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Diablo 4🔥 Game Options and Descriptions

Name Description
AAQualityTitleAnti-Aliasing Quality
AAQualityTooltipControls the number of samples drawn for Anti-Aliasing.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} 4 Samples\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} 8 Samples
ActionWheelTitleAction Wheel Activation
ActionWheelTooltip{c_highlight}Press and Hold:{/c} Use the Action Wheel by pressing and holding the Action Wheel key.\r\n{c_highlight}Press to Toggle:{/c} Press the Action Wheel key to toggle the wheel on and off. Using the wheel does not require holding the key.
AdapterTooltipSelect the graphics processing unit (GPU) that you would like to use.
AdjustRateOfSpeechAdjust Rate of Speech
AdjustRateOfSpeechTooltipAdjusts the rate of speech.
AdvancedTooltipCompareTitleAdvanced Tooltip Compare
AdvancedTooltipCompareTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} When comparing item tooltips, properties gained, lost, and changes to equipped Skills will be displayed.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} When comparing item tooltips, only the primary stat will be compared.
AdvancedTooltipsToggleAdvanced Tooltip Information
AdvancedTooltipsTooltipDisplay advanced information on tooltips such as item property ranges, Lucky Hit chance on Skills, and indicators as to whether modifications are additive [+] or multiplicative [x].
AmbientVolumeTitleAmbient Volume
AmbientVolumeTooltipAdjusts the ambient sound volume.
AnisotropyTitleAnisotropic Filtering
AnisotropyTooltipDetermines the number of samples used for anisotropic filtering.
AntiAliasTooltipFullscreen anti-aliasing helps soften model edges. Disabling this may improve performance.
ApplyButtonSave Changes
AudioDeviceTitleSound Output Device
AudioDeviceTooltipThe output device is where your sound will play.\r\n\r\nDefault will match your systems output device. Use this if you want to play the game through head phones or a different set of speakers.
AutoEquipToggleAuto-equip Items
AutoEquipTooltipAuto-equips items if you have an empty Inventory slot for that item.
AutoProgressDialogAuto-Progress Game Dialog
AutoProgressDialogTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} Cutscenes will progress automatically without requiring player interaction.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} Certain cutscenes will pause after each line, requiring player input to continue. This feature may not apply to all cutscenes in the game.
AxeEmulateConsoleQualityTitleEmulate Console Quality Priority
AxeEmulateQualityTooltipAXE ONLY\r\nEnabling forces the game to run with emulated console quality settings.
BackgroundOpacityBackground Opacity
BackgroundOpacityTooltipAdjusts the background opacity for subtitles.
BlackPointDescriptionAdjust the black point to determine the maximum luminance that will appear black.
BlackPointDescriptionControllerUse {icon:l_horiz, 2} to adjust the black point to determine the maximum luminance that will appear black.
BlackPointTitleBlack Point
BlockClanInvitesToggleBlock Clan Invites
BlockClanInvitesTooltipBlock Clan Invites.
BrightnessButtonCalibrate Brightness
BrightnessControlPromptsAdjust the black point to maintain as much detail as possible in the left image. Adjust the white point to maintain as much detail as possible in the right image. Adjust brightness as necessary.
BrightnessDescriptionAdjust the brightness slider until the logo is barely visible.
BrightnessDescriptionControllerUse {icon:l_horiz, 2} to adjust the brightness slider until the logo is barely visible.
BrightnessSummaryAdjust brightness for optimal viewing.
BrightnessTooltipAdjust Brightness Levels
ChangeBindingButtonChange Binding
ChangeLocaleWarningChanging the language requires restarting the game. Are you sure you want to proceed?
ChannelSpeechAdd in speech
ChannelSpeechTooltipEnable/Disable the channel name during text to speech.
CharacterNameSpeechAdd in speech
CharacterNameSpeechTooltipEnable/Disable the character name during text to speech.
ChatBackgroundOpacityChat Background Opacity
ChatBackgroundOpacityTooltipAdjusts the opacity of your chat window background when the window is active.
ChatBubblesClanShow Clan Chat Bubbles
ChatBubblesClanTooltipDisplays text chat from a clan member over their head.
ChatBubblesHeaderChat Bubbles
ChatBubblesLocalShow Local Chat Bubbles
ChatBubblesLocalTooltipDisplays text chat from a nearby player over their head.
ChatBubblesPartyShow Party Chat Bubbles
ChatBubblesPartyTooltipDisplays text chat from a party member over their head.
ChatBubblesTooltipDisplays text chat from a player over their head.
