Fallout CALDER Dialogue
100. You see a teenager.
101. You! You did it! When I grow up I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you! You killed them all! Aaaaaalllll! [Uncontrolled sobbing].
102. It was the only way. The only way to stop them.
103. How in Hell did you survive the nuke?
104. It's a lie, kid. I didn't do it!
105. You'd better go find a doctor, kid. You've got radiation sickness.
106. You know kid, I don't need some tough guy trying to take me out twenty years down the road. Say good-night, brat.
107. I heard about you. You run around the Wastes killing kids! Help! Nightkin!
108. You're mistaken, child. I'm a good man.
109. Yeah, and if you don't shut up, you won't live long enough to have nightmares.
110. I ain't here to bother you kid, so just be quiet.
111. I do what? They not just small guys?
112. Okay. I'll be quiet. But I hope the Nightkin get you!
113. Nightkin! Nightkin!
114. Maybe it was someone else. But if it was you, I'll find you one day when I get older, and I'll make you pay!
115. Hello, sir. Do you need a meditation flower?
116. Hello, ma'am. Do you need a meditation flower?
117. Child, has anything interesting happened here lately?
118. Of course, child.
119. Not right now.
120. Flower pretty?
121. Get that weed out of my face, you little brat!
122. I heard Father Morpheus had a visit from the Master himself. He's real happy right now.
123. Anything else?
124. I'll bet.
125. Not right now.
126. Flower pretty?
127. Get that weed out of my face, you little brat!
128. Father Lasher says I have to keep my big mouth shut. He's no fun!
129. C'mon kid. Surely, you've seen something!
130. Father Lasher?
131. Fun good.
132. Sounds like he and I have a lot in common.
133. That's great! May the Master bless you. [He hands you a flower.]
134. Aw! You're no fun. Maybe I should tell the Nightkin about you!
135. The Nightkin are my friends.
136. You're a little too young to understand how much fun I can be.
137. Go ahead. And I'll tell them about you.
138. You start telling anyone about me, kid, and you're dead!
139. Sure is. I picked it myself from a grove across town. Well, it was nice meeting you. May the Master bless you.
140. What'd I do? What'd I do?!
141. Are you sure you don't want a flower?
142. I'll take it if you tell me what's going on around here.
143. Fine. I'll take it.
144. Sorry kid. I'm not a flower kinda guy.
145. Sorry kid. You're a little too young to be giving me flowers.
146. I dunno. Why you ask?
147. I can't tell you that! The Nightkin would eat me!
148. He's my teacher. He says every lash we receive brings us closer to the Master!
149. What a charming man. We really must talk.
150. Don't believe him kid.
151. Where is this bastard? I'll kill him.
152. Teacher? What need teacher?
153. And you still haven't learned when to shut up? You must have dung for brains, kid.
154. Uh, bye!
155. Yeah. It is. Well good-bye_ ur_ may the Master bless you!
156. But the Nightkin like me! They told me that if anyone bothered me, they'd kill 'em. So there!
157. I heard there's a secret passage around here, but I haven't found it yet. Supposed to be real dangerous. Only Morpheus and the Nightkin are allowed there. Well, I'd better go. Praise the Master!
158. That's too bad. May the Master bless you anyway.
159. Please don't tell him I said anything to you! Please!
160. Don't worry. When I'm through with him, he won't remember a thing.
161. I won't. I promise.
162. Mind your own business, kid.
163. Rar! What you say?
164. Life is tough. Learn to take it, kid, and quit whining.
165. But I must! I must! Disbelief is pain!
166. Please don't! He loves me! He's the only one who does.
167. That's okay, I guess. May the Master bless you. Bye.
168. Thank you! Oh thank you! May the Master bless you. Bye.
169. Okay I will . . . (sniff) Maybe Father Lasher will be more kind to me after the Master takes over the world.
171. And when's the Master going to take over the world?
172. Tell me more about this, kid.
173. He won't be. He'll get worse. But if you're smart, make yourself her favorite and he'll let you torture the new kids that come in.
174. Ugh! Me like kindness.
175. Soon, or so they tell me. We're going to have peace, and unity and the Holy Flame will be lit. And maybe Father Morpheus won't be quite so loud, either.
176. Anything else?
177. Father Morpheus?
178. Loud sucks!
179. Uh, I really don't know very much. Honest. Bless the Master! Bye!
180. Hi. How are you?
181. Fine, kid. What's the good news?
182. Okay. So you got any dirt for your old friend?
183. Pretty good. How about you?
184. I dunno. Bored.
185. I feel lousy. Do you know how long it's been since I killed anything?
186. Uh, hello.
187. Hello kid. Can you tell me what this place is about?
188. Hi kid. What're you doing in this joint?
189. Hi kid. How're you doing?
190. Out of my face, brat, or I'll turn you into a belt!
191. Hello? Rhyme with yellow! Funny!
192. This is the Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral. I don't know why they say Cathedral twice. We worship the Master, and we yell a lot about Peace and Unity. It sounds kind of dumb, but the Master's real smart, so I guess it must be okay.
193. Tell me more about the Master.
194. Sounds dumb to me, too. What are you doing here?
195. Don't talk about your elders that way, okay?
196. What kind of a brainwashed little fool are you? You're going to grow up to be one of these zombies! I should kill you now!
197. I give out flowers. Every petal is peace, and the stem is unity. Or are the petals unity and the stem peace? Oh no, I don't remember! Do you want one?
198. I'll take one if you tell me what's going on around here.
199. Sure.
200. No, thanks.
201. Screw peace. Screw unity. And get that flower out of my face!
202. Father Lasher says I shouldn't talk to strangers . . . until we have Unity, of course; then nobody'll be a stranger. Bye!
203. I'm okay. At least until Father Lasher's next lesson.
204. Maybe if you studied harder, the lessons wouldn't be so bad.
205. Tell me more about Father Lasher.
206. What kind of lesson?
207. Stop whining, you little brat, and be grateful that somebody's bothering to teach you!
208. I never do good enough! Never!

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