Fallout ELDER Dialogue
100. You see the Elder.
101. I am pleased to meet you. I hope you have found this little village pleasing so far.
102. Yes.
103. Nope, not enough action around here.
104. Excellent. I have a favor to ask of you. I promise that you will be well-rewarded for your services to this community.
105. Tell me more . . .
106. This is just a demo, but perhaps you will like what I have to say next.
107. I'm all ears . . .
108. We have been plagued by Rad Scorpions for some time now. All who have been sent to destroy these monsters have not returned. I will give you weapons and armor if you will follow my guide to their lair and kill them all.
109. Sounds good.
110. No thanks.
111. That is a shame. Please leave.
112. Excellent. Sammy here will guide you to the lair. Take these items - they will come in useful.
113. Please help us as soon as possible. Time is wasting.

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