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100 You see a super mutant. He is guarding the airlock door.
101 You see a super mutant guard.
102 Jeremiah, you may pass.
103 Move along.
104 Move faster, messenger.
105 Normals cannot carry weapons here! Halt and identify yourself!
106 Grrr!
107 Uh, sorry. I'll put it away.
108 I'm just passing through. No need for identities here.
109 Die! Die! Die! I always wanted to say that.
110 I will not be spoken to that way. You will be punished.
111 Halt! What is your business here, 'child'.
112 Hng!
113 I'm, uh, doing stuff.
114 I'm on important business. You have no right to stop and question me.
115 Don't talk to me, big boy.
116 Your answer does not settle my nerves. Speak quickly and clearly, or I will assume you are here for foul purposes. I assure you that you will not like that...
117 Uh, no, really, honestly. I'm doing stuff.
118 I'm bringing a message to our leader.
119 I sense the untruth behind your words. You will not be allowed in. This I promise you...
120 You may pass, but next time, follow the proper procedure...
121 Ok, thanks. See you around.
122 And what's that?
123 Blessing to you, brother.
124 A true follower of the Master would have that knowledge. You are an intruder!
125 Move along. I don't have time for your questions.
126 You are annoying me.
127 I have work to do. Do you?
128 You are making a mistake by coming here. Explain yourself or perish...
129 Nuggie!
130 I have nothing to say.
131 I'm here to protect humanity from the likes of you.
132 Oh, shut up!
133 You should not try to fool me by playing dumb. I tire of this...
134 What kind of foolish bigotry is that, we are 'humanity.' We're just as human as you are.
135 What kind of crap is that?
136 There is no possible way that you are human.
137 My name is Kyle. I was born to a mother and a father, like yourself. The Master just oversaw my rebirth. These muscles, this skin, this strength does not make me any less human than you. I do not like all that the Unity stands for, but it is the best chance for peace that we have.
138 Not on my watch, it isn't. I'm here to put an end to you and your kind.
139 You may be human, but that still doesn't make your Unity right. I guess we will be enemies.
140 It is a pity that you act this way, but you will not proceed further...
141 It will be a true shame to see your head on a pike.
142 Intruders!
143 I no speak to you.
200 You gain
201 experience points for bluffing your way past the guards.

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