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100 You see Darrel.
101 You see a Paladin.
102 Greetings, and welcome to the Brotherhood of Steel.
103 Duh...
104 What is the Brotherhood of Steel.
105 Do you know where I can find a Water Chip?
106 Do you know anything about the missing caravans?
107 Nevermind.
108 Laughs at you) Friend, I don't think you have a chance of getting in here. The Elders have a minimum IQ requirement for new Initiates.
109 Yes..a..well..a..No. It's just people don't even try to understand what we're all about.
110 The Brotherhood is a collective of men and women who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of technology.
111 I've heard that you people sacrifice puppies.
112 What type of armor is that your wearing.
113 How do I find out more about your technology.
114 Good bye.
115 No...I never even heard of one of those. One of our head scribes may know. Maybe you can ask one of them. That is if you join us.
116 Join? How do I join?
118 You guys don't know jack.
119 Sacrifice puppies!!! Where the hell did you hear that one? Don't believe everything you hear in the wastes they're all a bunch of pathetic lunatics.
120 Actually I thought it would have been kinda cool.
121 Sorry to have upset you.
122 Everyone is a lunatic outside the Brotherhood of Steel?
123 The only way to know anything more about us, is to join us. My friend Cabbot can help you with that.
125 Do you have a Water Chip in the Brotherhood?.
126 You'll need to speak with Cabbot about that.
127 What is the Brotherhood of Steel all about anyway?
128 That's OK...It's just people don't even try to understand what we're all about.
129 What's there to understand?
130 Well?... I think you guys just might be a little kookie myself.
131 Technology. That is all that any one needs to understand. Join us and you will come to know this.
132 How does one join the Brotherhood?
133 You people are a little too left field for me.
134 I'm sorry you feel that way.
135 This is Powered Combat Infantry Armor model T-51b or more commonly know as Power Armor.
136 I've been wanderin' the wastes for weeks for weeks now and I've never seen armor like this before.
137 It looks like it would be cumbersome to wear.
139 The Brotherhood are the sole bearers of the Power Armor in the wastes. Only the honored, and Knights of the highest Stature are given the privilege to wear the ultimate armor.
140 That still doesn't answer why I've never seen it before.
141 How does one join the Brotherhood?
143 Heathens have tried and failed to take our Power Armor from us. They would have to kill a Brother to possess his birthright, and if it comes to that, the armor would be in such poor condition as to render it useless.
144 I think I'll try to take it off your dead cold body.
145 Bye.
146 Do I have to sacrifice a puppie to join?
147 Cumbersome? Not in the least. The sacred armor is so finely constructed to such exacting specifications that it feels like an extension of the blessed one's own body. It increases one's strength many times over and helps you resist the effects of radiation so that you may more effectively serve the brotherhood. I would feel diminished without my holy armor.
148 How come no one else in the wastes has this armor.
149 I want one of those.
151 You need to speak with Cabbot if you wish to join.
152 I can't believe it. They're sending him down there?
153 I can't believe it. They're sending her down there?
154 So you took the Famous Glow Quest. (Laughs)
155 No... I'm going to the Ancient Order.
156 The Glow, what's that?
157 It's none of your business what I am doing.
158 Yeah, I did. Bye.
159 Glow, Ancient Order it's the same thing. It's still not a good place to visit.
160 Why do you say that?
161 How hard could it be. All I have to do is go get something and bring it back. It's the old send the new guy on a quest thing.
162 Why the two names?
163 What's so special about this place.
164 The Glow, as it is known to topsiders, was supposedly a place where some of the most advanced weapons of that time were developed. At least that's what it says in the ancient writings. Now as fasr as any of us can tell it's a big crater filled with Rads. I think the Elders send Brotherhood wanabes down there just to get rid of them.
165 Others? There was others before me.
166 I'm going to the Ancient Order. Where's that located.
167 Your right. It's not any of my business.
168 Well? To start it's a good 10 days travel to the Southeast from here. And then there's the radiation. There's a reason none of us have ever gone to the "Ancient Order". If you don't have Rad-X you'll be cooked before you even know what hit you.
170 Let me get this straight...
171 Most topsiders think that it is just a big Radioactive hole. Thus the name became the Glow or some even call it the Hot Spot. We in the Brotherhood know the truth. According to the ancient writings this place was the source of all our technology. And who knows what may still be there.
173 Let me get this straight...
174 Others have tried. We never heard from them again.
175 Hell, you've almost talked me out of even wanting to join the Brotherhood.
176 They were weak. I'll be seen' you around.
177 What should I watch for when I go down there.
179 The Glow and the Ancient Order are one in the same.
180 What is the Glow?
181 Don't get me wrong the Brotherhood is a great place to join. It's by far the safest place to live in the wastes. No place else will you find better weapons and armor. We serve technology and technology serves us.
182 Sounds good, I'll be going on my way.
183 What can you tell me about the Glow.
184 It doesn't sound like it is worth the trouble.
185 What?...
186 Why does the Ancient Order have two names?
187 Where is the Ancient Order, and the dangers are...?
189 Most topsiders think that it is just a big Radioactive hole. Thus the name became the Glow or some even call it the Hot Spot. We in the Brotherhood know the truth. According to the ancient writings this place was the source of all our technology. And who knows what may still be there.
190 Got another question for you.
191 Can I help you?
192 Nevermind. Bye.
193 Sure ask away.
194 Hello
195 Yes, Rutger came here personally not too long ago, and that's not like him. He was trying to find out what had been happening to his caravans. I've no idea what it could have been. A few others say they saw something over near the hub, but it disappeared before they could get close enough. It's all very unnerving, I hope it's resolved soon.
196 I heard you make animal sacrifices! Maybe you take these caravans for your dark rituals!
197 Any suspicions?
198 Well, if you see anything let me know. I'd like to get to the bottom of this soon myself.
199 Not really, but I suspect it's foul play... but then again, there are a lot of strange and dangerous creatures out there in the wastelands. It could simply be some creature, or more likely a herd or band of them. I hope that helps. Good day.
201 Thanks for your time. Bye.
202 OK, thanks. Bye.
203 Thanks for the info. Bye.
204 Thanks, Bye.
205 Ok... Thanks for the info.
206 I Thank you for the warning. Bye.
207 Thank you. Bye.
208 Thank you for your time.
209 If you were lookin' to get a hold of some better arms, maybe you should try the Glow down south. (Darrel points south)
210 Here take some Rad-X. (Darrel gives you some pills)
211 Swallow these like this. (Darrel motions taking the pills and rubs his tummy). Mmmmm yummm.
212 Wait, wait, Not yet! (Darrel stops you from taking the pills) Wait until you get to the Glow.

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