ChatBubblesTradeShow Trade Chat Bubbles
ChatBubblesTradeTooltipDisplays text chat from a trade channel member over their head.
ChatChannelColorsChat Colors
ChatChannelJoinLocalJoin Local Chat Channel
ChatChannelJoinLocalTooltipLocal chat channel includes players near you within Sanctuary.
ChatChannelJoinTradeJoin Trade Chat Channel
ChatChannelJoinTradeTooltipTrade chat channel is solely used for trading items.
ChatSettingsChat Settings
ChatTextToSpeechEnable Chat Text to Speech
ChatTextToSpeechTooltip[PH] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
ChatTimestampsChat Timestamp Display
ChatTimestampsTooltipAppends a timestamp to chat messages in the format of your choice.
CheckerboardTitleTemporal Reconstruction
CheckerboardTooltipWhen enabled, the game will render half as many pixels per frame and use data from previous frames to reconstruct a full resolution image. \r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Increases performance but may cause visual artifacts and lower image quality. {/c}
CinematicSubtitlesToggleCinematic Subtitles
CinematicSubtitlesTooltipDisplay subtitles during cinematic cutscenes.
ClanGameChannelTooltipEnable/Disable text to speech for the Clan channel.
ClockToggleShow Clock
ClockTooltipToggles the display of the clock over the minimap.
ClutterDensityTitleClutter Quality
ClutterDensityTooltipControls the density and the distance at which ground clutter items, like grass and foliage are placed. Decrease to improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Off:{/c} No Clutter\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Short distance at which clutter items are placed with low density\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} Medium distance at which clutter items are placed with medium density\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} High distance at which clutter items are placed with high density\r\n{c_highlight}Highest:{/c} High quality which also enables shadows from clutter
ColorBlindFilterTooltipApplies a filter to compensate visuals for color blindness.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Protanopia:{/c} Difficulty distinguishing red light from green light.\r\n{c_highlight}Deuteranopia:{/c} Difficulty distinguishing green light from red light.\r\n{c_highlight}Tritanopia:{/c} Difficulty distinguishing blue light from green light, and yellow light from red light.
ColorBlindIntensityTitleColor Blind Filter Intensity
ColorBlindIntensityTooltipAdjusts the intensity of the color blindness filter. Lowering this will reduce the strength of the color adjustments in the game.
ColorBlindTitleColor Blind Filter
ColorPickerColor Picker
CombatHitFlashTitleCombat Hit Flash
CombatHitFlashTooltipThis will enable hit flashes on characters while hitting a monster or player during combat.
ConsoleFrameRateLimitTitleFrame Rate Limit
ConsoleFrameRateLimitTooltipSets the maximum frame rate the game will be rendered at. Does not affect visual quality, but lowering this can give a more stable framerate.
ControllerCycleTargetLockTooltipLeftAllows you to use the left stick to change your locked target.\r\n{c_highlight}You will not be able to bind left-stick to other actions while this is enabled.{/c}
ControllerCycleTargetLockTooltipRightAllows you to use the right stick to change your locked target.\r\n{c_highlight}You will not be able to bind right-stick to other actions while this is enabled.{/c}
ControllerInteractCombinedTitleInteract & Basic Skill Slot
ControllerInteractCombinedTitleTooltipWhen pressed:\r\n{c_highlight}Interact:{/c} If your cursor is over a clickable object or non-playable character, your player will interact with that object or character.\r\n{c_highlight}Basic Skill:{/c} If your cursor is over a target that can be attacked, your player will cast the ability assigned to your Basic Skill Slot.
ControllerInteractToggleTitleCombine Interact & Basic Skill
ControllerInteractToggleTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} Interact and casting your Basic Skill will utilize the same binding.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} You can define separate bindings for Interact and your Basic Skill slot.
ControllerPersistTargetLockTitlePersist Target Lock
ControllerPersistTargetLockTooltipIf enabled, target lock will remain active between encounters.
ControllerSwapSticksTitleSwap Left and Right Sticks
ControllerSwapSticksTooltipIf enabled, the functions of the left and right sticks will be swapped.
ControllerVibrationTitleController Vibration
ControllerVibrationTooltipEnable controller vibration effects on certain Skills and abilities.
ControllerZoomToggleZoom in-game camera
ControllerZoomToggleTooltipToggles the game camera zoom.
CriticalDamageNumbersToggleDisplay Critical Damage Numbers
CriticalDamageNumbersTooltipDisplay floating numbers above monsters, showing critical damage dealt by the player.
