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0ABEL.MSGYou see Abel.
101ABEL.MSGYou see a large mutant.
102ABEL.MSGYou are not supposed to be here.
104ABEL.MSGOf course not. I'm here to kill you!
105ABEL.MSGWhy do you say that?
106ABEL.MSGOh, yeah? Your momma!
108ABEL.MSGI'm gonna kick yer ass if you say that again!
109ABEL.MSGPik! Pik!
110ABEL.MSGOh, you gonna get it now!
111ABEL.MSGYou human. Me mutant. Mutant kill human.
112ABEL.MSGHow can you do that? What about the force field?
113ABEL.MSGAbel take care of that. Then Abel kick yer ass!
114ABEL.MSGChildren are not allowed here. This mutant place. Go away.
116ABEL.MSGI have to get through this force field. Please lower it.
118ABEL.MSGYou again. Abel kick yer ass!
970ABEL.MSGMe Abel.
981ABEL.MSGWhy do you say that?
100ADYTOWNR.MSGYou see an inhabitant of Adytown.
101ADYTOWNR.MSGLooks like rain . . . as always.
102ADYTOWNR.MSGSorry, have to go. Got work to do.
103ADYTOWNR.MSGWe don't get many outsiders here.
104ADYTOWNR.MSGGotta get back to work.
105ADYTOWNR.MSGI'd get back to the Hub, if I were you.
106ADYTOWNR.MSGGood day . . . if that is what you can call it.
107ADYTOWNR.MSGYeah . . . whatever.
108ADYTOWNR.MSGNo time to talk.
109ADYTOWNR.MSGCan't talk right now.
110ADYTOWNR.MSGHope the rain ain't glowin' like yesterday.
111ADYTOWNR.MSGLooks like we're going to be short food again.
112ADYTOWNR.MSGI hope the caravans pass by again soon.
113ADYTOWNR.MSGWe have a chance to make it now.
114ADYTOWNR.MSGAdytum will be the town we want it to be.
115ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for your help.
116ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for getting rid of the Regulators.
117ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for our freedom.
118ADYTOWNR.MSGIt is good that the Regulators are gone.
119ADYTOWNR.MSGWelcome to the New Adytum.
100AGATHA.MSGYou see an aged woman.
101AGATHA.MSGYou see Agatha.
102AGATHA.MSGThis woman is wrinkled and gray, yet has a spry step and a bright personality.
103AGATHA.MSGYou are a bad person. I will have nothing to do with you.
104AGATHA.MSGIt is a terrible thing when our youth are threatened. The loss of Tandi would be a terrible thing.
108AGATHA.MSGWhat do you mean?
109AGATHA.MSGI know you will do your best, dearie. Find Tandi, help her escape those beasts and return her to Aradesh. You will do this community a favor and build good karma as well.
110AGATHA.MSGAradesh loves his daughter very much. It is that love that makes him the man that he is and a pillar of this community. Without that love he would be lost, and Shady Sands would surely follow . . .
111AGATHA.MSGI will do my best. Goodbye.
112AGATHA.MSGI could use some help.
113AGATHA.MSGHmmm. We'll see.
114AGATHA.MSGI feel that she is imprisoned. She was the target of hatred. That hate is very strong to the southeast. I'm sure you will find her there. Good luck.
115AGATHA.MSGThank you.
116AGATHA.MSGYou have not heard? Tandi is missing. I feel she was kidnapped. Aradesh is most distraught. This is a terrible thing . . .
117AGATHA.MSGI hear that you have saved Tandi. That was the right thing to do. Your karma is strong. I have high hopes for your future.
118AGATHA.MSGI'm very sorry to hear about Tandi. She was such a bright young woman. She would have done good with her life.
119AGATHA.MSGHello. You must be the stranger everyone is talking about. [Agatha sighs.] How can I help you?
121AGATHA.MSGWho are you?
122AGATHA.MSGYou look very tired. Is there anything wrong?
123AGATHA.MSGWhy do you look so tired?
124AGATHA.MSGDon't talk to me, old woman.
125AGATHA.MSGYou need more help than I can give you, child. May Dharma be with you.
126AGATHA.MSGMy name is Agatha. I am the storyteller of Shady Sands. It is my job to keep the history so that we may remember and never forget.
127AGATHA.MSGTell me a story.
128AGATHA.MSGOkay, whatever.
129AGATHA.MSGIt is good not to forget.
130AGATHA.MSGI'm sorry, child, I am tired right now. I need my rest. Please come back later.
131AGATHA.MSGHow very true. [Agatha stares at you for a moment.] It is good for the young to remember, but it is very hard to act within the flow of history. Sometimes, the very course we take is determined by events long ago. May Dharma be with you. I must rest for a little while. Come back again, when I am stronger, and we will speak again.
132AGATHA.MSGThank you for asking. I'm just old, that's all. I cannot sleep at night. I close my eyes . . . [Agatha pauses.] But I get no rest. Please, it is just my old tired bones . . .
133AGATHA.MSGI'm sorry, I'm very tired. Could you please come back later?
136AGATHA.MSGWhy are you so tired?
137AGATHA.MSGI don't sleep well at night, my child. It must be my age.
138AGATHA.MSGGood day, my child. You look well. You remind me of my own baby.
140AGATHA.MSGI want a story, then.
141AGATHA.MSGI'm glad you are feeling better.
142AGATHA.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
143AGATHA.MSGYou definitely remind me of my baby. When she was just a few months old, as a matter of fact.
144AGATHA.MSGThank you. Dharma always said that the farmer who plants politeness will walk easy when the season is over.
145AGATHA.MSGPlease tell me a story.
146AGATHA.MSGThis Dharma fellow sounds like an idiot.
100AGATHBED.MSGThe bed looks neatly made despite its tattered nature.
101AGATHBED.MSGYou see a tattered bed.
100AIRGRD.MSGYou see a super mutant. He is guarding the airlock door.
101AIRGRD.MSGYou see a super mutant guard.
102AIRGRD.MSGJeremiah, you may pass.
103AIRGRD.MSGMove along.
104AIRGRD.MSGMove faster, messenger.
105AIRGRD.MSGNormals cannot carry weapons here! Halt and identify yourself!
107AIRGRD.MSGUh, sorry. I'll put it away.
108AIRGRD.MSGI'm just passing through. No need for identities here.
109AIRGRD.MSGDie! Die! Die! I always wanted to say that.
110AIRGRD.MSGI will not be spoken to that way. You will be punished.
111AIRGRD.MSGHalt! What is your business here, 'child'.
113AIRGRD.MSGI'm, uh, doing stuff.
114AIRGRD.MSGI'm on important business. You have no right to stop and question me.
115AIRGRD.MSGDon't talk to me, big boy.
116AIRGRD.MSGYour answer does not settle my nerves. Speak quickly and clearly, or I will assume you are here for foul purposes. I assure you that you will not like that...
117AIRGRD.MSGUh, no, really, honestly. I'm doing stuff.
118AIRGRD.MSGI'm bringing a message to our leader.
119AIRGRD.MSGI sense the untruth behind your words. You will not be allowed in. This I promise you...
120AIRGRD.MSGYou may pass, but next time, follow the proper procedure...
121AIRGRD.MSGOk, thanks. See you around.
122AIRGRD.MSGAnd what's that?
123AIRGRD.MSGBlessing to you, brother.
124AIRGRD.MSGA true follower of the Master would have that knowledge. You are an intruder!
125AIRGRD.MSGMove along. I don't have time for your questions.
126AIRGRD.MSGYou are annoying me.
127AIRGRD.MSGI have work to do. Do you?
128AIRGRD.MSGYou are making a mistake by coming here. Explain yourself or perish...
130AIRGRD.MSGI have nothing to say.
131AIRGRD.MSGI'm here to protect humanity from the likes of you.
132AIRGRD.MSGOh, shut up!
133AIRGRD.MSGYou should not try to fool me by playing dumb. I tire of this...
134AIRGRD.MSGWhat kind of foolish bigotry is that, we are 'humanity.' We're just as human as you are.
135AIRGRD.MSGWhat kind of crap is that?
136AIRGRD.MSGThere is no possible way that you are human.
137AIRGRD.MSGMy name is Kyle. I was born to a mother and a father, like yourself. The Master just oversaw my rebirth. These muscles, this skin, this strength does not make me any less human than you. I do not like all that the Unity stands for, but it is the best chance for peace that we have.
138AIRGRD.MSGNot on my watch, it isn't. I'm here to put an end to you and your kind.
139AIRGRD.MSGYou may be human, but that still doesn't make your Unity right. I guess we will be enemies.
140AIRGRD.MSGIt is a pity that you act this way, but you will not proceed further...
141AIRGRD.MSGIt will be a true shame to see your head on a pike.
