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100 You see a guard for the Far Go Traders.
101 Those damn Water Merchants are ripp'n us all off.
102 Be sure to pay the FLC on time, they're a deadly lot.
103 You'll want to talk to Rutger.
104 Far Go Traders are the best.
105 The Crimson Caravan are a bunch of idiots and lunatics.
106 Hmm, I've a craving for some iguana on a stick.
107 Who the hell is stealing our caravans?
108 My brother was on the last caravan that disappeared.
109 Those water misers are responsible, I know it.
110 Mutants took the caravans I hear. Terrible thing.
111 Heard you say some Mutants. Hope you made'em pay.
112 I thought the Death Claw was responsible, damn mutants.
113 We're closed. Come back in the morning.
114 Hey, this isn't the Falcon. Get the hell out.
115 What are you? Some kind of a Skag? Get the hell out.
116 Beat it!
117 We're only open during the day.
118 Are you on chems? Get lost.
119 You need to come back in the morning.

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