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0ABEL.MSGYou see Abel.
101ABEL.MSGYou see a large mutant.
102ABEL.MSGYou are not supposed to be here.
104ABEL.MSGOf course not. I'm here to kill you!
105ABEL.MSGWhy do you say that?
106ABEL.MSGOh, yeah? Your momma!
108ABEL.MSGI'm gonna kick yer ass if you say that again!
109ABEL.MSGPik! Pik!
110ABEL.MSGOh, you gonna get it now!
111ABEL.MSGYou human. Me mutant. Mutant kill human.
112ABEL.MSGHow can you do that? What about the force field?
113ABEL.MSGAbel take care of that. Then Abel kick yer ass!
114ABEL.MSGChildren are not allowed here. This mutant place. Go away.
116ABEL.MSGI have to get through this force field. Please lower it.
118ABEL.MSGYou again. Abel kick yer ass!
970ABEL.MSGMe Abel.
981ABEL.MSGWhy do you say that?
100ADYTOWNR.MSGYou see an inhabitant of Adytown.
101ADYTOWNR.MSGLooks like rain . . . as always.
102ADYTOWNR.MSGSorry, have to go. Got work to do.
103ADYTOWNR.MSGWe don't get many outsiders here.
104ADYTOWNR.MSGGotta get back to work.
105ADYTOWNR.MSGI'd get back to the Hub, if I were you.
106ADYTOWNR.MSGGood day . . . if that is what you can call it.
107ADYTOWNR.MSGYeah . . . whatever.
108ADYTOWNR.MSGNo time to talk.
109ADYTOWNR.MSGCan't talk right now.
110ADYTOWNR.MSGHope the rain ain't glowin' like yesterday.
111ADYTOWNR.MSGLooks like we're going to be short food again.
112ADYTOWNR.MSGI hope the caravans pass by again soon.
113ADYTOWNR.MSGWe have a chance to make it now.
114ADYTOWNR.MSGAdytum will be the town we want it to be.
115ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for your help.
116ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for getting rid of the Regulators.
117ADYTOWNR.MSGThank you for our freedom.
118ADYTOWNR.MSGIt is good that the Regulators are gone.
119ADYTOWNR.MSGWelcome to the New Adytum.
100AGATHA.MSGYou see an aged woman.
101AGATHA.MSGYou see Agatha.
102AGATHA.MSGThis woman is wrinkled and gray, yet has a spry step and a bright personality.
103AGATHA.MSGYou are a bad person. I will have nothing to do with you.
104AGATHA.MSGIt is a terrible thing when our youth are threatened. The loss of Tandi would be a terrible thing.
108AGATHA.MSGWhat do you mean?
109AGATHA.MSGI know you will do your best, dearie. Find Tandi, help her escape those beasts and return her to Aradesh. You will do this community a favor and build good karma as well.
110AGATHA.MSGAradesh loves his daughter very much. It is that love that makes him the man that he is and a pillar of this community. Without that love he would be lost, and Shady Sands would surely follow . . .
111AGATHA.MSGI will do my best. Goodbye.
112AGATHA.MSGI could use some help.
113AGATHA.MSGHmmm. We'll see.
114AGATHA.MSGI feel that she is imprisoned. She was the target of hatred. That hate is very strong to the southeast. I'm sure you will find her there. Good luck.
115AGATHA.MSGThank you.
116AGATHA.MSGYou have not heard? Tandi is missing. I feel she was kidnapped. Aradesh is most distraught. This is a terrible thing . . .
117AGATHA.MSGI hear that you have saved Tandi. That was the right thing to do. Your karma is strong. I have high hopes for your future.
118AGATHA.MSGI'm very sorry to hear about Tandi. She was such a bright young woman. She would have done good with her life.
119AGATHA.MSGHello. You must be the stranger everyone is talking about. [Agatha sighs.] How can I help you?
121AGATHA.MSGWho are you?
122AGATHA.MSGYou look very tired. Is there anything wrong?
123AGATHA.MSGWhy do you look so tired?
124AGATHA.MSGDon't talk to me, old woman.
125AGATHA.MSGYou need more help than I can give you, child. May Dharma be with you.