143AIRGRD.MSGI no speak to you.
200AIRGRD.MSGYou gain
201AIRGRD.MSGexperience points for bluffing your way past the guards.
100AIRLOCK.MSGThis vault looks particularly scavenged. You think to yourself that nothing of value could possibly remain.
100ALAN.MSGYou see a member of the Followers.
101ALAN.MSGYou see Brother Alan of the Followers.
102ALAN.MSGHey, greetings and good day to you, man. What's up?
103ALAN.MSGHiya. What can I do for you?
105ALAN.MSGHey, greetings and good day to you, miss. What's up?
108ALAN.MSGI've met a few of the Followers. What exactly do you do?
109ALAN.MSGI'm trying to find a spy within your ranks, but I'm not having much luck. Can I ask you some questions?
110ALAN.MSGOh, well, I mostly study philosophy and stuff. I mean, if we're going to bring about peace, then we need a good grounding for it, right?
111ALAN.MSGA worthwhile cause.
112ALAN.MSGThe only philosophy you need is a big gun!
113ALAN.MSGHmm. Okay. Well, I guess I'll talk to you later.
114ALAN.MSGWhoa! Hey, I don't think I can help you.
115ALAN.MSGHey, it's exactly that kind of attitude that's causing all this trouble. Just chill out, okay?
116ALAN.MSGHeh. I was just kidding.
117ALAN.MSGLemme give you a little peace . . . eternal peace.
118ALAN.MSGUh, sure, go ahead.
119ALAN.MSGWhat else do you want to know?
120ALAN.MSGHave you had any contact with the Children of the Cathedral?
121ALAN.MSGDo you ever leave the library?
122ALAN.MSGDo you know of anyone who regularly goes outside?
123ALAN.MSGNo way. I hear that they're all freaks. I wouldn't want to talk to them.
124ALAN.MSGNo, why would I? I just like to read. And anyhow, only scouts really get to go anywhere.
125ALAN.MSGWell, just the scouts and the guards. The guards go and patrol a little bit once in a while. I wanted to be a guard but . . . well, I got my ass kicked in hand-to-hand combat, so I couldn't go. Um, the scouts, they go a lot farther, sometimes all the way to the Cathedral, I think.
126ALAN.MSGNo more questions, thanks.
100ALEX.MSGYou see: Alex, the night watch Regulator.
101ALEX.MSGCome on in,
102ALEX.MSGSorry, I can't let you in. Come back in the morning.
103ALEX.MSGHalt! Who goes there?
104ALEX.MSGI'm just a traveler. I'd like to come inside.
105ALEX.MSGNone of your business.
106ALEX.MSGUm, sorry. I'll leave.
107ALEX.MSGNo strangers are allowed within the walls of Adytum, by order of the mayor.
108ALEX.MSGI just need a place to sleep for the night.
109ALEX.MSGI'm sorry, but I can't let you in. Turn around and leave or I'll have to shoot.
110ALEX.MSGLook, it is my duty and my honor to serve as the night watch for Adytum, so it is my business. You turn around and leave, or I'll have to get serious.
111ALEX.MSGGet out of my face, John Law.
112ALEX.MSGTry coming back in the morning.
113ALEX.MSGOh, that's it. Now the gloves are off!
100ALLNONE.MSGYou see Mitch of the All-N-One store.
101ALLNONE.MSGHow may I help you today?
102ALLNONE.MSGI'd like to buy something.
103ALLNONE.MSGI'd like to sell something.
104ALLNONE.MSGNothing. Thanks.
106ALLNONE.MSGGreat. Here's what I have.
107ALLNONE.MSGGreat, always looking for new things.
108ALLNONE.MSGSorry, I can't understand you. Come back when you get more of a brain.
109ALLNONE.MSGThanks. Come again.
100ALYA.MSGYou see Alya, a desert raider.
101ALYA.MSGI am Alya of the Khans. How might I help you today?
102ALYA.MSGI'm looking for a woman named Tandi. Have you seen her?
103ALYA.MSGHow about a little kiss?
104ALYA.MSGWhy has your band of Raiders attacked Shady Sands?
105ALYA.MSGNo, thank you.
107ALYA.MSGIf she is one of those women from Shady Sands, maybe you should look there. Now go, I need to finish sharpening my knives.
108ALYA.MSGKiss this!
109ALYA.MSGWe do not attack those of Shady Sands. We are from the same place they are. It is only right that they share with us!
110ALYA.MSGBut you are hurting their livestock and terrifying them.
111ALYA.MSGThat seems fair to me.
112ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
113ALYA.MSGYou sound just as wimpy as they are. Look, if they were in any trouble of starvation, then it is their own fault for not planning ahead. Consider what we do a trade in talents.
114ALYA.MSGA trade in talents?!? How can this be a trade in talents? You don't give them anything.
115ALYA.MSGSure, and chickens have three legs.
116ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
117ALYA.MSGI am sorry, but I can't understand you. I'm sharpening my knives and would not like to be bothered.
118ALYA.MSGWe give them the most important thing possible. We give their dreary lives excitement.
119ALYA.MSGI don't think they want your type of excitement.
120ALYA.MSGI think I will make their lives boring again. I'll start with you!
121ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
122ALYA.MSGI didn't ask. But since you obviously don't have any concept of fun, I think I will end your existence.
123ALYA.MSGMocking me does not bode well for you. I suggest you leave my presence.
124ALYA.MSGDarn straight that it's fair. Now get out of my face.
100AMBER.MSGYou see Amber, a teacher for the Followers.
101AMBER.MSGNow is when I rest. Please, come back during the evening.
102AMBER.MSGWelcome noble traveler. Have you come here to study?
103AMBER.MSGNo. I really came here just to kill things.
104AMBER.MSGDepends on what you want to teach me.
105AMBER.MSGYes, I am willing to learn.
106AMBER.MSGI am truly sorry to hear that. The Followers believe in peace at all costs. For that reason, I have renounced violence. Good evening.
107AMBER.MSGI am skilled in many of the languages and arts. Perhaps you would like to learn one of those?
108AMBER.MSGI'm sorry, but I need to know things which will help me survive.
109AMBER.MSGI have no time for that type of stuff. I'm gone.
110AMBER.MSGPerhaps I can listen to a song or two.
111AMBER.MSGCan you teach me anything else?
112AMBER.MSGAh, we have here a student of life. In a case like this, I can teach you some herbalism, but training takes a while for little result.
113AMBER.MSGFine, just teach me.
114AMBER.MSGPlease, teach me what you can.
115AMBER.MSGSorry, I really don't have time for plants. Goodbye.
116AMBER.MSGYou need not be rude. Apologize now, or I won't teach you.
117AMBER.MSGI am sorry. Will you please teach me?
118AMBER.MSGForget it.
119AMBER.MSGThat is better now. We will begin your studies.
120AMBER.MSGYou are an apt learner. May your trials be light. Go in peace.
121AMBER.MSGAs you see fit. May the future soften your heart and broaden your mind.
122AMBER.MSGVery well, I will teach you the ways to survive.
123AMBER.MSGYou are an apt learner. May your trials be light. Go in peace.
124AMBER.MSGYou do not convince me. I think you seek to use my gifts for ill. Good evening.
125AMBER.MSGAh, a student of the arts is a rare thing in this world. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Each song is long in time. Which would you like to hear?
126AMBER.MSGIn the Wake of the Shadow.
127AMBER.MSGThe Ballad of Aires.
128AMBER.MSGIn Remembrance of Artemis.
129AMBER.MSGThe Rising of Dawn's Chariot.
130AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
131AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
132AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
133AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
134AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
135AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
136AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
137AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
138AMBER.MSGI fear I have spent myself far too much. I am sorry.
139AMBER.MSGPeace and Beauty are all I can teach. I am sorry that those are not appealing to you. Good day.
140AMBER.MSGI can teach you the ways of the old bards and minstrels.
141AMBER.MSGI would be honored to hear a song.
142AMBER.MSGPerhaps another time. Thank you.
143AMBER.MSGI was hoping to learn something that may help me more.
100ANDREW.MSGYou see Andrew, the jail guard.
101ANDREW.MSGOkay, you can go now.
102ANDREW.MSGHey! You! Stop!
103ANDREW.MSGCan I help you?
104ANDREW.MSGWho are you?
105ANDREW.MSGWhat are you doing?
106ANDREW.MSGNo thanks.
107ANDREW.MSGI'm Andrew. My job is to guard the jail.
108ANDREW.MSGI'm guarding the jail. I make sure that miscreants don't get in or out.
109ANDREW.MSGWhy would you keep people from getting in the jail?
111ANDREW.MSGYou have a good day. And stay out of trouble.
