Fallout CRVNDRVR Dialogue
100. You see a Caravan Driver.
101. Sorry, I don't know you. If you want a job you need to talk to Rutger.
102. Don't talk to me about a job, talk to Rutger.
103. What, did you spend all your money on chems? If you keep that up you'll find your new home in old town surrounded by skags.
104. You'd better sober up. Come back when you're ready and able to work.
105. Looking for another job?
106. Sure.
107. No, maybe later.
108. Lug.
109. Rok!
110. Ready to go? We leave today.
111. Yep!
112. Nope.
113. Hrurra?
114. Sorry, we won't deal with you anymore. Try your luck with another caravan; maybe they'll put up with you.
115. Sorry, we're not hiring.
116. You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here again. I think you should leave.
117. I said beat it!
118. What do you want? Hiring you was a disaster.
119. Please give me another chance! I had no choice!
120. Oh, yeah? I could care less.
121. Nothing. Bye.
122. Kah.
123. Moo.
124. Look, I don't know what happened out there but we lost the entire caravan! You shouldn't have come back if you couldn't protect it.
125. No way, get lost!
126. I said get lost!
127. What do you want?
128. Ah, shut up and get out of my way!
129. I want another job.
130. Nothing.
131. Zug.
132. Ug.
133. What? After you abandoned that last job? You're lucky they survived.
134. I'm lucky? You're lucky I don't pound your face in!
135. Hey! I had places to go and people to see.
136. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to leave. Everything seemed okay.
137. Talk straight or get out.
138. Skag.
139. We don't hire drunks.
140. We don't hire chemgies.
141. (You're ignored)
142. Come back when you've slept it off.
143. You sicko. Go back to the pens.
144. Seemed okay? You never leave a caravan, not even if it's a mile from its rendezvous. You were hired to guard it for the entire trip, otherwise we would have gotten someone else.
145. Well, no one told me I couldn't leave!
146. I'm sorry, it will never happen again.
147. Up yours.
148. What? Is this your first caravan? How did you get hired? This is a very delicate and important job; it's to be taken seriously. Lives are at stake, both the caravan and the towns we supply.
149. And you must be so proud of yourself.
150. What? Do you want a medal or something?
151. Let me save lives, please! I want to help!
152. I hope so! This is a very delicate and important job; it's to be taken seriously. Lives are at stake! The caravans and the towns we supply depend on us!
153. You must be so proud of yourself.
154. What? Do you want a medal or something?
155. Let me save lives, please! I want to help!
156. Of course I am.
157. So, can I have another job?
158. You're an idiot!
159. I've got to go. Bye.
160. Uh, yeah. This is hard and dirty work! We risk our lives for those in less fortunate places.
161. Get a life!
162. Oh? And what about all the less fortunate people right under your nose?
163. You're right. Can I have another job or what?
164. What? I don't know what you're talking about! Oh, you mean the skags? They don't count. They choose to live that way.
165. I guess you're right.
166. You make me sick.
167. I've got to go.
168. What? What'd I say?
169. Of course I am. I'm a good person at heart . . . most of the time.
170. Of course you are. Can I have another job or what?
171. I'm out of here.
172. That's the attitude! To bad I can't give you another job.
173. What? After all that? Oh come on! Please can I have another job?
174. Well, back to saving the world then.
175. That's just fine. But don't ever expect to work for us again!
176. Oh, please! It will never happen again!
177. Like I'd want to!
178. Well okay, one more chance. Our next caravan is leaving
179. today
180. tomorrow
181. on the
182. 8th
183. 18th
184. 28th
185. . Let me know when you're ready to leave. It pays the standard 400 scripts.
186. Sorry, but I already made a bad mistake about giving you a chance the last time you messed up.
187. Great, which route did you want to take?
188. Hi there. The caravan doesn't leave until tomorrow. You should come back then if you still want the job.
189. I don't want the job.
190. I'll try to make it.
191. Okay, I'll see you then.
192. Da.
193. Hi there. You're early. Quite early. The next caravan doesn't leave until the
194. 8th
195. 18th
196. 28th
197. . Come back then if you're still interested.
198. I don't want the job.
199. I'll try to make it.
200. Okay. Bye.
201. Da.
202. Okay. It doesn't matter to me.
203. Hell, it doesn't matter to me if you show or not. We have people looking for jobs every day. If you don't show, that's okay.
204. I already told you. Don't worry about it. If you can't make it, I can make do.
205. Brotherhood of Steel
206. Boneyard
207. Junktown
208. Never mind. I don't want the job after all.
209. Great timing, our caravans are leaving today. It pays the standard 400 scripts. Which caravan route did you want to take?
210. Great. Our next caravan is going out on the
211. 8th
212. 18th
213. 28th
214. . Come back then and we'll assign you to a caravan. It pays the standard 400 scripts.
215. Okay.
216. Sorry, I can't wait that long.
217. Great. I'll get your driver and the rest of the crew. Be careful out there, it's been a little rough lately.
218. The crew's ready. We'll leave right away.
219. All right, it'll just take a few minutes to get the crew together.
220. All right. We'll leave for the Brotherhood as soon as I get the rest of the crew together.
221. Okay, you'll be off to the Brotherhood as soon as I assemble the crew.
222. Ready to go! Be sure to stay away from the mountains.
223. The Boneyard's a rough place -- be careful. Make sure everyone sticks to their shifts.
224. The crew's almost ready. I heard there was some trouble around the Boneyard recently -- watch your back.
225. Okay, the caravan crew for the Boneyard is ready and waiting.
226. Junktown is normally a short and easy trip -- you shouldn't have any problems.
227. Good, the crew for Junktown's caravan is ready.
228. All right. Junktown's waiting, let's get going.
229. Why, hello. I understand you are looking for a job. I'm surprised Rutger hired you, but I'm sure he has his reasons. Our caravans leave here three times a month: on the 8th, 18th and 28th. There are three places we go to on a regular basis: the Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, and the Boneyard. The pay is always 400 scripts, and that's one way. You can come back with the caravan for another 400 scripts.
230. You've got great timing because they're all heading out today.
231. They're all going out tomorrow.
232. They aren't leaving for
233. days.
234. Are you interested?
235. So, do you want the job?
236. They're all heading out today.
237. They're all going out tomorrow.
238. They aren't leaving for
239. days.
240. I suppose you want a job. I might give you one. Are you interested?
241. Sure.
242. Nope.
243. You know where you can stick your caravan.
244. I don't know. I'll have to get back to you.
245. Ug.
246. Which route did you want to take?
247. Brotherhood of Steel.
248. Boneyard.
249. Junktown.
250. Sorry, I changed by mind.
251. Well, come back on the
252. 8th
253. 18th
254. 28th
255. and we'll get the crew together.
256. What's your problem?
257. You're the problem, and my fist is the solution.
258. You'd better watch it.
260. You are.
261. No problem.
262. Yeah, okay. Come back if you change your mind.

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