Fallout DUC Dialogue
100. You see a wandering merchant of Asian descent.
101. You see Duc, the wandering merchant.
102. Well hello, wanderer. My name's Duc, and I'm headed into Shady Sands to do some trading. Perhaps I can interest you in some goods?
103. What do you have for sale?
104. Do you go to Shady Sands often?
105. Erf!
106. Let me show you.
107. Yes, Shady Sands is part of my normal trade route. You can travel there with us for safety if you like.
108. Sure, sounds good.
109. No, thanks.
110. Oh, sorry -- didn't realize you were that stupid.
111. It should only take a day or so. Let's go!
112. ShadyW.map
113. Not many people brave the wastes alone. Who are you?
114. None of your business.
115. I'm
116. .
117. Erf!
118. Hello again! What can I do for you?
119. May I join your group to Shady Sands?
120. What do you have for sale?
121. Nothing, thanks.
122. What do you want?
123. Nothing, sorry.
124. What do you have for sale?
125. Erf!
126. You should be careful if you're traveling alone. Some people went missing from Shady Sands recently.

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