112ANDREW.MSGSomeone might leave something to help a prisoner escape. Or someone might get locked inside, and stuck until we could get the keys.
114ANDREW.MSGMove along, fella.
115ANDREW.MSGMove along, miss.
100ARADESH.MSGYou see Aradesh.
101ARADESH.MSGGreetings, wanderer. Please do not be offended if the gentlefolk about seem rude. As Dharma said, 'Tough times tan the human hide.' Your business in Shady Sands might be?
102ARADESH.MSGGreetings. Your business in Shady Sands might be?
103ARADESH.MSGWe don't take to strangers much. Your business in Shady Sands?
104ARADESH.MSGI'm from a small village west of here. I'm just exploring and mean you no harm.
105ARADESH.MSGWhat's it to you?
106ARADESH.MSGMy reasons are mine to keep.
107ARADESH.MSGI'm from a Vault to the west. My people are dying of thirst and I need to find a water purifier chip for them to survive.
108ARADESH.MSGI'm saving an entire people from destruction!
109ARADESH.MSGShady Sands? Whoops, I'm lost! I'll just be going now.
111ARADESH.MSGI know of no village to the west.
112ARADESH.MSGHave you been through the mountains west of here?
114ARADESH.MSGAre you saying you know every location from here to the ocean?
115ARADESH.MSGI'm sure you've been many places, but you must have missed my tiny village.
116ARADESH.MSGAh well, to my regret, I have not. Which begs the question, how did you make that passage?
117ARADESH.MSGIt was pretty tough, but I made it.
118ARADESH.MSGWhat's it to you?
119ARADESH.MSGLook, all I wanted was a few supplies and things, but I will gladly go elsewhere.
120ARADESH.MSGI don't need to answer you.
121ARADESH.MSGYes, hmmm, yes, yes. yes. I shall believe you...for now. But we do not trust easily, especially those who might be dangerous. Know that Seth and I will be watching you.
122ARADESH.MSGIt is my town, wanderer. You must answer my questions or leave. This is not a matter of choice.
123ARADESH.MSGI don't have to tell you anything.
124ARADESH.MSGI mean you no harm, really.
125ARADESH.MSGDon't worry, I'm leaving.
126ARADESH.MSGYou are quite insolent. I believe you should leave. Do not return. You will not be welcome.
127ARADESH.MSGSo be it, wanderer. Seth will show you out.
128ARADESH.MSGYou must think me quite gullible, wanderer. You conquered the mountains by yourself?
129ARADESH.MSGDoesn't matter how I think. It's true I came from the mountains.
130ARADESH.MSGNo, just stupid.
131ARADESH.MSGAs Dharma said, 'Caution is life in troubled times.' Your origin is not the issue. Your intent is.
133ARADESH.MSGI will let you pass, but know this: Seth and I will watch you very, very closely. Do not even consider bringing trouble here.
134ARADESH.MSGAnd keep them you may. But this is not a city of open hospitality. If you desire that, go to Junktown. You may enter, but know we have our eyes on you.
135ARADESH.MSGA Vault. How shall I trust you, wanderer, when you are not honest with me?
136ARADESH.MSGNo, honestly, I come from a Vault!
137ARADESH.MSGThe Vault is . . . the name of my village.
138ARADESH.MSGYou're right, I was lying.
139ARADESH.MSGHmmm, yes, yes, yes. Then tell me of this Vault.
140ARADESH.MSGWell . . . the Vault is actually the name of my town. We name it that because it's in between two big cliffs.
141ARADESH.MSGIt's a big place built into a mountain far to the west. My people have been there for the last 80 years.
142ARADESH.MSGWhy do you want to know?
143ARADESH.MSGWanderer, I shall believe you . . . for now. You may enter Shady Sands, but be warned your every move will be watched.
144ARADESH.MSGI will not be lied to, wanderer.
145ARADESH.MSGI don't have to tell you anything.
146ARADESH.MSGI mean you no harm, really.
147ARADESH.MSGDon't worry, I'm leaving.
148ARADESH.MSGHmmm. You may enter. But stay out of trouble.
149ARADESH.MSGWhat can you tell me about the other towns around here?
150ARADESH.MSGWhat's going on around here?
151ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye.
152ARADESH.MSGGreetings again, young wanderer. I hope your stay here has been pleasant.
153ARADESH.MSGIt's been great. Can I ask you some questions?
154ARADESH.MSGIt has. I gotta run though.
155ARADESH.MSGIf you like sewers.
157ARADESH.MSGGreetings. What may I help you with this fine day?
158ARADESH.MSGIs there something you want?
159ARADESH.MSGCan you tell me about Shady Sands?
160ARADESH.MSGI was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?
161ARADESH.MSGNothing, really, I was just leaving.
163ARADESH.MSGCertainly. What do you wish to know?
164ARADESH.MSGYou may ask, but please hurry. There are more important uses for my time.
165ARADESH.MSGWhat can you tell me about the other towns around here?
166ARADESH.MSGWhat's going on around here?
167ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye.
168ARADESH.MSGAh. Happy journeys, wanderer.
170ARADESH.MSGI certainly hope so.
171ARADESH.MSGDharma said, 'A man and his wayward tongue are soon parted.' Come back when you have learned some manners.
172ARADESH.MSGThat is quite enough, wanderer. Seth will show you out of the city. Do not return. Your welcome will not be pleasant.
173ARADESH.MSGShady Sands is much like a family, one that keeps to itself.
174ARADESH.MSGWe are a very protective community. As Dharma said, 'Many sticks can be broken. A bundle cannot.'
175ARADESH.MSGWhat kind of things do you have around here?
176ARADESH.MSGInteresting. Are there any other cities around here?
177ARADESH.MSGHow cute. Well, I better be going.
178ARADESH.MSGThe Gardens are on the south side. The Brahma Pens are north, although the smell is, I fear, quite intense this time of year.
179ARADESH.MSGAnything else?
180ARADESH.MSGWe are small and self sufficient so there is little else to tell.
181ARADESH.MSGThanks. Can I ask you a few more questions?
182ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye.
183ARADESH.MSGIt is a small place. You have feet.
184ARADESH.MSGThanks. Can I ask you a few more questions?
185ARADESH.MSGDharma said, 'Heed not the call of the wolf when the fox is raiding the hen house.'
186ARADESH.MSGJunktown lies south of here, though there is little in the way of visitation. From stories, I'm certain there are cities south of that.
187ARADESH.MSGThanks. I . . . Can I ask you a few more questions?
188ARADESH.MSGIt is a quiet time, thankfully.
189ARADESH.MSGSounds . . . boring
190ARADESH.MSGWell, then, can I ask you a few more questions?
191ARADESH.MSGGood. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while.
192ARADESH.MSGYes. We like it that way.
193ARADESH.MSGWhat can you tell me about the other towns around here?
194ARADESH.MSGWhat's going on around here?
195ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye.
196ARADESH.MSGOh my yes. Great packs of Rad Scorpions are killing our herds. We don't know where they're from, and no matter how many we kill, there's always more!
198ARADESH.MSGAnd now the monsters are attacking my people! Razlo is trying to find a cure for their poison, but I'm not sure how it goes.
199ARADESH.MSGWell, I'll help you get rid of these things!
200ARADESH.MSGI can help you for a price.
201ARADESH.MSGThat's terrible. Can I ask you a few more questions?
202ARADESH.MSGUmmm, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Please talk to Razlo. He possesses far more information on these creatures than I.
203ARADESH.MSGAs Dharma said, 'Those who tend their own flock, know the shepherd.'
204ARADESH.MSGI know it's hard for you to trust, but I would like to help.
205ARADESH.MSGYour choice. Can I ask you some more questions?
206ARADESH.MSGPlease hurry and rid us of those Rad Scorpions!
207ARADESH.MSGThings are much more settled now. Razlo has been working on a cure for Rad Scorpion poison, and with that, we should be able to fight what's left of them.
208ARADESH.MSGIt was nothing. Can I ask you some more questions?
209ARADESH.MSGYou don't need to worry anymore. I destroyed the Nest.
210ARADESH.MSGYou are truly a hero! Know that the people of Shady Sands are most grateful.
211ARADESH.MSGThanks. Can I ask you a few more questions, though?
212ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye!
213ARADESH.MSGIf you can understand me, please try to find my daughter.
214ARADESH.MSGSince you brought my Tandi back to me, things are quite fine. My eternal gratitude to you, wanderer.
215ARADESH.MSGWhat can you tell me about the other towns around here?
216ARADESH.MSGWhat's going on around here?
217ARADESH.MSGThanks. Bye.
218ARADESH.MSGYes, yes. Umm. Have a good stay.
219ARADESH.MSGAhh, wanderer. How goes the search for my daughter?
220ARADESH.MSGSorry, but I haven't found her. I will, though.
