Fallout CHANTER Dialogue
100. You see a Chanter of the Children.
101. The Master will forgive your sins! Join us and be free! Praise to the Master and his mercy!
102. Hello, friend! The Master's vision has made me truly alive for the first time. May I share my wonderful story with you?
103. Where might I meet this Master?
104. Go ahead.
105. Who's in charge here?
106. Master's Vision? Is it better than Rad Scorpion Juice?
107. Does it end in death? If not, I can change that!
108. Me like story!
109. The Master looks above! The Master sits below! Watch the Peace and the Unity grow!
110. There was once a man who was so full of hate that he nearly died. But now . . . Praise the Master! Praise the Holy Flame! Praise the Vineyard of Life! Whee!
111. You are in charge, friend, but the Master is your guide. Praise the Master! Praise the Holy Flame that lights our way!
112. The Master's vision is much better than any drink, or even sex! Ohhhh! He transcends both vice and virtue! Ahhhh! The Master is both father and lover to us all!
113. No story ends in death, as long as the Master is here to protect us!
114. But I must praise the Master! Farewell, my friend! I'll tell the story later!

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