Fallout CARCUST Dialogue
100. You see a Caravan Customer.
101. They never have what I want.
102. I think the selection is getting worse.
103. Sorry, I'm not supposed to talk to outsiders.
104. I can never find what I want.
105. If you see any Redalek's, let me know.
106. These prices are getting out of hand.
107. I'm glad those Water Merchants don't come here anymore.
108. You should see Cabbot or Darrell if you have questions.
109. Cabbot's our Greeter. You should talk to him or Darrell.
110. I like the Crimson Caravan's selection better.
111. Aren't the Far Go Traders a pleasant crowd?
112. The Crimson Caravan is too vulgar for me.

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