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100 You see a very beautiful young woman.
101 You see Christine, Michael's wife.
102 Hello? Can I help you?
103 Who are you?
104 Who's in charge around here?
105 Can you tell me a little bit about the area?
106 No Thanks.
107 You my Mommie?
108 My name is Christine, I live here with my husband Michael.
109 Razor keeps track of most things with the Blades, and helps us organize ourselves.
110 Michael and I just moved here, so I haven't seem much of the area. I've heard about a large church to the South, but it sounds mostly like rumors.
111 Is there somthing else I should know?
112 C D E D B D Ducks
113 M R Not Ducks
114 O S M R C D E D B D Wings
115 Y I B M R Ducks
116 What else can I help you with?
117 No I'm not your Mommie. Now run along and play.

It also says you were adopted. So that's funny, too.

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