221ARADESH.MSGI'm sorry, but she is dead.
223ARADESH.MSGSorry, but I haven't found her. I will, though.
224ARADESH.MSGSlow, but I am making some progress. Can I ask you a few more questions?
226ARADESH.MSGThank you for trying. Please leave me to my grief.
227ARADESH.MSGMay my thoughts be wings to your feet. Please hurry.
228ARADESH.MSGThank goodness you came! I am in desperate need of assistance. My daughter, Tandi, is missing. I do not know what to do!
229ARADESH.MSGHave you tried to save her?
231ARADESH.MSGMy people are not skilled in this. Already three patrols have gone out to look, but none returned. Will you help me?
232ARADESH.MSGOkay. Who could have taken her?
233ARADESH.MSGI'll do it . . . for a fee.
234ARADESH.MSGI am sorry, but I have other things I have to do.
235ARADESH.MSGSeth and I believe one of the raider clans is responsible - retribution for our resistance to them. Take this spear. It was found where my daughter was last seen.
236ARADESH.MSGOkay, I'll check it out.
237ARADESH.MSGPlease, talk to Seth. He knows much about these raiders. And God speed, wanderer.
238ARADESH.MSGOf course, I will reward you. Bring her and you will receive 500 in Hub Script. Will you help me?
239ARADESH.MSGOkay. Who could have taken her?
240ARADESH.MSGAh . . . no thanks. I got other stuff I gotta take care of.
241ARADESH.MSGAs Dharma said, 'While you are out hunting the wolves, do not bring the lion to your den.' If you will not help, you must leave here.
242ARADESH.MSGI will be forever in your debt for your courage and bravery, wanderer. Here is your reward.
243ARADESH.MSGThanks. Can I ask you a few more questions, first?
245ARADESH.MSGUntil we meet again, my friend. May the water you find in the desert not shine at you in the dark.
246ARADESH.MSGWhat are you doing? Put that back at once!
247ARADESH.MSGThat is not yours. Please do not take it.
248ARADESH.MSGStop that at once!
249ARADESH.MSGWhat are you doing here? I am resting, come back in the morning!
250ARADESH.MSGI am he. I lead this humble town of Shady Sands.
251ARADESH.MSGDharma was a great, religious man. You would do well to listen closely to his sayings.
252ARADESH.MSGShe is my daughter. It is she that makes this hard life worth living.
253ARADESH.MSGHmm, yes, yes. Razlo is our doctor. If it ails you, he can heal it. I would wager he is just a little north of here at this moment.
254ARADESH.MSGA fine young man, Seth. Captain of our guards. He is likely to be at the Guard House.
255ARADESH.MSGA wonderful woman. She just celebrated her sixtieth birthday! She spends much time with Razlo, talking his ear off with her veritable treasure trove of stories.
256ARADESH.MSGUmmm, um, um. Very bad. There are two bands of raiders that we know of. They call themselves the Vipers and the Khans.
257ARADESH.MSGBe very careful with such as these. Raiders who are fanatically religious can be quite dangerous. No one here knows of their base.
258ARADESH.MSGUmm, yes, yes. The Khans are nastier then the Vipers, let me tell you. These barbarians attack from the southeast.
259ARADESH.MSGMean creatures, they are. Be careful of their tail. Their poison can be lethal if not looked after.
260ARADESH.MSGYes, yes. yes. It is a rumor of a monster created during the War.
262ARADESH.MSGJunktown is south or here. Their merchants occasionally come to trade, but not often.
263ARADESH.MSGThe Vipers and Khans both use spears. We know this from their attacks.
264ARADESH.MSGYou will find it at the front of town. Seth will likely be there.
265ARADESH.MSGNo one knows for certain, but the packs seem to be coming from the northeast.
266ARADESH.MSGI don't know.
267ARADESH.MSGI can't really say I have heard of that.
268ARADESH.MSGHm, no. No, I have not heard of that.
269ARADESH.MSGAs I said . . .
270ARADESH.MSGLike I mentioned earlier . . .
271ARADESH.MSGLike I said . . .
272ARADESH.MSGAs I had told you before . . .
273ARADESH.MSGI shall not repeat myself so often as to make myself sound stupid. Please listen next time.
274ARADESH.MSGI will not stand here like a sputtering candle simply because you cannot listen.
275ARADESH.MSGGo talk to Seth about that. He'll know more than I.
277ARADESH.MSGI will not waste my time on treacherous outsiders.
980ARADESH.MSGI don't know.
981ARADESH.MSGI can't really say I have heard of that.
982ARADESH.MSGHm, no. No, I have not heard of that.
1100ARADESH.MSGI am he. I lead this humble town of Shady Sands.
1101ARADESH.MSGDharma was a great, religious man. You would do well to listen closely to his sayings.
1102ARADESH.MSGShe is my daughter. It is she that makes this hard life worth living.
1103ARADESH.MSGHmm, yes, yes. Razlo is our doctor. If it ails you, he can heal it. I would wager he is just a little north of here at this moment.
1104ARADESH.MSGUmmm, um, um. Very bad. There are two bands of raiders that we know of. They call themselves the Vipers and the Khans.
1105ARADESH.MSGBe very careful with such as these. Raiders who are fanatically religious can be quite dangerous. No one here knows of their base.
1106ARADESH.MSGUmm, yes, yes. The Khans are nastier then the Vipers, let me tell you. These barbarians attack from the southeast.
1107ARADESH.MSGMean creatures, they are. Be careful of their tail. Their poison can be lethal if not looked after.
1108ARADESH.MSGYes, yes. yes. It is a rumor of a monster created during the War.
1109ARADESH.MSGJunktown is south of here. Their merchants occasionally come to trade, but not often.
1110ARADESH.MSGThe Vipers and Khans both use spears. We know this from their attacks.
1111ARADESH.MSGYou will find it at the front of town. Seth will likely be there.
1112ARADESH.MSGNo one knows for certain, but the packs seem to be coming from the northeast.
1113ARADESH.MSGMean creatures, they are. Be careful of their tail. Their poison can be lethal if not looked after.
1114ARADESH.MSGYou will find it at the front of town. Seth will likely be there.
1115ARADESH.MSGA fine young man, Seth. Captain of our guards. He is likely to be at the Guard House.
100ARMOR.MSGYou see damaged Power Armor.
101ARMOR.MSGYou cannot use this until it is repaired.
102ARMOR.MSGIt seems to be missing a part that you can't find.
103ARMOR.MSGIt is obvious that you do not yet have the skill to repair this.
104ARMOR.MSGYou repair the armor.
105ARMOR.MSGThat does nothing.
106ARMOR.MSGYou fail to repair the armor.
107ARMOR.MSGYou gain
108ARMOR.MSGexperience points for repairing the power armor.
100ARTIFACT.MSGThis seems strange. You think it may be what the Brotherhood sent you to retrieve.
101ARTIFACT.MSGPip Boy displays: File Found on System. Aborting download.
102ARTIFACT.MSGPip Boy displays: Downloading data from Disk.
103ARTIFACT.MSGYou see a disk Sophia gave you.
104ARTIFACT.MSGYou see a disk Maxson gave you.
105ARTIFACT.MSGYou see a strange disk from the Military Base.
106ARTIFACT.MSGYou see a strange holodisk.
100ASSBLOW.MSGKalnor, a Junktown guard.
101ASSBLOW.MSGYou'd better watch yourself here.
102ASSBLOW.MSGThis isn't a good town to get in trouble in.
103ASSBLOW.MSGBehave, and we won't have to get nasty.
105ASSBLOW.MSGKeep up the good work.
106ASSBLOW.MSGNice day, isn't it?
107ASSBLOW.MSGThis is Junktown. Nice place to live, as long as you stay on our good side.
108ASSBLOW.MSGWatch out for Gizmo and his cronies.
109ASSBLOW.MSGI like my boss.
110ASSBLOW.MSGYou'd better put that away. Junktown is a friendly place, friend, and we want to keep it that way.
111ASSBLOW.MSGPut what away?
112ASSBLOW.MSGDon't tell me what to do, loser boy.
113ASSBLOW.MSGSounds fair. By the way, what is the local law regarding weapons?
115ASSBLOW.MSGYour weapon, idiot. Killian won't take your arms away, but you'd better damn well keep them in your holster.
116ASSBLOW.MSGOh, sorry.
117ASSBLOW.MSGNo way! I'm not putting down my shooters for nobody!
118ASSBLOW.MSGYou'd better behave, since it's the law, and I enforce the law. Put your weapon away. Don't draw it unless in self-defense and you won't have a problem with us guards. Disobey the law and we will return you to the lawless wasteland--dead or alive.
119ASSBLOW.MSGSure, since you put it that way.