CrossNetworkCommunicationToggleCross-Network Communications
CrossNetworkCommunicationTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} You will be able to text and voice chat with players on other platforms.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} You will no longer be able to text or voice chat with players on other platforms.
CrossNetworkPlayToggleCross-Network Play
CrossNetworkPlayTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} You will encounter and be able to play with players on other platforms.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} You will no longer encounter or be able to interact with players on other platforms. Clan feature will become blocked.
CurrencyTitleReal Money Auction House Currency
CurrencyTooltipSelect which currency type you would like to use for the Real Money Auction House.
CursorScaleCursor Scale
CursorScaleTooltipAdjusts all cursor sizing within the game.
CursorSensitivityCursor Sensitivity
CursorSensitivityTooltipDetermines the cursor sensitivity on the user interface.
DamageNumbersToggleShow All Damage Numbers
DamageNumbersTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} All damage dealt by the player is displayed as floating numbers on screen.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} Only damage dealt by special hits are displayed as floating numbers.
DefaultsButtonReset to Defaults
DefaultsButtonController{icon:button3, 2} Reset to Defaults
DefensiveMessagesToggleDisplay Defensive Messages
DefensiveMessagesTooltipDisplay floating numbers above monsters, showing blocks, parries, and dodges.
DestinationPingsToggleShow Destination Pings
DestinationPingsTooltipShow quest objectives on minimap.
DisplayTooltipAllows you to change the primary display mode of the game to Fullscreen, Windowed, or Windowed (Fullscreen). Windowed modes may cause a drop in performance.
DistortionTooltipControls whether screen space distortion is applied. Decreasing this may improve performance.
DLSSDriverTooltip{c_red}Your GPU drivers are out of date, please update them to use DLSS. {/c}
DLSSGPUTooltip{c_red}DLSS can only be enabled if you have an RTX capable NVIDIA GPU{/c}
DLSSTooltipWhen {c_highlight}Deep Learning Super Sampling{/c} is enabled, the game will render at a lower resolution, based on selected setting, and will be upscaled to the display's resolution using deep learning.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Significantly improves performance but may introduce visual artifacts.{/c}
DriverWarningText{c_red}Your GPU drivers are out of date! Some features may not be available. Please exit the game and update them. {/c}
DynamicShadowsTitleDynamic Shadows
DynamicShadowsTooltipToggles whether dynamic shadows are rendered. Turning this off may increase performance.
EffectsVolumeTitleEffects Volume
EffectsVolumeTooltipAdjusts the sound effect volume.
EnableMusicToggleEnable Music
EnableMusicTooltipEnables or disables all music.
EnableSoundToggleEnable Sound
EnableSoundTooltipEnables or disables all sound.
EnableTTSMessagesEnable TTS for specific messages
EnableTTSMessagesTooltip[PH] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
FogTitleFog Quality
FogTooltipControls both the method and quality of shadows. Decreasing this may greatly improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Low-resolution fog\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} Medium-resolution fog\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} High-resolution fog
FontColorFont Color
FontColorCombatWarningCombat Warning
FontColorCombatWarningTooltipCombat warning messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorErrorTooltipError messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorGroupOfficerCommunity Officer
FontColorGuildOfficerClan Officer
FontColorGuildOfficerTooltipClan officer messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorGuildTooltipClan messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorLinksBattle.net Alerts
FontColorOption1Option 1
FontColorOption2Option 2
FontColorOption3Option 3
FontColorOption4Option 4
FontColorOption5Option 5
FontColorPartyParty Chat
FontColorPartyTooltipParty messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorPrivateConversationPrivate Conversation
FontColorPublicChatLocal Chat
FontColorPublicChatTooltipLocal area messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorQuestLogQuest Dialog
FontColorSystemSystem Messages
FontColorSystemTooltipSystem messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorTooltipAdjusts the font color of the subtitles.
FontColorTradeTrade Chat
FontColorTradeTooltipTrade channel messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontColorWhisperTooltipWhispered messages will appear in this color in text chat.
FontOpacityFont Opacity
FontOpacityTooltipAdjusts the font opacity.
FontScaleFont Scale
FontScaleTooltipAdjusts all font sizing within the game
FontScalingFont Scaling
FontScalingTooltipAdjusts the font scaling for subtitles.
FSR2TitleFidelityFX Super Resolution 2
FSR2TooltipWhen enabled game will render at lower resolution, based on selected setting, and will be upscaled to display resolution using temporal upscaling techniques.
FSRTitleFidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0
FSRTooltipWhen enabled game will render at a lower resolution, based on selected setting, and will be upscaled to display resolution using spatial upscaling techniques.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Significantly improves performance at the cost of sharpness and image quality.{/c}
FurQualityTitleFur Quality Level
FurQualityTooltipControls the level of quality of fur on player equipment, enemies, and the environment. Decrease to improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Lowest density of fur, some edge artifacts may be visible.\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} Medium density of fur, moderate visual quality.\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} High density of fur, highest visual quality.
GameSoundOutputGame Sound Output
GammaDisabledTooltipGamma is disabled while in this mode. Please switch to Fullscreen mode to enable Gamma.
GeoComplexityTitleGeometric Complexity
GeoComplexityTooltipControls the distance at which meshes start to lose detail. Decreasing this will increase performance.
HDRTooltipAllows for more detail in the lights and darks of the game visuals.\r\n\r\nHDR is only available if your monitor supports it.
HeaderAuctionHouseAuction House
HeaderChatAdditional Options
HeaderCrossNetworkCross Network
HeaderGameAccountGame Account
HeaderGlobalPlayGlobal Play
HeaderHealthBarsHealth Bars
HeaderItemLabelsItem Labels
HeaderKey1Key 1
HeaderKey2Key 2
HeaderTextToSpeechText to Speech
HealingNumbersToggleDisplay Healing Numbers
HealingNumbersTooltipDisplay floating health numbers above characters, showing healing effects on player.
HealthNumbersToggleDisplay Health Bar Numbers
HealthNumbersTooltipDisplay numerical health values on player health bars.
HeightFieldGeometryDetailTitleTerrain Geometry Detail
HeightFieldGeometryDetailTooltipControls the amount of detail used to render terrain meshes. Decreasing this will increase performance.
HighlightEnemyEnemy Highlight Color
HighlightEnemyColorTooltipControls the color of enemey highlights.
HighlightNPCNPC Highlight Color
HighlightNPCColorTooltipControls the color of NPC highlights.
HighlightObjectObject Highlight Color
HighlightObjectColorTooltipControls the color of interactable object highlights.
HighlightPlayerPlayer Highlight Color
HighlightPlayerColorTooltipControls the color of your player highlight.
HighlightPlayerTitleDisplay Player Highlight
HighlightPlayerTooltipDraws a highlight around the player.
HoldPositionInputModeTitleHold Position Mode
HoldPositionInputModeTooltip{c_highlight}Hold:{/c} Activate Hold Position key by keeping the Hold Position key pressed.\r\n{c_highlight}Toggle:{/c} Press the Hold Position key to toggle the behavior on and off.
HoldSkillsToggleSkill Toggle Behavior
HoldSkillsToggleTooltip{c_highlight}Hold All:{/c} Repeating or channeling Skills requires holding the Skill input.\r\n{c_highlight}Toggle Sustained Skills:{/c} {c_important}Channeled{/c_important} Skills like Incinerate and Whirlwind can be toggled on and off. Repeated Skills require holding the Skill input.\r\n{c_highlight}Toggle All:{/c} Repeating or channeling Skills can be toggled on and off.
HoldToRepeatHold to Repeat
HotKeyAbilitiesAbilities Panel
HotkeyAbilitiesTooltipToggles the Abilities side panel, which contains the Skill Tree and Paragon board.
HotKeyActionWheelBindingLeftTooltipUses the item or action bound to this position on the left wheel.
HotKeyActionWheelBindingMiddleTooltipUses the item or action bound to this position on the middle wheel.
HotKeyActionWheelBindingRightTooltipUses the item or action bound to this position on the right wheel.
HotKeyChatOpen Chat Input
HotKeyChatNextViewNext Chat Tab
HotKeyChatNextViewTooltipSelects the next tab in chat when text chat is active.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyChatPrevViewPrevious Chat Tab
HotKeyChatPrevViewTooltipSelects the previous tab in chat when text chat is active.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyChatQuickMessageQuick Message
HotKeyChatQuickMessageTooltipActivates the quick message menu for sending pre-written phrases.
HotKeyChatResetFadeReset Chat Fade
HotKeyChatResetFadeTooltipResets the fade timer on the text chat widow.
HotKeyChatTooltipSets focus to the text chat input field.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyClanPanelClan Screen
HotKeyClanPanelTooltipToggles the Clan screen.
HotKeyClassScreenClass Panel
HotKeyClassScreenTooltipToggles your class-specific mechanic screen if relevant.
