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100 You see Snake.
101 You see Dolgan.
104 You see a member of the Blades.
105 You see a member of the Blades.
106 You think that might be Books.
107 You think that might be Scars.
108 You think that might be Gunner.
109 You think that might be Twitch.
110 You think that might be Hammer.
111 You think that might be Razor.
112 Get lost! This is only for real fighters.
113 So, you think you can take on Tangler and his wimps? Here, I'll teach you to use that blade.
114 Now you are a little better at that. Go kick Tangler's butt into next year for me.
115 Great job on hacking those Rippers. What can I do for you?
116 Can you teach me some more blade skills?
117 How can I get into the Gun Runners?
118 Nothing, thanks.
119 Sure thing. But it will take most of the day for a little improvement. You still want that?
120 Yes.
121 No.
122 There you go. You've shown a little improvement. Good luck to you.
123 Sure thing. Come back when you want more training.
124 Seems like we let in a fool. Well, if you want to get into their place, there is a slight break in their moat. Look for it and run like mad. You may even make it across.

The wind will not break the tree that bends.

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