120ASSBLOW.MSGBite your laws!
121ASSBLOW.MSGWell, uh, fine with me. But you'd better be careful.
122ASSBLOW.MSGGood you asked. No weapons can be drawn except in self-defense. If you start a fight, it's your fault. Other than that, it's your right to go around armed. Just don't pull a knife or gun without just cause. Have a good day.
123ASSBLOW.MSGHey you, no weapons! And I don't care if your momma dropped you on your head as a kid. No weapons.
124ASSBLOW.MSGHey! You! What are you doing sneaking around?
126ASSBLOW.MSGI'm not sneaking around. I just like to walk cautiously.
128ASSBLOW.MSGWhatever you're doing, don't do it in this town.
129ASSBLOW.MSGHey! No shady characters in town! Get out of here before we throw you out!
130ASSBLOW.MSGWell, uh, OK. Whatever. Just don't do anything out of line.
131ASSBLOW.MSGThanks, bye.
132ASSBLOW.MSGCertainly. I will throw caution to the wind, sir.
133ASSBLOW.MSGCertainly. I will throw caution to the wind, ma'am.
134ASSBLOW.MSGYou'd better watch your step around here, because we'll be watching you.
135ASSBLOW.MSGWelcome to Junktown. What can I do for you?
136ASSBLOW.MSGNothing, thanks.
137ASSBLOW.MSGWhat are you doing here? What is this place?
138ASSBLOW.MSGWhere can I get some supplies?
140ASSBLOW.MSGI dunno about that. You might want to check with Killian. He's to the north. That's up that way, OK?
141ASSBLOW.MSGWhat does it look like? I'm a guard, and I'm keeping an eye out for strangers like you. And this place is called Junktown. Hey, don't laugh. I happen to like the name myself. We mostly do trading. Sometimes we trade with those stuck up bastards from Hub. Hey, you're not from the Hub are you?
142ASSBLOW.MSGWhat? The Hub? Sure I am!
143ASSBLOW.MSGMe? No, I'm not from the Hub.
144ASSBLOW.MSGThen you must know most of the rules. Have a good day. And I am sorry about the bastards part, OK?
145ASSBLOW.MSGYeah! Hey, no problem. Bye.
146ASSBLOW.MSGIt's going to cause me some severe mental trauma. Later.
147ASSBLOW.MSGHmmm. OK. It's not our place to ask questions. Have a good day and don't make any trouble.
148ASSBLOW.MSGOh, heck. The place for that is Darkwater's. Killian runs it. It's a little to the north. Killian has the best supplies in town.
149ASSBLOW.MSGThanks. Bye.
150ASSBLOW.MSGYou wanna show me where you keep "your" supplies?
152ASSBLOW.MSGUh, no. Sorry, lady. I got work to do here.
153ASSBLOW.MSGHave a nice day.
154ASSBLOW.MSGKeep out of trouble.
155ASSBLOW.MSGBoy, I sure hope my replacement gets here soon. It feels like I've been standing guard duty forever.
156ASSBLOW.MSGI'm sorry, the gates are closed for the night. Come back in the morning.
157ASSBLOW.MSGHey, I need to get in!
158ASSBLOW.MSGNo problem. See you in the morning.
159ASSBLOW.MSGI'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but I would like to enter your town. You can see that I would cause no harm.
161ASSBLOW.MSGCome . . . back . . . day . . .
162ASSBLOW.MSGSorry, the rules are the rules. No strangers admitted during the night.
163ASSBLOW.MSGWell, I shouldn't do this, but you seem like a nice enough person. Come on in, but don't make any trouble.
164ASSBLOW.MSGHey! It's you! Come on in,
165ASSBLOW.MSG. Good to see you again!
166ASSBLOW.MSGHey, you'd better turn right around and walk back out of here.
100AVERY.MSGYou see a guard for the Friendly Lending Company.
101AVERY.MSGWhat the Hell! Get him!
100BARFLY.MSGHey buddy, can you spare some change?
101BARFLY.MSGI'm tryin' to drink here!
102BARFLY.MSGI don't feel so good.
103BARFLY.MSGMan, I gotta get some work.
104BARFLY.MSGCould you pass the peanuts?
105BARFLY.MSGNot drunk enough . . .
100BARRACUS.MSGYou see Ton.
101BARRACUS.MSGYou see a huge member of the Children.
106BARRACUS.MSGSorry man, but you passed the point of no return with us. Time to slam off!
107BARRACUS.MSGSorry woman, but you passed the point of no return with us. Time to slam off!
108BARRACUS.MSGWhy would I want to talk with someone who goes around killing kids? Get out of my face!
109BARRACUS.MSGI hear you're pretty tough. But tough don't impress Ton. You got something to say or you wanna get it on? Let's do it!
110BARRACUS.MSGPeace, brother! I'm just checking the place out.
111BARRACUS.MSGI'm not interested in impressing you. You got something intelligent to say, say it!
112BARRACUS.MSGGet it on? Mister, I don't go for scrawny little boys.
113BARRACUS.MSGWhat do you want?
114BARRACUS.MSGYou talk too much.
115BARRACUS.MSGYou wanna die, and I wanna kill someone. Works for me.
117BARRACUS.MSGMan, I already talked to you! Take your shit somewhere else!
120BARRACUS.MSGHey, you think your weapon's gonna earn you some 'spect? It's gonna earn you a grave, man. Put it away.
121BARRACUS.MSGHey, you think your weapon's gonna earn you some 'spect? It's gonna earn you a grave, girl. Put it away.
122BARRACUS.MSGWhat do you want, you stupid zombie? Get outta my face before I break it.
123BARRACUS.MSGI was looking for someone smart enough to tell me what's really going on around this joint!
124BARRACUS.MSGWhat will the priests say if they hear you talking like this?
125BARRACUS.MSGAny time, pal. I've been waiting for a good scrap!
126BARRACUS.MSGHey, what's the problem? A few drinks and we'll be buds!
127BARRACUS.MSGDid you know that even a child can apply enough pressure to the right spot in your kneecap to cripple you for life? Just thought you'd want to know.
128BARRACUS.MSGYou wanna talk to Ton? Fine. But if I hear the word "praise," I'll kill you.
129BARRACUS.MSGYou're not a big fan of worship services?
130BARRACUS.MSGWhat's your problem, pal?
131BARRACUS.MSGI want to speak with the man in charge.
132BARRACUS.MSGSure thing. The only thing I feel like praising is a bottle of Rad Scorpion.
133BARRACUS.MSGFine. The first one of us who says that word dies. Bargain?
134BARRACUS.MSGHello, miss. I am Ton, 2,000 pounds of the Master's toughest fighter. I have also been evolved by the FEV into something that you need to check out. Let's get it on, baby.
135BARRACUS.MSGNo way in hell.
136BARRACUS.MSGThat's a little too fast. Let's get to know each other first.
137BARRACUS.MSGHello. I've been evolved by the FEV so that anyone that annoys me dies. Stop annoying me, little man.
138BARRACUS.MSGCheck it out somewhere else. Ton don't like your company.
139BARRACUS.MSGFine. You want to play it straight? Sometimes killing's necessary. Sometimes I even like it. But I hear you love killing . . . all the time. Every time I've met a psycho, either he dies, or Ton dies. Ton is still here. So why don't you go elsewhere.
140BARRACUS.MSGMan, I could learn to like you. You're either an incredible asshole, or you got guts. Either way is fine with Ton, as long as you don't jam me up. You want to join up?
141BARRACUS.MSGWhatever happened to peace and love?
142BARRACUS.MSGWhat's involved?
143BARRACUS.MSGNo way in hell, pal.
144BARRACUS.MSGI'll jam whatever I want, wherever I want. So let's kick out the jams!
145BARRACUS.MSGTo see you suffer. Let's go, hombre, give me what I want.
146BARRACUS.MSGBeware of what you want. You may not like what you get.
147BARRACUS.MSGI'd rather be your friend.
148BARRACUS.MSGYou aren't worth my time.
149BARRACUS.MSGGo ahead. Make the first move. The last one's mine.
150BARRACUS.MSGFine. Talking's over. Make your move.
151BARRACUS.MSGI just wanted to talk.
152BARRACUS.MSGYou're dead . . .
153BARRACUS.MSGShit! You're dumber than the zombies! Just get out of here!
154BARRACUS.MSGThe Master wants peace, and he wants us to get it for him, so we're going to have fun. Capiche?
155BARRACUS.MSGYeah, but there's got to be more going on than just that.
156BARRACUS.MSGDoes the Master really want peace or does he just want killing?
157BARRACUS.MSGWho is this Master?
158BARRACUS.MSGSounds good to me.
159BARRACUS.MSGScrew the Master! Let's kill them all!