HotKeyClearTTSClear all TTS
HotKeyClearTTSTooltipClear all TTS
HotKeyCollectionsPanelCollections Screen
HotKeyCollectionsPanelTooltipToggles the Collections Screen.
HotKeyCombinedMovePS_InteractMove / Interact / Basic Skill Slot
HotKeyCombinedMovePS_InteractTooltipWhen pressed:\r\n{c_highlight}Move:{/c} If your cursor is over terrain, your character will move to that location.\r\n{c_highlight}Interact:{/c} If your cursor is over a clickable object or non-playable character, your player will interact with that object or character.\r\n{c_highlight}Basic Skill:{/c} If your cursor is over a target that can be attacked, your player will cast the ability assigned to your Basic Skill Slot.
HotKeyCommunicationWheelAction Wheel
HotKeyControllerMapTooltipToggles the Map screen.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyCycleChatTargetsCycle Chat Targets
HotKeyCycleChatTargetsTooltipCycles through available chat targets when text chat is active.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotkeyEquippablesPanelCharacter Panel
HotkeyEquippablesTooltipToggles the Character details and Inventory panel.
HotKeyEvadeTooltipFires your Evade ability.
HotKeyExitChatClose Chat Input
HotKeyExitChatTooltipRemoves active focus from text chat.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyFastEquipInitiate Fast Equip
HotKeyFastEquip_EquipConfirm Item Equip
HotKeyFastQuestTrackFast Quest Track
HotKeyForceInteractForce Interact
HotKeyForceInteractTooltipUsed to look at certain points of interest. Can also be used as a fallback key for interacting with objects and non-playable characters in the world.
HotKeyForceMoveForce Move
HotKeyForceMoveTooltipMoves you to your cursor's location without attacking monsters or interacting with objects.
HotKeyFPSToggle Framerate Display
HotKeyFPSTooltipToggles Framerate Display at the bottom left of the screen.
HotKeyGameMenuGame Menu
HotKeyGameMenuTooltipToggles the Game Menu.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyHeadsUpDisplayHeaderHeads Up Display
HotKeyHoldPositionHold Position
HotKeyHoldPositionTooltipAllows the player to attack without moving.
HotKeyInteractToolipUsed to look at certain points of interest. Can also be used as a fallback key for interacting with objects and non-playable characters in the world.
HotKeyItemTooltipShow Item Tooltip on Ground
HotKeyJoinVoiceChatToggle voice chat transcription
HotKeyJoinVoiceChatTooltipToggles speech to text transcription of your current voice channel. Only works when you are in an active voice channel.
HotKeyJournalPanelJournal test
HotKeyMapMap Screen
HotKeyMapTooltipToggles the Map screen.
HotKeyMasterVolumeDownMaster Volume Down
HotKeyMasterVolumeDownTooltipDecreases master volume.
HotKeyMasterVolumeUpMaster Volume Up
HotKeyMasterVolumeUpTooltipIncreases master volume.
HotkeyMountCombatDismountMount Combat Dismount
HotkeyMountCombatDismountTooltipDismounts the player with a combat ability.
HotkeyMountDismountMount Dismount
HotkeyMountDismountTooltipDismounts the player.
HotkeyMountSpeedSpur Mount
HotkeyMountSpeedTooltipGives your mount a burst of speed.
HotKeyMountTooltipSummons the player's mount if available.
HotKeyMouseZoomZoom on Mousewheel
HotkeyMouseZoomTooltipZooms the in-game camera in or out when the mousewheel is scrolled up or down.\r\n\r\nWhile enabled, mouse up and mouse down cannot be used as bindings.
HotKeyMoveBackwardMove Backward
HotKeyMoveForwardMove Forward
HotKeyMoveLeftMove Left
HotKeyMoveRightMove Right
HotKeyMoveTooltipMoves the player to their cursor's location when pressed.
HotKeyPageDownChatPage Down Chat
HotKeyPageDownChatTooltipScrolls text chat down by a page.
HotKeyPageUpChatPage Up Chat
HotKeyPageUpChatTooltipScrolls text chat up by a page.
HotKeyPrimarySkill1Basic Skill Slot
HotKeyPrimarySkill2Core Skill Slot
HotKeyPrimarySkill3Skill Slot 1
HotKeyPrimarySkill4Skill Slot 2
HotKeyPrimarySkillTooltipCasts the ability assigned to this slot.
HotKeyPushToTalkTooltipActivates voice transmission when held if the player is in a voice channel.
HotKeyQuestsPanelJournal Panel
HotKeyQuestsPanelToggleToggle Quests Within Map
HotKeyQuestsPanelTooltipOpens to your Journal within the Map screen.
