other. It's just stupid.
132 Big Henry used to go with us, and he was better'n dad and me, until he went insane and tried to strangle me. Dad had to shoot him!
133 Is your dad a good shot?
134 Who's Big Henry?
135 Well that sounds great! I'd better get back to fishing though, or we're gonna get so hungry, we're gonna have to eat you!
136 A lot of heroes. The guy who founded the Brotherhood of Steel, Roger Maxim, he was a real good scorpion killer. When I get older, I'm gonna find out where they are and join them!
137 Sounds good.
138 It's really hard to join the Brotherhood. And it's a long dangerous trip.
139 He's okay, I guess. Actually, I saw him hit a Rad Scorpion between the eyes at seventy yards, but it was a fluke shot.
140 He was a guy from down south. Some sort of raider who tried to live off the land, not the people. He was a real great guy, but sometimes he'd go nuts, and one time he . . . uh . . . it don't matter.
141 Yeah. I'm gonna be a he-ro, just like him. You bet on it!
142 You think living like this is easy? I ain't scared of hardship and there ain't nothing safe out here, so I ain't quitting. I just gotta get old enough to strike out on my own.
143 What about the battle between a Rad Scorpion and a man?
144 Only about twelve times . . .
145 Uh, yes sir.
146 I think this time I'll catch a cold . . .
147 Hurry up! I'm starving!
148 It's been so long since you caught anything, I've forgotten what it tastes like.

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