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Diablo 4🔥 Ashava the Pestilent in the Crucible - Fractured Peaks World Boss

Renown and Rewards System Overview - Press M then W in game

Ashava the Pestilent is a World Boss in Diablo 4 that is located in the Crucible. She is a level 25 boss that is capable of dealing a lot of damage, so it is important to be prepared before fighting her.

Ashava has a number of attacks that she can use, including ground pound, pestilence breath, and death's embrace. These attacks can deal a lot of damage, so it is important to avoid them.

Doing this blind as Sorcerer was just plop 2 Hydras and keep a safe distance, a LARGE distance as I died the first time, AOE is huge (Above screen is not far enough for ranged)

Directions and how to get to Ashava the Pestilent - Located in The Crucible - Eastern Fractured Peaks

Directions and Location of Ashava - The Crucible in Fractured Peaks

Ashava the Pestilent Loot Drops

Lots of good loot drops at kill itself...

Renown and Rewards System View from map screen

Ashava the Pestilent Loot Drops Part 2

Another Round of loot drops (from missed Ashava box in inventory) -Not sure if this was a bug or not

Renown and Rewards System View from map screen

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