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100 You see Ton.
101 You see a huge member of the Children.
102 man
103 woman
104 [Done]
105 [More]
106 Sorry man, but you passed the point of no return with us. Time to slam off!
107 Sorry woman, but you passed the point of no return with us. Time to slam off!
108 Why would I want to talk with someone who goes around killing kids? Get out of my face!
109 I hear you're pretty tough. But tough don't impress Ton. You got something to say or you wanna get it on? Let's do it!
110 Peace, brother! I'm just checking the place out.
111 I'm not interested in impressing you. You got something intelligent to say, say it!
112 Get it on? Mister, I don't go for scrawny little boys.
113 What do you want?
114 You talk too much.
115 You wanna die, and I wanna kill someone. Works for me.
116 Waa!
117 Man, I already talked to you! Take your shit somewhere else!
118 boy
119 girl
120 Hey, you think your weapon's gonna earn you some 'spect? It's gonna earn you a grave, man. Put it away.
121 Hey, you think your weapon's gonna earn you some 'spect? It's gonna earn you a grave, girl. Put it away.
122 What do you want, you stupid zombie? Get outta my face before I break it.
123 I was looking for someone smart enough to tell me what's really going on around this joint!
124 What will the priests say if they hear you talking like this?
125 Any time, pal. I've been waiting for a good scrap!
126 Hey, what's the problem? A few drinks and we'll be buds!
127 Did you know that even a child can apply enough pressure to the right spot in your kneecap to cripple you for life? Just thought you'd want to know.
128 You wanna talk to Ton? Fine. But if I hear the word "praise," I'll kill you.
129 You're not a big fan of worship services?
130 What's your problem, pal?
131 I want to speak with the man in charge.
132 Sure thing. The only thing I feel like praising is a bottle of Rad Scorpion.
133 Fine. The first one of us who says that word dies. Bargain?
134 Hello, miss. I am Ton, 2,000 pounds of the Master's toughest fighter. I have also been evolved by the FEV into something that you need to check out. Let's get it on, baby.
135 No way in hell.
136 That's a little too fast. Let's get to know each other first.
137 Hello. I've been evolved by the FEV so that anyone that annoys me dies. Stop annoying me, little man.
138 Check it out somewhere else. Ton don't like your company.
139 Fine. You want to play it straight? Sometimes killing's necessary. Sometimes I even like it. But I hear you love killing . . . all the time. Every time I've met a psycho, either he dies, or Ton dies. Ton is still here. So why don't you go elsewhere.
140 Man, I could learn to like you. You're either an incredible asshole, or you got guts. Either way is fine with Ton, as long as you don't jam me up. You want to join up?
141 Whatever happened to peace and love?
142 What's involved?
143 No way in hell, pal.
144 I'll jam whatever I want, wherever I want. So let's kick out the jams!
145 To see you suffer. Let's go, hombre, give me what I want.
146 Beware of what you want. You may not like what you get.
147 I'd rather be your friend.
148 You aren't worth my time.
149 Go ahead. Make the first move. The last one's mine.
150 Fine. Talking's over. Make your move.
151 I just wanted to talk.
152 You're dead . . .
153 Shit! You're dumber than the zombies! Just get out of here!
154 The Master wants peace, and he wants us to get it for him, so we're going to have fun. Capiche?
155 Yeah, but there's got to be more going on than just that.
156 Does the Master really want peace or does he just want killing?
157 Who is this Master?
158 Sounds good to me.
159 Screw the Master! Let's kill them all!
160 It's not healthy to ask the wrong question, compadre. They have all the answers they want you to hear. People who ask the wrong questions, or people who screw up, well, they don't stay around here very long.
161 I do my job. They like it when I do my job. They like it when street trash and Followers stop breathing. It lets the Nightkin do other things. Don't mess with me . . . it ain't healthy.
162 What are you doing dressed like a zombie? If you got the 'tude, you gotta let it show!
163 I don't care about the clothes, man. I just want to know what's going on here!
164 They don't bother you as much if you don't look like they might want to convert you.
165 None of your business, pal.
166 I've been thinking of converting.
167 It ain't 'tude. It's a way of death.
168 We don't drink in here. Nightkin don't like it. You better get a few more clues before you talk to Ton again.
169 You're crazy! I could almost like you, except that I have the feeling that people who hang around you don't live long. Get the hell out of here.
170 You stand around this for months and you go crazy as them. What do you want from Ton?
171 How'd these people get like this?
172 I want sex and violence, without the sex. You know where I can get it?
173 I am losing it in this zombie pit, and I don't need you helping me. Get the hell away from me.
174 That's Morpheus. He stays upstairs, except to give sermons. He don't even do that much anymore. He's smart and he's a winner, and that's all that counts. Go see him for yourself.
