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100 You see the Brotherhood's Doctor.
102 Hello, how can I help you?
103 I'm injured.
104 I'm radiated.
105 Do you do operations?
106 Tell me about the operations again.
107 Ug!
108 Are you injured? Let's see...
109 That was the problem. There you go. Be more careful out there.
110 Sorry, I can't help you if you won't tell me what's wrong.
111 You seem fine.
112 There you are. I hope you feel better.
113 There you go, but stop getting into fights.
114 That should've fixed you up.
115 Good as new.
116 All healed up.
117 Radiation is very dangerous; you should be more careful.
118 I don't have the time for games.
119 But of course, but it's very costly and time consuming.
120 Details?
121 Okay, never mind.
122 Well, I can help make you stronger, more perceptive, increase your endurance, help improve your learning process, and increase your dexterity. Which would you like more information on? I can only do each operation once.
126 Okay, which operation did you want to talk about?
127 Strength.
128 Perception.
129 Endurance.
130 Intelligence.
131 Agility.
132 Never mind.
133 That's easy to do but there's a long recovery time. It only costs 2000 scripts but takes 3 weeks to heal.
135 I'll do it!
136 I'll pass.
137 Now that's a difficult operation. It costs 4000 scripts, but the recovery from this operation is only a week.
139 This one's not that difficult. It takes about a week and will cost 3000 scripts.
141 This is the most complex and dangerous! It'll take 3 weeks and costs 6000 scripts.
143 This isn't that tough of an operation but it is very costly and time consuming. It will take 3 weeks and cost 5000 scripts.
146 Okay, there you go. I hope the foam didn't irritate your skin.
147 I'm sorry I can't help you if you don't have the money.
148 I'm sorry, but you are an outsider. After you're in the Brotherhood for ten years or so I'll be able to do the operation for free, but we have expenses and you're not a regular working member of the Brotherhood, yet.
149 Let me know when you have the funds.
153 Did you want to ask about another one?
154 Okay, here goes nothing . . . Just kidding. We can start right away. (She gases you and you slowly slip away.)
156 So how are we feeling? (You can already tell the difference.) You're quite a talkative person in your sleep. You're free to go! Good day.
159 Out with the old and in with the new . . . (You drop like a rock into an abyss.)
161 You look exactly the same, but how do you feel? (All of your senses feel much sharper.) Well, you're taking up valuable bed space. Get going!
164 I hope you have a heart . . . (She winks at you as you fall under.)
166 Well, you look a little bulkier. (You feel great!) Well, let me know if there are any problems.
168 Now where's the brain again? What's this thing supposed to do? (You try to fight the chems but it's a losing battle.)
170 Well, it looks like I got it all back in and everything's running great. (It's as if the pathways of your thoughts have direct links to everywhere in your head and your memories are much crisper.) Take it easy.
174 All right, let's give it a spin. (The chems, are so . . . friendly. Your slumber comes quickly.)
176 Okay you're ready for duty. (You flex your muscles and can feel the increased speed and control.) All I ask of you is to please not damage my masterpiece.
200 You see the Doctor's assistant.
279 You should see the Doctor.
280 She's the Doctor, not me.
281 I'm only in training.
282 I can't help you, officially.
283 Lori's the Doctor.
284 You have to ask the Doctor.
285 Don't worry, she's just a kidder.
286 She just likes to tease, don't worry.
300 I'm sorry but this operation will not help you.
400 Hmmm. If anyone here needs an Intelligence Enhancement, it would be you. In fact, I'll do it for 3000 caps instead of the 6000 you would normally need for the operation. I can't guarantee that it will help you, but I think it would be worth a try. It will also take 3 weeks of recovery time. You probably don't understand this though, do you?
401 Me want smart.
402 No want.
403 Are you radiated or hurt? I'll help you if I can.
404 mE hUrt.
405 hAir faLl ouT.
406 No.
407 Ok. You're awake. Let's see here. Do you feel any smarter?
408 Hunh?
409 Yes!
410 Damn! It was a failure. Well I didn't have much to work with. Sorry, you're just an idiot and will most likely remain an idiot. We can only do the operation once, sorry to say.
411 It was a success! I was able to increase your IQ to an acceptable level. How does it feel to have half a brain?
412 It's great. Thanks, Doc. Bye.
413 There you go. All better

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