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100 You see Cleo.
101 No retreat, no surrender, pal.
102 No retreat, no surrender, lady.
103 Weren't you just leaving? Get outta here.
104 What do you want?
105 Tell me about Loxley.
106 Tell me about Jasmine.
107 Tell me about the Circle.
108 Tell me about Decker.
109 Tell me about the missing caravans.
110 Hi.
111 Um, ugh!
112 Hey! What's happening?
113 Tell me about Loxley.
114 Tell me about Jasmine.
115 Tell me about the Circle.
116 Tell me about Decker.
117 Tell me about the missing caravans.
118 Tell me about the missing caravans.
119 Hi.
120 Um, ugh!
121 He's the boss. What else is there to know?
122 Tell me about Jasmine.
123 Tell me about the Circle.
124 Tell me about Decker.
125 Tell me about the missing caravans.
126 Hi.
127 Um, ugh!
128 She's the bosses assistant. Not a bad gal.
129 Tell me about Loxley.
130 Tell me about Jasmine.
131 Tell me about the Circle.
132 Tell me about Decker.
133 Tell me about the missing caravans.
134 Hi.
135 Um, ugh!
136 If you're lucky, you'll consider yourself one of us by the end of the day. At home, part of the furniture, you know?
137 Tell me about Loxley.
138 Tell me about Jasmine.
139 Tell me about Decker.
140 Tell me about the missing caravans.
141 Hi.
142 Um, ugh!
143 We don't discuss Mr. Decker in polite company.
144 Tell me about Loxley.
145 Tell me about Jasmine.
146 Tell me about the Circle.
147 Tell me about the missing caravans.
148 Hi.
149 Um, ugh!
150 We had nothing to do with that!
151 Tell me about Loxley.
152 Tell me about Jasmine.
153 Tell me about the Circle.
154 Tell me about Decker.
155 Hi.
156 Um, ugh!
157 Hi yourself.
158 Why do you even bother talking to people, moron?
159 A great leader. He's doing everything to screw over the right people and keep the Hub together -- for a small fee, of course.
160 Tell me about Jasmine.
161 Tell me about the Circle.
162 Tell me about Decker.
163 Tell me about the missing caravans.
164 Tell me about the missing caravans.
165 Hi.
166 Um, ugh!
167 It's both a job and an adventure. Helping the poor, risking your life, meeting new and interesting blokes. That us, the good guys!
168 Tell me about Loxley.
169 Tell me about Jasmine.
170 Tell me about Decker.
171 Tell me about the missing caravans.
172 Tell me about the missing caravans.
173 Hi.
174 Um, ugh!
175 I had a friend who worked for him once. When the assignment went bad, he ran back to Decker for reinforcements. Decker called him a fool, and he had him lobotomized as an example to others. We don't like Decker very much around here.
176 What rumors do you want to hear? The Water Merchants are playing games. Decker's squeezing merchants for more protection. The Children of the Cathedral sacrificed it to their god. The Deathclaw ate it. Rumors ain't worth nothing. The world's full of rumor and suspicion, and empty of truth. Look for fact, not fiction. But why are you asking? You had friends on the caravan?
177 I can't talk about my reasons.
178 I promised a friend I'd look into it.
179 I need water for my town and can't afford to have caravans disappear.
180 Yeah, I had a friend.
181 Fine. I got secrets, too. Good luck, friend.
182 Sorry I can't be more useful. Oh, and then there's the rumor about the ship from outer space. I think someone's been playing around with too many of Rufus's stupid games.
183 Really? Where are you from?
184 Shady Sands.
185 A place just north of Shady Sands.
186 Vault 13.
187 Here and there. I do odd jobs for places which let me stick around.
188 Sorry to hear that. I've lost a couple of good friends in my time, and one of them I found worse than dead, but I'd rather not go into it.
189 Didn't we already discuss that? You've got a one-track mind, pal.
190 Not a bad place if you like sand. A little too dry and wilderness for me. At least in the Hub you don't have to worry about wandering Rad Scorpions. We've got enough of our own predators, I suppose.
191 You're from a Vault? Get out of here! Don't go feeding me that bull.

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