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100 You see Demetre.
101 Hey there! How are you doin'? The name's Demetre, Demetre Romara, head of the best damn caravan in the wastes. Are you lookin' for a job?
102 Hmmm, you don't look very strong at all, but... you MUST be great with guns then to have survived the outside! Hell, you're probably one mean fighter when the time comes!
103 You look pretty fit.
104 You look pretty strong.
105 Damn, you look strong!
106 Damn! You look like you could lift a mountain!
107 Yeah, so?
108 What's it to you?
109 Huh?
110 That's just what we're lookin' for! You like the thrill and excitement of battle don't you?! Bullets flying everywhere, whippin' by your head, blowin' your enemy in two, seein' the fear in their eyes! Ahhhh, that's the life! You look like the kind of person that could serve us well, and we pay well! Oh yes, we do! We've just had a few new openin's, if you are interested; but of course you are, right?!
111 What's the pay?
112 I'll kill anything that gets in our way!
113 No thanks.
114 I need a water chip.
115 What do you know about the missing caravans?
116 I've got to go.
117 Ugggg uggg!
118 We pay 600 hub bucks a job! That's each way! Hell, people say we take all the dangerous routes but I say they're the most excitin'! You need a little excitement in your life, am I right? Of course I am!
119 Hell, I think that's just what I'm lookin' for!
120 Do you always talk so loud?
121 Dangerous?
122 No thanks, bub.
123 Damn straight it is! Just go talk to Keri in the next room, she'll let you know when the next caravan is leavin'.
124 Bub? What the hell are you talkin' about? Well, no skin off my back.
125 What, are you afraid of loud noises or somethin'?
126 Yes.
127 Only at night.
128 No, I was just wondering you were deaf or dumb.
129 No, but my ears were getting a little sore.
130 Ha! Maybe both! Well, go talk to Keri in the next room if you do want a job.
131 You're a smart little ass, are you? Well, it doesn't matter to me! Just as long as you defend the caravans I'll be satisfied. Go talk to Keri in the next room if you want a job.
132 Ha! That's a funny one! Well, if you think you can brave the darkness, come see me.
133 Of course it's dangerous -- why else would I fork out 600 bucks?
134 Oh, okay. Bye.
135 I'll still take the job.
136 Get out of here before I rip your head off!
137 I'll shove your head up your ass!
138 That's it!
139 Of course you will! Go talk to Keri in the next room, she works the schedules.
140 Hell, that's disappointin', but oh well.
141 Yeah! I like you! You're hired! Go talk to Keri in the next room, she'll assign you to a caravan.
142 A water chip? Hmmm, haven't heard of one of those before. You might want to check with one of the shops outside -- they have lots of stuff. So, did you want a job?
143 Well, what's it pay?
144 No, not really.
145 Not much, I've only lost two. I really have no idea why they're hittin' the Far Go Traders more then anyone else.
146 Any suspicions?
147 What about your routes and cargo?
148 Okay, thanks.
149 Who ever is doin' this has got to have one hell of a raidin' party. Our caravans are well armed and you would think that someone would have gotten away by now. They don't leave a trace.
150 So, how much does that job pay?
151 What about your routes and cargo?
152 Okay, thanks.
153 Hell, we go to more dangerous places than they do and our cargo is better!
154 How is your cargo better?
155 Just checking, thanks.
156 You're full of crap!
157 Well, okay -- maybe it's not better but we do carry a larger variety than them.
158 Okay, thanks.
159 You know, Beth's been yapping about some Death Claw. I would check that out if I where you! I've heard a few rumors from other sources about somethin' creepin' around at night to the northwest.
160 Sorry, but we're paid good money to be sure the job gets done! We'll only hire the best! We've got to have reliable men and women on those caravans!
