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100 You see Billy.
101 Hi there.
102 Hi, what are you doing?
103 Can I have a brahmin?
104 Hi. Uh, bye.
105 Arg!
106 Ta.
107 Why would you want a brahmin? Do you have a caravan? Well, it doesn't matter. I only take care of them. Dan is the one that owns them; he won't sell them though.
108 Why?
109 I was just kidding.
110 Cuz of all the missing caravans. He doesn't have any to spare, the caravans use most of them. The others are sold for food. Well, I better stop talking; Dan will get mad if he sees me talking to a stranger.
111 Oh, okay.
112 Nothing . . . I mean, I'm taking care of the brahmin.
113 What's the spear for? Are they dangerous?
114 What's a brahmin?
115 What's a brahmin? You must be joking. Why they're one of the major food sources and forms of transportation around here. They haul the caravans. Dan says this is a really important job, but it's the Bone.
116 Oh, I knew that!
117 Dan's right. You are doing a great job.
118 Yea, it looks that way. Have fun.
119 Hey, you're one of those skags aren't you?
120 Really? You think so? Gee, thanks.
121 You're not from around here, are you? I'll give you one tip: Don't get caught stealing!
122 Sure, thanks.
123 I wouldn't dream of stealing. Stealing is wrong.
124 Yea, I think I'm starting to agree with you. This job isn't so bad, really. It makes me feel good for some reason. Well, I've got to go before I get in trouble.
125 Please don't hurt me or my brahmin.
126 Don't hurt me!
127 Stop it!
128 Please leave me alone.
129 You're scaring me.
130 Hey what are you trying to do? I don't have anything you'd want.
131 Stop that!
132 Dangerous? No, not really. They can give you a really nasty bite, but they're pretty cool. They fart and burp a lot. I don't know why.
133 So what's the spear for?
134 Okay, thanks.
135 Oh, they can be awfully stubborn when I want them to do something. I just gently stick them to get them to move around . . . plus I don't want to get too close; they sometimes kick.
136 Please don't talk to me. Dan is going to yell at me again. He really gets pissed - I mean - mad, when I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing.
137 He's just trying to help. Work hard and I'm sure he'll be nicer.
138 Here kid, take 50 bucks and get away from this jerk.
139 Okay.
140 Aaaaaarg!
141 Rhu?
142 Please don't, I'm already in enough trouble.
143 I AM working hard!
144 I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. He's just trying to help you.
145 No you aren't, you lazy little skeev!
146 Okay.
147 Yea, maybe you're right . . . actually, he seems pretty cool, but I wish he wouldn't yell at me so much.
148 Yea, right.
149 Up yours, you old fart!
150 Up yours, you old hag!
151 WOW! I can live on this for the rest of my life! Thanks a lot, mister!
152 WOW! I can live on this for the rest of my life! Thanks a lot, ma'am!
153 WOW! Thanks . . . Well? . . . You're just trying to get me in trouble again!
154 Please don't talk to me, Dan is really mad.
155 Don't worry. I had a talk with him, he'll try to be nicer to you.
156 And he should be! You're a terrible kid!
157 Wac.
158 Hi!
159 Those girls over there sure are dumb.
160 Hi again.
161 Brahmin are cool.
162 Dan's taking me to the Falcon if I do a good job.
163 Dan's going to take me on a caravan some day!
164 I'm going to be an adventurer when I grow up.
165 Really? Oh, okay. I hope you didn't hurt him. He's really not so bad. He just yells a lot.
166 Hello again.
167 What is it you do again?
168 Can I have a brahmin?
169 Just stopping by to see how things are going. Bye.
170 Arg!
171 Ta.
172 I'd better get back to work.
173 Those girls over there sure are dumb.
174 Hi again.
175 I'm going to be an adventurer when I grow up.
176 Brahmin sure do shi . . . uh, poop a lot.
177 I can't talk right now.
178 I don't want to get in trouble.

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