Fallout ADYTOWNR Dialogue
100. You see an inhabitant of Adytown.
101. Looks like rain . . . as always.
102. Sorry, have to go. Got work to do.
103. We don't get many outsiders here.
104. Gotta get back to work.
105. I'd get back to the Hub, if I were you.
106. Good day . . . if that is what you can call it.
107. Yeah . . . whatever.
108. No time to talk.
109. Can't talk right now.
110. Hope the rain ain't glowin' like yesterday.
111. Looks like we're going to be short food again.
112. I hope the caravans pass by again soon.
113. We have a chance to make it now.
114. Adytum will be the town we want it to be.
115. Thank you for your help.
116. Thank you for getting rid of the Regulators.
117. Thank you for our freedom.
118. It is good that the Regulators are gone.
119. Welcome to the New Adytum.

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