HotKeyQuickResponseRespond to Social Request
HotKeyQuickResponseTooltipEnables controls to respond to social requests from other players.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Cannot be rebound.{/c}
HotKeyRecentPlayersListToggle Recent Players
HotKeyReplyWhisperReply to Last Whisper
HotKeyReplyWhisperTooltipSets the player who last whispered you as your current chat target.
HotKeyReportBugReport Bug
HotKeyReportBugTooltipInvokes the bug reporter form.
HotkeyReportContentReport Content
HotkeyReportContentTooltipInvokes the content reporter form.
HotKeyReWhisperTooltipSets the player you last whispered as your current chat target.
HotKeyScreenReaderSkipLineSkip Line With Screen Reader
HotKeyScreenReaderSkipLineTooltipScreen reader skips to the next content block.
HotKeyScreenShotTake a Screenshot
HotKeyScreenShotTooltipSaves an image of your game screen to your local Documents folder.
HotKeySecondarySkill1Skill Slot 3
HotKeySecondarySkill2Skill Slot 4
HotKeyShowItemLabelsShow Item Labels
HotKeyShowItemLabelsTooltipRefreshes display of item labels on the ground.
HotKeySkillsPanelSkill Assignment Flyout
HotKeySkillsPanelTooltipToggles the Skill Assignment flyout from your Action Bar.
HotKeySkillTreeSkill Tree Panel
HotKeySkillTreeTooltipToggles the Skill Tree panel.
HotKeySkipTTSSkip next TTS
HotKeySkipTTSTooltipSkips to the next text line.
HotKeySocialPanelSocial Screen
HotKeySocialPanelTooltipToggles the Social screen.
HotKeyStoreShop Screen
HotKeyStoreTooltipToggles the Store screen.
HotKeySwapRightMouseSkillSwap Right Mouse Skill
HotkeyTargetLockLock Target
HotkeyTargetLockTooltipWhen engaged on a target, all offensive abilities will attempt to hit that target.
HotKeyToggleMusicToggle Music
HotKeyToggleMusicTooltipToggles music.
HotKeyToggleSoundToggle Sound
HotKeyToggleSoundTooltipToggles all sounds.
HotkeyTownPortalTown Portal
HotkeyTownPortalTooltipCasts Town Portal and returns you to the nearest discovered capital city.
HotkeyUnbound{s1} has been unbound
HotKeyUseItemUse Potion
HotKeyUseItemTooltipUses a health potion charge.
HotKeyWorldMapToggle World Map
HotKeyZoomToggle Zoom
HotKeyZoomTooltipToggles between a zoomed in and zoomed out state.
HUDConfigurationHUD Configuration
HUDConfigurationLeftLeft Corner
HUDConfigurationTooltipChoose a configuration for your Life, Resource, and Skill bar.
InnerDeadZoneInner Dead Zone
InnerDeadZoneTooltipInner Dead Zone increases the dead zone from the stick's neutral state out, making it take longer to start registering input.
ItemDropSoundAmbientTitlePlay Audio on Ambient Loot
ItemDropSoundAmbientTooltipEnables sound effects when an item in the world is nearby.
ItemDropSoundHoverTitlePlay Audio on Targeting Loot
ItemDropSoundHoverTooltipEnables sound effects when an item in the world is targeted by the player.
ItemDropSoundQualityMinimum Quality
ItemDropSoundQualityTooltipApply this effect to items at this quality level or higher.
ItemDropSoundsTitleItem Drop Sounds
ItemDropSoundToggleTitleIn-game Loot Sounds
ItemDropSoundToggleTooltipEnables sound effects tied to items dropping in the world.
ItemDropSoundTypeArmorTooltipApply this effect to all armor items.\r\n\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Helm\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Chest\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Gloves\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Pants\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Boots\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Shields
ItemDropSoundTypeJewelryTooltipApply this effect to all jewelry items.\r\n\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Rings\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Amulets
ItemDropSoundTypeOtherTooltipApply this effect to all other item types not listed above.
ItemDropSoundTypeSocketableTooltipApply this effect to all socketable items.\r\n\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Gems\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Skulls
ItemDropSoundTypeWeaponTooltipApply this effect to all weapon items.\r\n\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} 1-Handed\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} 2-Handed\r\n{icon:AttributeBullet, 0.6} Offhands
ItemHotkeyTitleItem Label Display
ItemHotkeyTooltipAdjust the behavior of the \Show Items on Ground\ key binding when pressed.
