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100 You see Dragon.
103 You see a member of the Blades.
104 You see a member of the Blades.
105 You think that might be Books.
106 You think that might be Scars.
107 You think that might be Gunner.
108 You think that might be Twitch.
109 You think that might be Hammer.
110 You think that might be Razor.
111 Get lost! Can't you tell I'm trying to get some rest!
112 What are ya doing roaming around out here?
113 Just looking at the stars.
114 Out looking for you.
115 Hunting.
116 Your looking's cost you dearly. What's the story? Tell me the truth, and you may live.
117 I'm really here to kill you.
118 I want to end the gang wars.
119 Just looking for home. It's right there. The moon.
120 I think I'd be sorry about that, but I don't pay heed to dead people.
121 Fat chance. Now, get out of here before I send the night guard after you.
122 My, you don't enjoy life much. I'll help you end it.
123 You found me. Now, walk or die!
124 I think I'll walk.
125 I'd rather live.
126 What's the word on the Rippers?
127 They're gonna kill ya!
128 They're dead. See?
129 Nothing yet.
130 Great. Go take it to Razor.
131 Don't lie to me. Get out!
132 Then get your butt out of here and can the bastard!

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