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100 You see before you an alert scout.
101 Who goes there?
102 Me. Me.
103 Who goes where?
104 I do!
105 Deathslayer!
106 Be at peace. I am a friend.
107 Meme? Well, get out of here! This is the property of the Children of the Cathedral.
108 Huh? Me stay!
109 Huh? You Die!
110 Me no want to go.
111 Great. Of all the people I had to stop, I stopped a piece of cannon fodder. What can I do for you?
112 Go night-night!
113 Nahnah.
114 Hep ew.
115 OK. I suggest you get out of here before you get hurt.
116 You want to help me? I doubt that. What do you have?
117 Nahnah.
118 Dis!
119 Vaut.
120 Wasting my time, I see. Get lost!
121 Vaut. Vaut? What's a vaut?
122 Numnum.
123 Nonah.
124 Valt! Valt!
125 Oh, you want candy. Sorry, I don't have any. Goodbye.
126 Oh, a Vault. I'm sure that is very nice. Maybe you can talk to one of my superiors about that. I'm kinda busy right now.
127 It is very dangerous here. Big, bad monsters took over this place. We are trying to save what we can before they come back.
128 No go! No go!
129 Uh, oh.
130 Bubye.
131 Okay. Suit yourself. When they get back here, you can be their dinner.
132 Me kill! Me kill!
133 Bubye.
134 You can try. I'm not sure you will get very far, though. Good luck to you.
135 Uh oh is right. They are nasty. We are trying to make them understand that people and monsters can live together.
136 Oh. OK. Bubye.
137 Just tell me who you are before I blow off your head.
138 I'm a Follower. Where did everyone go?
139 I'm one of you. Now let me pass.
140 I am
141 . Remember it!
142 I don't have to.
143 DIE!!!
144 Come with me. I'll show you where everyone else went.
145 So, you are a Follower?
146 Of course! Who else would I be?
147 No, I am a Children member.
148 Silly me. I mistook you for someone else. Come with me. I'll show you the way.
149 I don't remember you. What's the name?
150 I'm
151 . How could you forget about me?
152 None of your business.
153 I'm your worst nightmare.
154 I'm sorry. I still don't remember you. Maybe someone else may remember who you are.
155 Yes, I remember you. We were told to look for you. Vengeance shall be mine!
156 You are in my patrol area. It is my business. Talk or die!
157 Fine. I'm
158 . Ring a bell yet?
159 Hmmm. I think . . . KILL!
160 Let me think.
161 Now let me see. It's
162 . Right?
163 Yes, you moron.
164 Yes.
165 No stupid. It's Deathstalker!
166 Good. Just making sure for your headstone.
167 Then I don't have to let you live. Good night.
168 And who are you?
169 I'm a Follower. Where did everyone go?
170 I'm one of you. Now let me pass.
171 I am
172 . Remember it!
173 I don't have to!
174 DIE!!!
175 Deathslayer, eh? You look more like worm bait to me.
176 If you are a friend, then prove it.
177 I helped kill the Followers.
178 I helped kill the Rippers.
179 I helped kill those mutant things.
180 I helped kill the Children.
181 Really? I think my boss would like to hear more about that. Go look for Orfeo. He'll be able to reward you for your help.
182 For someone who comes in peace, you do an awful lot of killing. But those Rippers were causing quite a bit of trouble. Orfeo can reward your for your aid.
183 You kill harmless creatures which are the end result of man's destructive nature and then claim peace?
184 I'm sorry. They were ugly, so I shot them.
185 They were hurting people all over the place.
186 Now I'm going to kill you.
187 I still let you live. I think I better take you in to have you cleansed of these thoughts of destruction.
188 Funny. I thought I saw some of them out in the street trying to clean up the gangs.
189 They attacked the Blades?
190 What happened to the Adytum?
191 Die, scum!
192 Those loser are now no more.
193 That's a good thing. Well, goodbye.
194 And now, you won't be either.
195 That's where I know you from. It's payback time!

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