126AGATHA.MSGMy name is Agatha. I am the storyteller of Shady Sands. It is my job to keep the history so that we may remember and never forget.
127AGATHA.MSGTell me a story.
128AGATHA.MSGOkay, whatever.
129AGATHA.MSGIt is good not to forget.
130AGATHA.MSGI'm sorry, child, I am tired right now. I need my rest. Please come back later.
131AGATHA.MSGHow very true. [Agatha stares at you for a moment.] It is good for the young to remember, but it is very hard to act within the flow of history. Sometimes, the very course we take is determined by events long ago. May Dharma be with you. I must rest for a little while. Come back again, when I am stronger, and we will speak again.
132AGATHA.MSGThank you for asking. I'm just old, that's all. I cannot sleep at night. I close my eyes . . . [Agatha pauses.] But I get no rest. Please, it is just my old tired bones . . .
133AGATHA.MSGI'm sorry, I'm very tired. Could you please come back later?
136AGATHA.MSGWhy are you so tired?
137AGATHA.MSGI don't sleep well at night, my child. It must be my age.
138AGATHA.MSGGood day, my child. You look well. You remind me of my own baby.
140AGATHA.MSGI want a story, then.
141AGATHA.MSGI'm glad you are feeling better.
142AGATHA.MSGThank you. Goodbye.
143AGATHA.MSGYou definitely remind me of my baby. When she was just a few months old, as a matter of fact.
144AGATHA.MSGThank you. Dharma always said that the farmer who plants politeness will walk easy when the season is over.
145AGATHA.MSGPlease tell me a story.
146AGATHA.MSGThis Dharma fellow sounds like an idiot.
100AGATHBED.MSGThe bed looks neatly made despite its tattered nature.
101AGATHBED.MSGYou see a tattered bed.
100AIRGRD.MSGYou see a super mutant. He is guarding the airlock door.
101AIRGRD.MSGYou see a super mutant guard.
102AIRGRD.MSGJeremiah, you may pass.
103AIRGRD.MSGMove along.
104AIRGRD.MSGMove faster, messenger.
105AIRGRD.MSGNormals cannot carry weapons here! Halt and identify yourself!
107AIRGRD.MSGUh, sorry. I'll put it away.
108AIRGRD.MSGI'm just passing through. No need for identities here.
109AIRGRD.MSGDie! Die! Die! I always wanted to say that.
110AIRGRD.MSGI will not be spoken to that way. You will be punished.
111AIRGRD.MSGHalt! What is your business here, 'child'.
113AIRGRD.MSGI'm, uh, doing stuff.
114AIRGRD.MSGI'm on important business. You have no right to stop and question me.
115AIRGRD.MSGDon't talk to me, big boy.
116AIRGRD.MSGYour answer does not settle my nerves. Speak quickly and clearly, or I will assume you are here for foul purposes. I assure you that you will not like that...
117AIRGRD.MSGUh, no, really, honestly. I'm doing stuff.
118AIRGRD.MSGI'm bringing a message to our leader.
119AIRGRD.MSGI sense the untruth behind your words. You will not be allowed in. This I promise you...
120AIRGRD.MSGYou may pass, but next time, follow the proper procedure...
121AIRGRD.MSGOk, thanks. See you around.
122AIRGRD.MSGAnd what's that?
123AIRGRD.MSGBlessing to you, brother.
124AIRGRD.MSGA true follower of the Master would have that knowledge. You are an intruder!
125AIRGRD.MSGMove along. I don't have time for your questions.
126AIRGRD.MSGYou are annoying me.
127AIRGRD.MSGI have work to do. Do you?
128AIRGRD.MSGYou are making a mistake by coming here. Explain yourself or perish...
130AIRGRD.MSGI have nothing to say.
131AIRGRD.MSGI'm here to protect humanity from the likes of you.
132AIRGRD.MSGOh, shut up!
133AIRGRD.MSGYou should not try to fool me by playing dumb. I tire of this...
134AIRGRD.MSGWhat kind of foolish bigotry is that, we are 'humanity.' We're just as human as you are.
135AIRGRD.MSGWhat kind of crap is that?
136AIRGRD.MSGThere is no possible way that you are human.