160BARRACUS.MSGIt's not healthy to ask the wrong question, compadre. They have all the answers they want you to hear. People who ask the wrong questions, or people who screw up, well, they don't stay around here very long.
161BARRACUS.MSGI do my job. They like it when I do my job. They like it when street trash and Followers stop breathing. It lets the Nightkin do other things. Don't mess with me . . . it ain't healthy.
162BARRACUS.MSGWhat are you doing dressed like a zombie? If you got the 'tude, you gotta let it show!
163BARRACUS.MSGI don't care about the clothes, man. I just want to know what's going on here!
164BARRACUS.MSGThey don't bother you as much if you don't look like they might want to convert you.
165BARRACUS.MSGNone of your business, pal.
166BARRACUS.MSGI've been thinking of converting.
167BARRACUS.MSGIt ain't 'tude. It's a way of death.
168BARRACUS.MSGWe don't drink in here. Nightkin don't like it. You better get a few more clues before you talk to Ton again.
169BARRACUS.MSGYou're crazy! I could almost like you, except that I have the feeling that people who hang around you don't live long. Get the hell out of here.
170BARRACUS.MSGYou stand around this for months and you go crazy as them. What do you want from Ton?
171BARRACUS.MSGHow'd these people get like this?
172BARRACUS.MSGI want sex and violence, without the sex. You know where I can get it?
173BARRACUS.MSGI am losing it in this zombie pit, and I don't need you helping me. Get the hell away from me.
174BARRACUS.MSGThat's Morpheus. He stays upstairs, except to give sermons. He don't even do that much anymore. He's smart and he's a winner, and that's all that counts. Go see him for yourself.
175BARRACUS.MSGYou need to go out into the Boneyard, pal. Ain't no slosh in here, and I've looked!
176BARRACUS.MSGAgree. What can Ton do for you?
177BARRACUS.MSGBitch! You don't know what you're missing! Get out!
178BARRACUS.MSGLife is too short for that. Let me show you why you don't want to wait.
179BARRACUS.MSGBut I want someone who knows what's going on.
180BARRACUS.MSGNo thank you. But I wouldn't mind being friends.
181BARRACUS.MSGGet lost, you piece of trash.
183BARRACUS.MSGLife IS shorter than you think. Die, asshole!
184BARRACUS.MSGI'm not LITTLE, bitch!
185BARRACUS.MSGWho believes in that bullshit? They have to program these morons to believe in that stuff anyway.
186BARRACUS.MSGHow did it happen?
188BARRACUS.MSGWhat a bunch of losers.
189BARRACUS.MSGTell me more about your posse.
190BARRACUS.MSGOkay, I'll join up.
191BARRACUS.MSGSomeone should put them out of their misery. Like me . . .
192BARRACUS.MSGWhen we get the word, we go out and kill people. People like the Followers or some of the more dangerous gang types.
193BARRACUS.MSGSo the Followers are a problem?
194BARRACUS.MSGThis sounds pretty sick to me.
195BARRACUS.MSGWho needs the word? Why not just kill them?
196BARRACUS.MSGFine. Do what you want. But I'd get out before it becomes unhealthy around here.
197BARRACUS.MSGYou annoying little piece of shit. You're worse than a Junktowner, you coward. Get the hell out.
198BARRACUS.MSGWhat else is there to know? I get to eat well, sleep in peace and kill some of the people who used to screw me over. You want something more from life?
199BARRACUS.MSGWho knows? Who cares? I get to eat well, sleep in peace and kill some of the people who used to screw me over. You want something more from life?
200BARRACUS.MSGHmmm, Ton never thought of that. But if they bother me too much, I break their face. Then they stop bothering Ton. What do you want?
201BARRACUS.MSGConverting? Well, good luck. You'll need it.
202BARRACUS.MSGWhy would I need luck?
203BARRACUS.MSGThat doesn't sound good.
204BARRACUS.MSGThanks. You're a true friend.
205BARRACUS.MSGI don't need luck as long as I've got ammo.
206BARRACUS.MSGThese people, these zombies, weren't always like this. I could even stand a few of them. Then they got converted. Some of them came out like this. Some of them didn't come out at all. Ton doesn't like it, but these people pay Ton well.
207BARRACUS.MSGWhy do you keep jumping between first and third person?
208BARRACUS.MSGTell me more about the conversion process.
209BARRACUS.MSGDid you go through the conversion process?
210BARRACUS.MSGThis place is strictly low-rent.
211BARRACUS.MSGReally, how much?
212BARRACUS.MSGNobody's gonna do this to me!
213BARRACUS.MSGYou talk to Morpheus or to Lasher, or you can bother Ton, and Ton give you more violence than you can handle.
214BARRACUS.MSGWell baby, what's going on is that there are a lot of zombies chanting, a lot of people dying and the Children are going to take over everything. And there's you and me and nothing else matters!
215BARRACUS.MSGBut Barracas, darling, surely there's more going on than that . . .
217BARRACUS.MSGForget it, creep. You ain't my type.
218BARRACUS.MSGNothing else matters? Hell no! I wanna hear about the dying part!
219BARRACUS.MSGUnfortunately, this is the worst place on earth to experience what Ton does best. Too many zombies cramp my style. I'll let you know when I think about some place more convenient . . .
220BARRACUS.MSGYou'll find out soon enough what happens upstairs. If you tough, you get through it fine. It happened to Ton, and Ton is just fine!
221BARRACUS.MSGUh . . . I didn't say anything. You forget what Ton told you or Ton will make you forget, permanently!
222BARRACUS.MSGThey used to be whiners. But Ton talks too much. You get out of my face.
223BARRACUS.MSGFine. You stay low-profile until I give you the word. Then we have fun.
224BARRACUS.MSGThey're cowards. They set ambushes against our patrols. They send spies and saboteurs. They know they can't win a real fight. The Master says we should feel sorry for them, but Ton just want to kill them. Smart man, Ton.
225BARRACUS.MSGWe need discipline, fool! We're soldiers now! We obey orders. Killers die, but soldiers win their battles. We're going to beat the Followers. We're going to beat EVERYONE!
226BARRACUS.MSGWho the hell knows? Maybe it's just Morpheus pulling the strings. Things are good, and if this dries up, Ton goes somewhere else.
227BARRACUS.MSGWell, don't get too eager. Even with the Nightkin, it's still tough fighting. But if we play it smart, we get out ahead. That's the only thing Ton cares about.
228BARRACUS.MSGThe conversion isn't easy. You see these people, all these zombies? They used to be like you and me. Ton survived. These people didn't. But why should Ton care about you?
229BARRACUS.MSGYou don't like the way Ton talk? Then Ton kill you!
230BARRACUS.MSGTon go through it fine. I . . . uh . . . I . . . uh . . . Ton . . . Ton just fine.
231BARRACUS.MSGI used to be with the Dead Dog gang. Always hungry, always tired. This place is much better for Ton. Why should I worry about anyone else? Nobody ever worry about me.
232BARRACUS.MSGYou greedy asshole! Get outta here before Ton kills you!
233BARRACUS.MSGThen get out of here now, before it's too late.
234BARRACUS.MSGNothing important as you and me. Unfortunately, this is the worst place on earth to experience what Ton does best. Too many zombies cramp my style. I'll let you know when I think about some place more convenient . . .
235BARRACUS.MSGWhy you manipulative bitch! Nobody screws with Ton like that!
100BARRY.MSGYou have enraged Barry!
101BARRY.MSGYou see Barry.
102BARRY.MSGHey! Only ghouls get a water ration.
103BARRY.MSGI'm gonna get you for waking me up!
104BARRY.MSGThe mutant ignores you.
1100BARRY.MSGI dunno.
1101BARRY.MSGYer standin in it.
1102BARRY.MSGHe's a wus. We should just wipe out him and his ghouls.
1103BARRY.MSGThat's here.
1104BARRY.MSGI dunno.
1105BARRY.MSGHe Harry's boss.
1106BARRY.MSGWimpy things.
100BARTER.MSGYou see Barterman.
101BARTER.MSGDo you want to trade?
102BARTER.MSGClick Barter -->
104BARTER.MSGWe have been plagued by Rad Scorpions for some time now. All who have been sent to destroy these monsters have not returned. I will give you weapons and armor if you will follow my guide to their lair and kill them all.
105BARTER.MSGSounds good.
106BARTER.MSGNo thanks.
107BARTER.MSGThat is a shame. Please leave.
108BARTER.MSGExcellent. Sammy here will guide you to the lair. Take these items, they will come in useful.
109BARTER.MSGPlease help us as soon as possible. Time is wasting.
100BECA.MSGYou see Jade.
101BECA.MSGYou see Beca.
104BECA.MSGYou see a member of the Blades.
