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Diablo 4🔥 Renown and Rewards System

Renown and Rewards System Overview - Press M then W in game

Diablo 4's Renown and Rewards system is a way for players to earn rewards and progress through the game. By completing tasks, players will earn Renown.

There are a variety of ways to earn Renown in Diablo 4. Players can complete quests, defeat monsters, and explore the world. Renown can also be earned by completing specific challenges, such as defeating a certain number of monsters or completing a dungeon in a certain amount of time.

The Renown and Rewards system is a great way for players to earn rewards and progress through the game. This system provides players with a sense of progression and accomplishment, and it also gives them a way to customize their experience.

Sources and amounts of Renown obtained from activities

  • Altars of Lilith (10 Renown each)
  • Areas Discovered (5 Renown each)
  • Side Quests (20 Renown each)
  • Side Dungeons (30 Renown each)
  • Strongholds (100 Renown each)
  • Waypoints (20 Renown each)

Renown Rewards

Tier 1:Bonus XP3,000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 2:Bonus XP10,000 Gold+1 Potion Charge
Tier 3:Bonus XP25,000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 4:Bonus XP150,000 Gold+80 Max Murmuring Obols
Tier 5:Bonus XP3,000 Gold+4 Paragon Points

For Renown Overview press 'W' from the Map screen

Renown and Rewards System View from map screen

Here are some tips for earning Renown and rewards in Diablo 4:
  • Complete as many quests as you can.
  • Discover as many Altars of Lilith as you can.
  • Discover as many Areas as you can.
  • Complete as many Dungeons as you can.
  • Unlock as many Waypoints as you can.
  • Clear as many Strongholds as you can.

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