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100 You see an aged woman.
101 You see Agatha.
102 This woman is wrinkled and gray, yet has a spry step and a bright personality.
103 You are a bad person. I will have nothing to do with you.
104 It is a terrible thing when our youth are threatened. The loss of Tandi would be a terrible thing.
105 Hnng.
106 Okay.
107 Why?
108 What do you mean?
109 I know you will do your best, dearie. Find Tandi, help her escape those beasts and return her to Aradesh. You will do this community a favor and build good karma as well.
110 Aradesh loves his daughter very much. It is that love that makes him the man that he is and a pillar of this community. Without that love he would be lost, and Shady Sands would surely follow . . .
111 I will do my best. Goodbye.
112 I could use some help.
113 Hmmm. We'll see.
114 I feel that she is imprisoned. She was the target of hatred. That hate is very strong to the southeast. I'm sure you will find her there. Good luck.
115 Thank you.
116 You have not heard? Tandi is missing. I feel she was kidnapped. Aradesh is most distraught. This is a terrible thing . . .
117 I hear that you have saved Tandi. That was the right thing to do. Your karma is strong. I have high hopes for your future.
118 I'm very sorry to hear about Tandi. She was such a bright young woman. She would have done good with her life.
119 Hello. You must be the stranger everyone is talking about. [Agatha sighs.] How can I help you?
120 Hngh.
121 Who are you?
122 You look very tired. Is there anything wrong?
123 Why do you look so tired?
124 Don't talk to me, old woman.
125 You need more help than I can give you, child. May Dharma be with you.
126 My name is Agatha. I am the storyteller of Shady Sands. It is my job to keep the history so that we may remember and never forget.
127 Tell me a story.
128 Okay, whatever.
129 It is good not to forget.
130 I'm sorry, child, I am tired right now. I need my rest. Please come back later.
131 How very true. [Agatha stares at you for a moment.] It is good for the young to remember, but it is very hard to act within the flow of history. Sometimes, the very course we take is determined by events long ago. May Dharma be with you. I must rest for a little while. Come back again, when I am stronger, and we will speak again.
132 Thank you for asking. I'm just old, that's all. I cannot sleep at night. I close my eyes . . . [Agatha pauses.] But I get no rest. Please, it is just my old tired bones . . .
133 I'm sorry, I'm very tired. Could you please come back later?
134 Baba.
135 Okay.
136 Why are you so tired?
137 I don't sleep well at night, my child. It must be my age.
138 Good day, my child. You look well. You remind me of my own baby.
139 Hng.
140 I want a story, then.
141 I'm glad you are feeling better.
142 Thank you. Goodbye.
143 You definitely remind me of my baby. When she was just a few months old, as a matter of fact.
144 Thank you. Dharma always said that the farmer who plants politeness will walk easy when the season is over.
145 Please tell me a story.
146 This Dharma fellow sounds like an idiot.

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