105BECA.MSGYou see a member of the Blades.
106BECA.MSGYou think that might be Books.
107BECA.MSGYou think that might be Scars.
108BECA.MSGYou think that might be Gunner.
109BECA.MSGYou think that might be Twitch.
110BECA.MSGYou think that might be Hammer.
111BECA.MSGYou think that might be Razor.
112BECA.MSGThese are sleeping quarters. Now get out of here before I kick your butt.
113BECA.MSGTry it.
114BECA.MSGSorry about that. Goodbye.
115BECA.MSGCan I crash here?
116BECA.MSGNo. These are for real Blades, not some wuss.
100BGUARD.MSGYou see a guard.
101BGUARD.MSGI work for the Barterman.
102BGUARD.MSGGot any donuts?
103BGUARD.MSGIf you break it, you buy it!
104BGUARD.MSGShoplifters will be killed!
105BGUARD.MSGAre you gonna buy something? Perhaps in this century?
106BGUARD.MSGCan't fight Rad Scorpions without this stuff.
100BILL.MSGYou see Bill.
101BILL.MSGYou ain't supposed to be here! Get him!
102BILL.MSGYou ain't supposed to be here! Get her!
100BILLY.MSGYou see Billy.
101BILLY.MSGHi there.
102BILLY.MSGHi, what are you doing?
103BILLY.MSGCan I have a brahmin?
104BILLY.MSGHi. Uh, bye.
107BILLY.MSGWhy would you want a brahmin? Do you have a caravan? Well, it doesn't matter. I only take care of them. Dan is the one that owns them; he won't sell them though.
109BILLY.MSGI was just kidding.
110BILLY.MSGCuz of all the missing caravans. He doesn't have any to spare, the caravans use most of them. The others are sold for food. Well, I better stop talking; Dan will get mad if he sees me talking to a stranger.
111BILLY.MSGOh, okay.
112BILLY.MSGNothing . . . I mean, I'm taking care of the brahmin.
113BILLY.MSGWhat's the spear for? Are they dangerous?
114BILLY.MSGWhat's a brahmin?
115BILLY.MSGWhat's a brahmin? You must be joking. Why they're one of the major food sources and forms of transportation around here. They haul the caravans. Dan says this is a really important job, but it's the Bone.
116BILLY.MSGOh, I knew that!
117BILLY.MSGDan's right. You are doing a great job.
118BILLY.MSGYea, it looks that way. Have fun.
119BILLY.MSGHey, you're one of those skags aren't you?
120BILLY.MSGReally? You think so? Gee, thanks.
121BILLY.MSGYou're not from around here, are you? I'll give you one tip: Don't get caught stealing!
122BILLY.MSGSure, thanks.
123BILLY.MSGI wouldn't dream of stealing. Stealing is wrong.
124BILLY.MSGYea, I think I'm starting to agree with you. This job isn't so bad, really. It makes me feel good for some reason. Well, I've got to go before I get in trouble.
125BILLY.MSGPlease don't hurt me or my brahmin.
126BILLY.MSGDon't hurt me!
127BILLY.MSGStop it!
128BILLY.MSGPlease leave me alone.
129BILLY.MSGYou're scaring me.
130BILLY.MSGHey what are you trying to do? I don't have anything you'd want.
131BILLY.MSGStop that!
132BILLY.MSGDangerous? No, not really. They can give you a really nasty bite, but they're pretty cool. They fart and burp a lot. I don't know why.
133BILLY.MSGSo what's the spear for?
134BILLY.MSGOkay, thanks.
135BILLY.MSGOh, they can be awfully stubborn when I want them to do something. I just gently stick them to get them to move around . . . plus I don't want to get too close; they sometimes kick.
136BILLY.MSGPlease don't talk to me. Dan is going to yell at me again. He really gets pissed - I mean - mad, when I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing.
137BILLY.MSGHe's just trying to help. Work hard and I'm sure he'll be nicer.
138BILLY.MSGHere kid, take 50 bucks and get away from this jerk.
142BILLY.MSGPlease don't, I'm already in enough trouble.
143BILLY.MSGI AM working hard!
144BILLY.MSGI'm sorry, I didn't mean that. He's just trying to help you.
145BILLY.MSGNo you aren't, you lazy little skeev!
147BILLY.MSGYea, maybe you're right . . . actually, he seems pretty cool, but I wish he wouldn't yell at me so much.
148BILLY.MSGYea, right.
149BILLY.MSGUp yours, you old fart!
150BILLY.MSGUp yours, you old hag!
151BILLY.MSGWOW! I can live on this for the rest of my life! Thanks a lot, mister!
152BILLY.MSGWOW! I can live on this for the rest of my life! Thanks a lot, ma'am!
153BILLY.MSGWOW! Thanks . . . Well? . . . You're just trying to get me in trouble again!
154BILLY.MSGPlease don't talk to me, Dan is really mad.
155BILLY.MSGDon't worry. I had a talk with him, he'll try to be nicer to you.
156BILLY.MSGAnd he should be! You're a terrible kid!
159BILLY.MSGThose girls over there sure are dumb.
160BILLY.MSGHi again.
161BILLY.MSGBrahmin are cool.
162BILLY.MSGDan's taking me to the Falcon if I do a good job.
163BILLY.MSGDan's going to take me on a caravan some day!
164BILLY.MSGI'm going to be an adventurer when I grow up.
165BILLY.MSGReally? Oh, okay. I hope you didn't hurt him. He's really not so bad. He just yells a lot.
166BILLY.MSGHello again.
167BILLY.MSGWhat is it you do again?
168BILLY.MSGCan I have a brahmin?
169BILLY.MSGJust stopping by to see how things are going. Bye.
172BILLY.MSGI'd better get back to work.
173BILLY.MSGThose girls over there sure are dumb.
174BILLY.MSGHi again.
175BILLY.MSGI'm going to be an adventurer when I grow up.
176BILLY.MSGBrahmin sure do shi . . . uh, poop a lot.
177BILLY.MSGI can't talk right now.
178BILLY.MSGI don't want to get in trouble.
100BITSBOB.MSGYou see Bob, proprietor of Bob's Iguana Bits.
101BITSBOB.MSGOk, Ok, I've got your money.
102BITSBOB.MSGI've got more expenses. I need to increase the payment.
103BITSBOB.MSGScrew this. I want ALL of your money now, or you're a dead Bob.
104BITSBOB.MSGI can't take the heat. I'm calling off the payments.
105BITSBOB.MSGI want information on Decker.
106BITSBOB.MSGI want information on Doc Morbid.
107BITSBOB.MSGGimme' an iguana on a stick.
108BITSBOB.MSGI'm sorry. I ain't payin' no more. Do what you want with me.
109BITSBOB.MSGBob, I thought we were pals! In fact, I was thinking about giving you a promotion in my organization. Instead, you betray me. This is very disappointing...
110BITSBOB.MSGBob, why should I take no for an answer? Especially from a scumbag like you?
111BITSBOB.MSGGlad to see you're standing up for yourself.
112BITSBOB.MSGYour reputation is history, Bob. Hi-sto-ree!
113BITSBOB.MSGFine, I'll decide what to do with you later.
114BITSBOB.MSGWell, it was nice knowing you Bob. Say 'hi' to Satan for me.
115BITSBOB.MSGWhat are you doing back so soon? It ain't time for the payment.
116BITSBOB.MSGYou've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. Get lost!
117BITSBOB.MSGHey, I don't want any trouble!
118BITSBOB.MSGHi! Welcome to Bob's Iguana Bits, the family eating place. Can I take your order?
119BITSBOB.MSGForget it.
120BITSBOB.MSGYou are? Well, Ok...
121BITSBOB.MSGHe's a mean son of a bitch. You don't want to mess with him. Anything else?
122BITSBOB.MSGFine. What do you want me to pay?
124BITSBOB.MSGbucks every five days.
125BITSBOB.MSGDoc Morbid? All I know is that he's up around Junktown and he's the cheapest source of food I could find. That's all!
126BITSBOB.MSGLet's see what I've got in stock.
127BITSBOB.MSGI've got a whole iguana for twenty caps.
128BITSBOB.MSGI've got prime cut choice for eight caps.
129BITSBOB.MSGI'll take one of the real ones.
130BITSBOB.MSGNothing for me right now. I'm on a diet.
131BITSBOB.MSGI'll take one of the prime cuts.
132BITSBOB.MSGI could go for some prime cut right now. I'll even pay for it.
133BITSBOB.MSGUhh... Me no hungry now.
134BITSBOB.MSGFine! Take your money and get out!
135BITSBOB.MSGYou can stick it! I ain't ever payin' you! Get lost!
136BITSBOB.MSGYeah, sure. Why don't you find someone else to screw over.