ItemLabelDisplayItem Label Display
ItemLabelDisplayTooltipAdjust the behavior of the \Show Items on Ground\ key binding when pressed.
ItemLabelsOnDropItem Label Duration on Drop
ItemLabelsOnDropTooltipBriefly display item label when the item drops on the ground.
ItemLabelsToggleItem Label Duration on Drop
ItemLabelsTooltipBriefly display item label when the item drops on the ground.
ItemNameSpeechAdd in speech
ItemNameSpeechTooltipEnable/Disable the item name during text to speech.
JoinSTTVoicePromptTranscribe Voice Chat is not currently enabled. Would you like to enable it now?
KeyBindingCancelControllerPress {hotkey:Map} to cancel binding
KeyBindingCancelKBMPress {hotkey:Escape} to cancel binding
KeyBindingModifierRestrictionModifier buttons cannot be bound by themselves
KeyBindingsTabKey Bindings
KeyBindingTitleKey Binding
KeyboardCombineMovePrimarySkillAndInteractCombine Move / Interact / Basic Skill Slot
KeyboardCombineMovePrimarySkillAndInteractTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} Movement, Interaction, and casting the ability assigned to your Basic Skill slot will utilize the same binding.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} You can define separate bindings for movement, interaction, and casting the ability assigned to your Basic Skill slot.
Label_enGBEnglish (British)
Label_enSGEnglish (SEA)
Label_esMXSpanish (Latin American)
Label_ptBRPortuguese (Brazil)
Label_ptPTPortuguese (EU)
Label_zhCNChinese (Simplified)
Label_zhTWChinese (Traditional)
LeftNav{icon:l1, 2} L1
LetterboxTooltipDisplay in widescreen aspect ratio regardless of screen resolution.
LocaleSelectionTitleLanguage Selection
LocaleSelectionTooltipSelect which language you would like to use.
LocalGameChannelTooltipEnable/Disable text to speech for the Local channel.
LockActionBarsToggleLock Action Bars
LockActionBarsTooltipPrevents the user from picking up/dragging Skills on the action bar. This function can be bound to a key in the keybindings interface.
LockCursorInFullscreenWindowedToggleLock Cursor
LockCursorInFullscreenWindowedTooltipLock mouse cursor to window while in Windowed (Fullscreen) and Windowed modes.
LockTargetPersistsTitleLock Target Persists
LockTargetPersistsTooltipWhen using lock target and your target dies, it will auto select a new one as long as a target remains.
LowFXToggleLow FX
LowFXTooltipReduces the number of rendered particle system effects. Checking this may greatly improve performance.
MacLabelMac Only Controls
MacNotecommand key can be used in place of control key; fn+left mouse button can be used in place of right mouse button
MacTitleMac Users
MasterVolumeTitleMaster Volume
MasterVolumeTooltipThis controls the volume of all sounds in the game.
MatureLanguageFilterToggleMature Language Filter
MatureLanguageFilterTooltipEnable mature language filtering.
MaxBackgroundFPSToggleMax Background FPS
MaxBackgroundFPSTooltipEnable this option to limit and adjust the maximum framerate while running in the background.
MaxForegroundFPSToggleMax Foreground FPS
MaxForegroundFPSTooltipEnable this option to limit and adjust the maximum framerate while running in the foreground.
MinionHealthBarsTitleDisplay Minion Health Bars
MinionHealthBarsTooltipShow health bars above summoned minions.
MonitorTooltipSelect the monitor you would like Diablo IV to launch in.
MonsterHealthBarAlwaysOffAlways Off
MonsterHealthBarAlwaysOnAlways On
MonsterHealthBarHoverOnlyHover only
MonsterHealthBarOptionMonster Health Bar Option
MonsterHealthBarTooltipConfigure the display mode for monster health bar.
MonsterHealthToggleDisplay Monster Health Bars
MonsterHealthTooltipShow monster health bars above monsters.
MusicVolumeTitleMusic Volume
MusicVolumeTooltipAdjusts the background music volume.
NextController{icon:r1, 2} Next
NoCutSceneToggleAutomatically Skip All Cut Scenes
NoCutSceneTooltipToggles whether or not cut scenes are automatically skipped while playing.
NotificationAuctionHouseEventToggleAuction House Events
NotificationAuctionHouseEventTooltipDisplays a notification whenever an auction house event occurs.
NotificationDisplayWindowToggleShow Toast Windows
NotificationDisplayWindowTooltipDisplay notifications in toast windows. If disabled, these messages will continue to be displayed in the chat window.