137AIRGRD.MSGMy name is Kyle. I was born to a mother and a father, like yourself. The Master just oversaw my rebirth. These muscles, this skin, this strength does not make me any less human than you. I do not like all that the Unity stands for, but it is the best chance for peace that we have.
138AIRGRD.MSGNot on my watch, it isn't. I'm here to put an end to you and your kind.
139AIRGRD.MSGYou may be human, but that still doesn't make your Unity right. I guess we will be enemies.
140AIRGRD.MSGIt is a pity that you act this way, but you will not proceed further...
141AIRGRD.MSGIt will be a true shame to see your head on a pike.
143AIRGRD.MSGI no speak to you.
200AIRGRD.MSGYou gain
201AIRGRD.MSGexperience points for bluffing your way past the guards.
100AIRLOCK.MSGThis vault looks particularly scavenged. You think to yourself that nothing of value could possibly remain.
100ALAN.MSGYou see a member of the Followers.
101ALAN.MSGYou see Brother Alan of the Followers.
102ALAN.MSGHey, greetings and good day to you, man. What's up?
103ALAN.MSGHiya. What can I do for you?
105ALAN.MSGHey, greetings and good day to you, miss. What's up?
108ALAN.MSGI've met a few of the Followers. What exactly do you do?
109ALAN.MSGI'm trying to find a spy within your ranks, but I'm not having much luck. Can I ask you some questions?
110ALAN.MSGOh, well, I mostly study philosophy and stuff. I mean, if we're going to bring about peace, then we need a good grounding for it, right?
111ALAN.MSGA worthwhile cause.
112ALAN.MSGThe only philosophy you need is a big gun!
113ALAN.MSGHmm. Okay. Well, I guess I'll talk to you later.
114ALAN.MSGWhoa! Hey, I don't think I can help you.
115ALAN.MSGHey, it's exactly that kind of attitude that's causing all this trouble. Just chill out, okay?
116ALAN.MSGHeh. I was just kidding.
117ALAN.MSGLemme give you a little peace . . . eternal peace.
118ALAN.MSGUh, sure, go ahead.
119ALAN.MSGWhat else do you want to know?
120ALAN.MSGHave you had any contact with the Children of the Cathedral?
121ALAN.MSGDo you ever leave the library?
122ALAN.MSGDo you know of anyone who regularly goes outside?
123ALAN.MSGNo way. I hear that they're all freaks. I wouldn't want to talk to them.
124ALAN.MSGNo, why would I? I just like to read. And anyhow, only scouts really get to go anywhere.
125ALAN.MSGWell, just the scouts and the guards. The guards go and patrol a little bit once in a while. I wanted to be a guard but . . . well, I got my ass kicked in hand-to-hand combat, so I couldn't go. Um, the scouts, they go a lot farther, sometimes all the way to the Cathedral, I think.
126ALAN.MSGNo more questions, thanks.
100ALEX.MSGYou see: Alex, the night watch Regulator.
101ALEX.MSGCome on in,
102ALEX.MSGSorry, I can't let you in. Come back in the morning.
103ALEX.MSGHalt! Who goes there?
104ALEX.MSGI'm just a traveler. I'd like to come inside.
105ALEX.MSGNone of your business.
106ALEX.MSGUm, sorry. I'll leave.
107ALEX.MSGNo strangers are allowed within the walls of Adytum, by order of the mayor.
108ALEX.MSGI just need a place to sleep for the night.
109ALEX.MSGI'm sorry, but I can't let you in. Turn around and leave or I'll have to shoot.
110ALEX.MSGLook, it is my duty and my honor to serve as the night watch for Adytum, so it is my business. You turn around and leave, or I'll have to get serious.
111ALEX.MSGGet out of my face, John Law.
112ALEX.MSGTry coming back in the morning.
113ALEX.MSGOh, that's it. Now the gloves are off!
100ALLNONE.MSGYou see Mitch of the All-N-One store.
101ALLNONE.MSGHow may I help you today?
102ALLNONE.MSGI'd like to buy something.
103ALLNONE.MSGI'd like to sell something.
104ALLNONE.MSGNothing. Thanks.
106ALLNONE.MSGGreat. Here's what I have.
107ALLNONE.MSGGreat, always looking for new things.
108ALLNONE.MSGSorry, I can't understand you. Come back when you get more of a brain.