137BITSBOB.MSGYou can't throw crap without getting some of it on your fingers. Get out of here!
138BITSBOB.MSGSure you will. Get lost!
139BITSBOB.MSGSorry. We're all out of iguana.
140BITSBOB.MSGWe only have whole iguana on a stick. Twenty bucks each.
141BITSBOB.MSGWe only have prime select choice. It tastes great, though. Eight bucks each.
142BITSBOB.MSGSure. We got whole iguana on a stick for twenty bucks, and our prime select pieces for eight bucks.
143BITSBOB.MSGI'll take a whole iguana.
144BITSBOB.MSGI'll take your prime select.
145BITSBOB.MSGYou know, I hear your prime select tastes like chicken. Do you like eating cowardly guys?
146BITSBOB.MSGNo sissy portions! Me want all iguana! Ugh!
147BITSBOB.MSGHmm, smell good! Me want prime!
148BITSBOB.MSGNever seen any of them around here. Water Merchants don't need 'em.
149BITSBOB.MSGWater Merchants?
150BITSBOB.MSGMr. Decker is a distinguished businessman in a less than distinguished business. Anything else?
152BITSBOB.MSGWhat kind of business?
153BITSBOB.MSGWhat are you talking about?
154BITSBOB.MSGYour secret ingredients. How fresh does the corpse have to be before it develops a bitter aftertaste? Do you use mutants, humans, or a mix?
155BITSBOB.MSGI found an invoice in Doc Morbid's lair. An invoice for dead bodies...
156BITSBOB.MSGIf you've got a memory loss, I can talk to the sheriff.
157BITSBOB.MSGPrime Choice Select is made of people!!!! It's made of people!!!
158BITSBOB.MSGNothing. Sorry to bring it up. Now is there anything else I can do for you?
159BITSBOB.MSGWell, he's dead now, and my cash flow has increased because of it.
160BITSBOB.MSGSomeone killed Decker. We're in mourning. [snicker]
161BITSBOB.MSGSomeone shot Sheriff Greene. Don't know about the deputy, though.
162BITSBOB.MSGDaren Hightower was murdered. And all that money couldn't save him. Ironic, ain't it?
163BITSBOB.MSGSomeone stole a necklace from the Hightowers. Man, did they ever make a big mistake. They're dead for sure!
164BITSBOB.MSGSomeone killed Jain over at the Cathedral. I hear she was a real pain in the butt!
165BITSBOB.MSGWell, the only new thing is that the Children of the Cathedral has taken over the Hospital. It's pretty boring around here lately.
166BITSBOB.MSGAnything else?
167BITSBOB.MSGMan, I'm gonna be out of business in a week. Anything else, oh high and mighty?
168BITSBOB.MSGI don't like your attitude.
169BITSBOB.MSGSorry, you can't afford it.
170BITSBOB.MSGOne whole iguana coming up! Anything else?
171BITSBOB.MSGYou know what they're made from and you still want one? You make Decker look like a charity worker! Anything else?
172BITSBOB.MSGI don't like your attitude.
173BITSBOB.MSGSorry, you can't afford it.
174BITSBOB.MSGOne iguana prime select choice, coming up! Anything else?
175BITSBOB.MSGSmart choice. You could stand to lose a few pounds.
176BITSBOB.MSGWh...what! Oh, I see, you're joking...
177BITSBOB.MSGOf course I am...
178BITSBOB.MSGNo, I'm not. I'm going to see that you pay for your crime.
179BITSBOB.MSGNo, I'm not. And I want a piece of the action.
180BITSBOB.MSGYou must be new in town if you're asking me about the Water Merchants. Water is life, and you don't get much more powerful than life and death.
181BITSBOB.MSGWho's in charge of the Water Merchants?
182BITSBOB.MSGIf there's anything that involves misery and suffering in the Hub, Decker either controls it or wants to control it. Anything else?
183BITSBOB.MSGI don't know what you're talking about, and I don't appreciate your slander! I suggest you don't show your face in here again.
184BITSBOB.MSGDon't do that! Fine, I've been using some questionable portions. But it's not like I'm committing murder. Doc Morbid's stuff is already dead, isn't it?
185BITSBOB.MSGI'm sure it is, Bob. Have a nice day...
186BITSBOB.MSGCannibalism is a crime against humanity, Bob. I'm going to see that you pay for it.
187BITSBOB.MSGMaybe it is. Maybe it isn't. I don't care. I want a piece of the action.
188BITSBOB.MSGNot so loud! I don't need you saying that all over the Hub...
189BITSBOB.MSGI guess I was rude. Have a nice day...
190BITSBOB.MSGYou know, the police station is just across the street. I really should take a little walk.
191BITSBOB.MSGI can get even louder. But I can also shut up. Noise is cheap, silence is expensive.
192BITSBOB.MSGHow the hell am I gonna pay you if you eat all my stock? Fine! Have another iguana! I hope you choke on it!
193BITSBOB.MSGI don't like your attitude.
194BITSBOB.MSGTough. You want money, I'll give it to you. You want food, I'll give it to you. You want to die, I'll arrange it. But "like" ain't part of the equation.
195BITSBOB.MSGNothing I can think of. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a business to run.
196BITSBOB.MSGSorry, we're all out of iguana.
197BITSBOB.MSGWe only have whole iguana on a stick. Twenty bucks.
198BITSBOB.MSGWe only have prime select choice. Eight bucks.
199BITSBOB.MSGAgain? Man you must be hungry. We got whole iguana on a stick for twenty bucks, and our prime select pieces for eight bucks.
200BITSBOB.MSGI'll take a whole iguana.
201BITSBOB.MSGI'll take your prime select.
202BITSBOB.MSGYou know, I hear your prime select tastes like chicken. Do you like eating cowardly guys?
203BITSBOB.MSGNo sissy portions! Me want all iguana! Ugh!
204BITSBOB.MSGHmm, smell good! Me want prime!
205BITSBOB.MSGHow the hell am I gonna pay you if you eat all my stock? Fine! Have another iguana! I hope you choke on it!
206BITSBOB.MSGI don't like your attitude.
207BITSBOB.MSGUh, bye.
208BITSBOB.MSGWait a minute. We've got to find a way to reach a mutual understanding!
209BITSBOB.MSGThe only way you'll be able to keep me quiet is to kill me.
210BITSBOB.MSGSorry, no deal.
211BITSBOB.MSGFine. What can I get out of this?
212BITSBOB.MSGFine. What do you want me to pay?
219BITSBOB.MSGbucks every five days.
220BITSBOB.MSGI don't think I'll blackmail you. Carry on.
221BITSBOB.MSGI'd change your mind if I were you, friend. People have died for less in the Hub.
222BITSBOB.MSGFine. It's a deal.
223BITSBOB.MSGbucks, due every five days. I guess I'll see you in five...
224BITSBOB.MSGNo way I'm going for that. I can't afford more than what I'm paying you now.
225BITSBOB.MSGToo bad, Bob. I'd hate to start singing.
226BITSBOB.MSGFine. We'll stay with the current arrangement... for now.
227BITSBOB.MSGCan you afford a funeral, Bob?
228BITSBOB.MSGFine. Maybe it would be good if our paths didn't cross again.
229BITSBOB.MSGYou may be a songbird, but I'm the golden goose. You ain't gonna sing, not when I'm the only goose you've got. Now get out!
230BITSBOB.MSGFirst sensible thing I remember you saying. Now get out!
231BITSBOB.MSGGimme' an iguana on a stick.
232BITSBOB.MSGWhat can you tell me about a Water Chip?
233BITSBOB.MSGWhat can you tell me about Decker?
234BITSBOB.MSGI think we need to talk about Doc Morbid and some of your secret ingredients.
235BITSBOB.MSGDo you know anything about the missing caravans?
236BITSBOB.MSGWhat, me trouble? What gives you that impression?
237BITSBOB.MSGAnything interesting happening in the Hub?
238BITSBOB.MSGMe hungry! Grrrrr!
239BITSBOB.MSGTerrible business. Those poor people. Oh, those poor people. Losing their lives in such a ghastly way! Is there anything else I can do for you? Like feed you, perhaps?
240BITSBOB.MSGNothing, bye.
100BLADE.MSGYou see a member of the Blades.
103BLADE.MSGHave a nice day.
104BLADE.MSGNice weather we are having today.
105BLADE.MSGI wonder if it will rain.
106BLADE.MSGHave you ever seen the rain glow?
107BLADE.MSGGotta get back to work.
108BLADE.MSGWe don't get many outsiders here.
109BLADE.MSGGotta go.
110BLADE.MSGSee ya.
111BLADE.MSGGood day.
112BLADE.MSGThanks for your help.
113BLADE.MSGWe won't forget you.
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