175 You need to go out into the Boneyard, pal. Ain't no slosh in here, and I've looked!
176 Agree. What can Ton do for you?
177 Bitch! You don't know what you're missing! Get out!
178 Life is too short for that. Let me show you why you don't want to wait.
179 But I want someone who knows what's going on.
180 No thank you. But I wouldn't mind being friends.
181 Get lost, you piece of trash.
182 Sure.
183 Life IS shorter than you think. Die, asshole!
184 I'm not LITTLE, bitch!
185 Who believes in that bullshit? They have to program these morons to believe in that stuff anyway.
186 How did it happen?
187 Really?
188 What a bunch of losers.
189 Tell me more about your posse.
190 Okay, I'll join up.
191 Someone should put them out of their misery. Like me . . .
192 When we get the word, we go out and kill people. People like the Followers or some of the more dangerous gang types.
193 So the Followers are a problem?
194 This sounds pretty sick to me.
195 Who needs the word? Why not just kill them?
196 Fine. Do what you want. But I'd get out before it becomes unhealthy around here.
197 You annoying little piece of shit. You're worse than a Junktowner, you coward. Get the hell out.
198 What else is there to know? I get to eat well, sleep in peace and kill some of the people who used to screw me over. You want something more from life?
199 Who knows? Who cares? I get to eat well, sleep in peace and kill some of the people who used to screw me over. You want something more from life?
200 Hmmm, Ton never thought of that. But if they bother me too much, I break their face. Then they stop bothering Ton. What do you want?
201 Converting? Well, good luck. You'll need it.
202 Why would I need luck?
203 That doesn't sound good.
204 Thanks. You're a true friend.
205 I don't need luck as long as I've got ammo.
206 These people, these zombies, weren't always like this. I could even stand a few of them. Then they got converted. Some of them came out like this. Some of them didn't come out at all. Ton doesn't like it, but these people pay Ton well.
207 Why do you keep jumping between first and third person?
208 Tell me more about the conversion process.
209 Did you go through the conversion process?
210 This place is strictly low-rent.
211 Really, how much?
212 Nobody's gonna do this to me!
213 You talk to Morpheus or to Lasher, or you can bother Ton, and Ton give you more violence than you can handle.
214 Well baby, what's going on is that there are a lot of zombies chanting, a lot of people dying and the Children are going to take over everything. And there's you and me and nothing else matters!
215 But Barracas, darling, surely there's more going on than that . . .
216 Oh, Ton!
217 Forget it, creep. You ain't my type.
218 Nothing else matters? Hell no! I wanna hear about the dying part!
219 Unfortunately, this is the worst place on earth to experience what Ton does best. Too many zombies cramp my style. I'll let you know when I think about some place more convenient . . .
220 You'll find out soon enough what happens upstairs. If you tough, you get through it fine. It happened to Ton, and Ton is just fine!
221 Uh . . . I didn't say anything. You forget what Ton told you or Ton will make you forget, permanently!
222 They used to be whiners. But Ton talks too much. You get out of my face.
223 Fine. You stay low-profile until I give you the word. Then we have fun.
224 They're cowards. They set ambushes against our patrols. They send spies and saboteurs. They know they can't win a real fight. The Master says we should feel sorry for them, but Ton just want to kill them. Smart man, Ton.
225 We need discipline, fool! We're soldiers now! We obey orders. Killers die, but soldiers win their battles. We're going to beat the Followers. We're going to beat EVERYONE!
226 Who the hell knows? Maybe it's just Morpheus pulling the strings. Things are good, and if this dries up, Ton goes somewhere else.
227 Well, don't get too eager. Even with the Nightkin, it's still tough fighting. But if we play it smart, we get out ahead. That's the only thing Ton cares about.
228 The conversion isn't easy. You see these people, all these zombies? They used to be like you and me. Ton survived. These people didn't. But why should Ton care about you?
229 You don't like the way Ton talk? Then Ton kill you!
230 Ton go through it fine. I . . . uh . . . I . . . uh . . . Ton . . . Ton just fine.
231 I used to be with the Dead Dog gang. Always hungry, always tired. This place is much better for Ton. Why should I worry about anyone else? Nobody ever worry about me.
232 You greedy asshole! Get outta here before Ton kills you!
233 Then get out of here now, before it's too late.
234 Nothing important as you and me. Unfortunately, this is the worst place on earth to experience what Ton does best. Too many zombies cramp my style. I'll let you know when I think about some place more convenient . . .
235 Why you manipulative bitch! Nobody screws with Ton like that!

I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.

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