161 Like I really wanted a job, ya' loud-mouthed moron!
162 Sorry to have bothered you.
163 Please, can I have another job?
164 Huta?
165 I said we won't hire you!
166 Sorry, I'm done takin' risks with you!
167 You're wastin' your time here!
168 Please stop botherin' me!
169 Beat it.
170 Demetre ignores you.
171 Hell, I don't hire dirty chem cravers! If you want a job you better sober up!
172 I'm no chem add . . . I mean . . . Arg!
173 Blah!
174 Doing chems are we? Hell, it's a good thing we aren't hiring your ass again!
175 Hell, no! I don't think you realize just how much is at stake! We can't afford to take the risk! Hell, I don't no how the Far Go Traders are still in business with all those missin' caravans!
176 Sorry, you'll have to see if one of the others' houses will take a risk with you. I can't afford to take another one.
177 Get out of here, you make me sick!
178 Hey! What do you think your doin'?
179 That leads to our warehouse.
180 It can only be opened from the other side.
181 You're a strange one.
182 You're wastin' your time.
183 He ignores you.
184 So? Do you want a job or what? I'm offerin' you a great chance at some excitement and lots of cash! You can never have too much of either!
185 Oh, yeah. How much was that?
186 I'll kill anything that gets in our way!
187 No, thanks.
188 I need a water chip.
189 What do you know about the missing caravans?
190 I've got to go.
191 Ruk luk?
192 Hey, you did a fine job on that last caravan -- good goin'! Did you need somethin'?
193 Yeah, I wanted another job.
194 I need a water chip.
195 What do you know about the missing caravans?
196 No. Just stopped by to say hi.
197 Nothing, bye.
198 We lost all of our cargo! I'm afraid we can't hire you anymore, sorry.
199 You're lucky, we almost lost that caravan you bugged out on! I'm afraid we can't hire you for any more jobs, sorry.
200 We're not hiring, so what do you want?
201 Get lost! We're not hiring.
202 I need a water chip.
203 Tell me what you know about the missing caravans.
204 I want your ugly face out of my way!
205 I want your head on a stick!
206 Never mind.
207 Ruk luk?
208 You think you're tough? Don't make me laugh!
209 Well, you should be talking to my daughter, Keri; she takes care of all that! She's in the next room.
210 I already told you. Just talk to Keri in the next room.
211 Your daughter?
212 That ugly thing is your daughter? That explains a lot!
213 Okay.
214 Yes, she's my pride and joy! Isn't she beautiful? Just talk to her when you want another job. Some day . . . hopefully soon, I'll be able to retire and she'll take over for me.
215 You can't if you're both dead!
216 Okay, thanks.
217 You dare insult someone's family? I should rip your heart out!
218 I'm sorry, I was just kidding!
219 I'll do more than insult you!
220 Too late for apologies! [His face gets very red . . . then in a calm, controlled voice.] Get, before I make good on my threat!
221 Is that your poor attempt at a threat?
222 It's not a threat! You're about to die!
223 Yeah, well, I gave it the old college try!
224 No, I'm sorry. I've got to go. Bye!
225 Well I've got to admit, I've heard better.
226 Yeah, I know. See ya.
227 Well, you're still going to die!
228 Uh, okay.
229 Well, what are you waiting for? There are caravans to run!
230 They're not ready to leave yet.
231 I've still got some things to do first.
232 I need a water chip.
233 Tell me what you know about the missing caravans.
234 Okay, bye.
235 Rik rok?
236 Roerow?
237 Damn! You're missing out on some good action! I'm sure there are lots of people, creatures, and things waiting to attack the caravans! Nothing beats a good fire fight! Here - take this, it'll give you something to play with until the next caravan is ready to go. [He hands you a frag grenade.]
238 Damn! Do our caravans ever leave?
239 What about your boat?
240 Don't take too long.
241 Keri, are we book yet?
242 You've got to kill the enemy before it gets you!
243 Nothin' like squeezin' the life out of your enemies!
244 The hell you are!
245 Damn it, where's my gun!

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