Fallout ABEL Dialogue
100. You see Abel.
101. You see a large mutant.
102. You are not supposed to be here.
103. Hng.
104. Of course not. I'm here to kill you!
105. Why do you say that?
106. Oh, yeah? Your momma!
107. Pik!
108. I'm gonna kick yer ass if you say that again!
109. Pik! Pik!
110. Oh, you gonna get it now!
111. You human. Me mutant. Mutant kill human.
112. How can you do that? What about the force field?
113. Abel take care of that. Then Abel kick yer ass!
114. Children are not allowed here. This mutant place. Go away.
115. Hng!
116. I have to get through this force field. Please lower it.
117. No.
118. You again. Abel kick yer ass!
970. Me Abel.
980. Hng.
981. Why do you say that?

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