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100 You see a peasant.
101 You see Phil.
102 It ain't my dog!
103 Damn right, shoot that beast!
104 I wouldn't trust that beast, if I was you. That thing is a killer.
105 Mister,
106 Ma'am,
107 I would be really happy if you were to get rid of that damn dog.
108 Why?
109 Nah, I only deal with important stuff.
110 Where did it come from?
111 Hnnn.
112 Mebbe you can talk it to death.
113 It won't let us back into our house, that's why.
114 Okay.
115 Isn't it your dog?
116 It was the 'pet' of a traveler. When the traveler died, this damn dog just plopped its furry ass down on my doorstep and wouldn't leave. It's been there for days.
117 Oh.
118 Who was this traveler?
119 What did the traveler look like?
120 I don't know. Some guy. He came from the east, he said. Like anyone could get past the deadlands to the east. He ran afoul of Gizmo, trying to interfere with Gizmo's business.
121 So, Gizmo had a couple of boys beat him up and throw him from the casino roof. The traveler broke his damnfool neck and died. The dog was pissed.
122 What did the traveler look like?
123 Oh, the guy was tall, dark-haired with a little graying around the edges. He was dressed all in black leather, like that's a good idea in the desert, and carried a shotgun.
124 He had some funny accent. The dog was his constant companion, followed him everywhere.
125 Appreciate the gossip.
126 I hate that dog.
127 Thanks for your help.

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