Fallout CATHSHOP Dialogue
100. You see a shopkeeper.
101. The Holy Flame does not appreciate thieves and scoundrels in his house of worship. You will be punished!
102. Hng!
103. I wasn't stealing from you, honest!
104. Why don't you tell the Holy Flame when you see him after your 'punishment.'
105. I care not for your lies, neither shall the Master.
106. I'm sorry the shop is closed.
107. Nugga.
108. Thanks for nothing.
109. Why is that?
110. Don't mention it.
111. The Children do not have to deal with your kind. And you've been causing us a serious problem. I would like you to go away before I have to call in reinforcements.
112. You don't have to do that. I'm your friend.
113. Whatever.
114. I refuse to deal with those that use weapons to make demands. We Children have grown beyond the simple use of guns and weapons.
115. Gun control fascist nut!
116. Let me holster it and we can barter in peace.
117. Good, I'd like that. I'd be happy to do business with you.
118. Greetings, my fellow Child. How can I help you?
119. Lugga!?
120. What do you have to trade?
121. Thanks. See you later, alligator.
122. I'm sorry. Perhaps we can just make a deal.
123. Brye!
124. After a while, crocodile. I can't believe I just said that.
125. Greetings! How can I help you? I do hope that you will take a moment to realize the significance of any future decisions you might make in regards to your soul...
126. Baarta!
127. What do you have to trade?
128. Where can I get one of those fancy robes of yours...
129. Only trusted members of the Cathedral are allowed to wear the holy purple.
130. I guess that answers my question, thanks!
131. Stuck up fool. I guess I will have to take yours!
132. Oh, well. What do you have to trade?
133. Oh, stuff to pander to the rubes who walk in the door. Nothing too special. Go ahead, take a look.
134. Thanks, see you later.
135. We have all sorts of special items to remember your trip to the Cathedral. These memories can't be bought cheaply, you understand.
136. Thanks...

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