109ALLNONE.MSGThanks. Come again.
100ALYA.MSGYou see Alya, a desert raider.
101ALYA.MSGI am Alya of the Khans. How might I help you today?
102ALYA.MSGI'm looking for a woman named Tandi. Have you seen her?
103ALYA.MSGHow about a little kiss?
104ALYA.MSGWhy has your band of Raiders attacked Shady Sands?
105ALYA.MSGNo, thank you.
107ALYA.MSGIf she is one of those women from Shady Sands, maybe you should look there. Now go, I need to finish sharpening my knives.
108ALYA.MSGKiss this!
109ALYA.MSGWe do not attack those of Shady Sands. We are from the same place they are. It is only right that they share with us!
110ALYA.MSGBut you are hurting their livestock and terrifying them.
111ALYA.MSGThat seems fair to me.
112ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
113ALYA.MSGYou sound just as wimpy as they are. Look, if they were in any trouble of starvation, then it is their own fault for not planning ahead. Consider what we do a trade in talents.
114ALYA.MSGA trade in talents?!? How can this be a trade in talents? You don't give them anything.
115ALYA.MSGSure, and chickens have three legs.
116ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
117ALYA.MSGI am sorry, but I can't understand you. I'm sharpening my knives and would not like to be bothered.
118ALYA.MSGWe give them the most important thing possible. We give their dreary lives excitement.
119ALYA.MSGI don't think they want your type of excitement.
120ALYA.MSGI think I will make their lives boring again. I'll start with you!
121ALYA.MSGUh, yeah. I think I will be going now.
122ALYA.MSGI didn't ask. But since you obviously don't have any concept of fun, I think I will end your existence.
123ALYA.MSGMocking me does not bode well for you. I suggest you leave my presence.
124ALYA.MSGDarn straight that it's fair. Now get out of my face.
100AMBER.MSGYou see Amber, a teacher for the Followers.
101AMBER.MSGNow is when I rest. Please, come back during the evening.
102AMBER.MSGWelcome noble traveler. Have you come here to study?
103AMBER.MSGNo. I really came here just to kill things.
104AMBER.MSGDepends on what you want to teach me.
105AMBER.MSGYes, I am willing to learn.
106AMBER.MSGI am truly sorry to hear that. The Followers believe in peace at all costs. For that reason, I have renounced violence. Good evening.
107AMBER.MSGI am skilled in many of the languages and arts. Perhaps you would like to learn one of those?
108AMBER.MSGI'm sorry, but I need to know things which will help me survive.
109AMBER.MSGI have no time for that type of stuff. I'm gone.
110AMBER.MSGPerhaps I can listen to a song or two.
111AMBER.MSGCan you teach me anything else?
112AMBER.MSGAh, we have here a student of life. In a case like this, I can teach you some herbalism, but training takes a while for little result.
113AMBER.MSGFine, just teach me.
114AMBER.MSGPlease, teach me what you can.
115AMBER.MSGSorry, I really don't have time for plants. Goodbye.
116AMBER.MSGYou need not be rude. Apologize now, or I won't teach you.
117AMBER.MSGI am sorry. Will you please teach me?
118AMBER.MSGForget it.
119AMBER.MSGThat is better now. We will begin your studies.
120AMBER.MSGYou are an apt learner. May your trials be light. Go in peace.
121AMBER.MSGAs you see fit. May the future soften your heart and broaden your mind.
122AMBER.MSGVery well, I will teach you the ways to survive.
123AMBER.MSGYou are an apt learner. May your trials be light. Go in peace.
124AMBER.MSGYou do not convince me. I think you seek to use my gifts for ill. Good evening.
125AMBER.MSGAh, a student of the arts is a rare thing in this world. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Each song is long in time. Which would you like to hear?
126AMBER.MSGIn the Wake of the Shadow.
127AMBER.MSGThe Ballad of Aires.
128AMBER.MSGIn Remembrance of Artemis.
129AMBER.MSGThe Rising of Dawn's Chariot.
130AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
131AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
132AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
133AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.
134AMBER.MSGAn astonishing piece of work. I shall grant you an audience.
135AMBER.MSGI must rest. This teaching drains much from me. Good luck to you.

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