Fallout FIRE Dialogue
100. You see Fire.
103. You see a member of the Blades.
104. You see a member of the Blades.
105. You think that might be Books.
106. You think that might be Scars.
107. You think that might be Gunner.
108. You think that might be Twitch.
109. You think that might be Hammer.
110. You think that might be Razor.
111. Whatcha want, loser?
112. Err.
113. I want to become a Blade.
114. What would it take for me to get peace between you and Adytum?
115. This! *smack*
116. Nothing. Sorry I bothered you.
117. I am just inspecting your place.
118. Great. Another stupid one. You have the sound of a Ripper.
119. Rrrrr.
120. Arrrr.
121. Arrooo?
122. Don't like them much either? Maybe we can use you for a little 'work.'
123. Urroo.
124. Un nah.
125. Okay, talk to the head wench. Razor'll set you straight as to what ta do.
126. Stupid and a chicken. I'll put you out of your misery now.
127. So you are a Ripper! I'd be sorry to hear that, but then I already knew they were stupid. Goodnight!
128. The Rippers. Those inbreds on the other side of town. Never mind. You're too stupid to know anything.
129. You want to be a Blade? Good luck. But, if you can find Razor, talk to her about that. Maybe she'll let you get jumped in.
130. Okay, thanks.
131. Then I don't want in!
132. What do you mean, 'jumped in?'
133. Can't you just make me a Blade?
134. Your momma never wanted you, and we don't either.
135. Simple. You'll have to kill someone to get in here. She will tell you who you're gonna need to kill.
136. Okay, thanks.
137. Never mind. I don't want to be part of your stupid gang.
138. No. I can't. I don't lead. I just keep Razor going straight.
139. Simple. Slaughter our enemies, then we will give Adytum a break.
140. Who are your enemies?
141. Fair enough. Will you give me proof of this?
142. Fighting is wrong! I won't do it!
143. The Rippers. Those Gun Runners are just a pain, but nothing important. They are a bunch of soft-sellers, anyway.
144. Okay, I'll kill the Rippers.
145. Never mind.
146. If you plan on doing that, you may want to let Razor know. Otherwise, she will have your head before you get out of here.
147. Suit yourself. Goodbye.
148. I don't make the deals. I only make suggestions. Talk to Razor if you want to deal.
149. Then killing you now would save you many years of suffering.
150. Then inspect this!
151. Get lost if you want to live.
152. Quiet. We are trying to sneak up on the Rippers.
153. If ya' got the head, take it to Razor. She still wants to play soccer. Otherwise, get out!

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