NotificationDurationTitleToast Duration
NotificationDurationTooltipAdjust the duration of the toast window.
NotificationFriendAchievementToggleFriend Earns a Challenge
NotificationFriendAchievementTooltipDisplays a notification when a friend earns a Challenge.
NotificationFriendOfflineToggleFriend Goes Offline
NotificationFriendOfflineTooltipDisplays a notification when a friend goes offline.
NotificationFriendOnlineToggleFriend Comes Online
NotificationFriendOnlineTooltipDisplays a notification when a friend comes online.
NotificationFriendRequestToggleFriend Request Received
NotificationFriendRequestTooltipDisplays a notification when you receive a friend request.
NotificationGuildMemberOnlineToggleClan Member Comes Online
NotificationGuildMemberOnlineTooltipDisplays a notification when a clan member comes online.
NPCNameTextColorNPC Name Text Color
NPCNameTextColorTooltipChanges the color of NPC Names displayed within subtitles.
OSCommandControlTitleUse Command key as Control key
OSCommandControlTooltipUse Command key and Control key interchangeably.
OSCommandLeftRightTitleCommand left click as right click
OSCommandLeftRightTooltipHold down Command key and left click to simulate a right click.
OSShortcutsToggleDisable OS Keyboard Shortcuts
OSShortcutsTooltipDisable the operating system keyboard shortcuts.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}This option is always enabled in Fullscreen mode. For all other modes this option requires that \Enable access for assistive devices\ is checked in the Universal Access preference pane in the System Preferences.{/c}
OSShortcutsTooltip_10_9Disable the operating system keyboard shortcuts.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}This option is always enabled in Fullscreen mode. For all other modes this option requires you to grant access to \Diablo IV\ in Security & Privacy preferences, located in System Preferences.{/c}
OuterDeadZoneOuter Dead Zone
OuterDeadZoneTooltipOuter Dead Zone adds a new dead zone to stick inflection, effectively shorting an input curves present making players hit maximum inflection sooner.
OutlineOccludedActorsTitleHighlight Player When Obscured
OutlineOccludedActorsTooltipDraws a highlight around you when obscured from vision.
ParticlesTitleParticles Quality
ParticlesTooltipControls how many particles are spawned.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} 75% reduction\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} 37.5% reduction\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} No reduction
PartyGameChannelTooltipEnable/Disable text to speech for the Party channel.
PeripheralLightingTogglePeripheral Lighting
PeripheralLightingTooltipToggles lighting effects on connected peripherals.
PhysicsTitlePhysics Quality
PhysicsTooltipDetermines the realism of colliding objects and gravity. Physics Quality relies on your computer's processor (CPU).\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} 75% reduction\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} No reduction
PlayerErrorAudioModeTitlePlayer Audio on Error
PlayerErrorAudioModeTooltipControls the dialog lines spoken by the player when error text appears on the screen.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}On:{/c} All dialog lines are spoken\r\n{c_highlight}Off:{/c} No dialog lines are spoken\r\n{c_highlight}Simple:{/c} An error noise is played in place of the dialog lines.
PlayerHealthToggleDisplay Player Health Bars
PlayerHealthTooltipShow player health bars above characters.
PlayerNamesToggleInvert Camera Y-Axis
PlayerNamesTooltipDisplay player names above characters.
PlayerNameTextColorPlayer Name Text Color
PlayerNameTextColorTooltipChanges the color of the Player's Name displayed within subtitles.
PlayInBGTogglePlay In Background
PlayInBGTooltipAllows the game to continue playing sound when it is not the focus window.
PreviousController{icon:l1, 2} Previous
PriorityTooltipAdjusts variable resolution threshold balancing image quality and responsiveness.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Frame rate: {/c} Reduces rendering resolution when frame rate drops below 60 fps - targeting improved latency\r\n{c_highlight}Image Quality: {/c} Improved image quality at the expense of frame rate
PushToShowPush to show
PushToShowFor10SecondsPush to show for 10 seconds
PushToTogglePush to Toggle (On/Off)
QuestDialogChatToggleShow Quest Dialog in Chat
QuestDialogChatTooltipOutput all quest dialog to chat window.
QuestDialogSubtitlesToggleQuest Dialog Subtitles
QuestDialogSubtitlesTooltipDisplay quest dialog in chat bubbles during in-game scripted sequences.
QuickJoinToggleEnable Quick Join
QuickJoinTooltipAllow friends to join your party without an invitation.
Ray TracingRay Tracing
RaytracedReflectionsQualityTitle{c_red}[WIP]{/c} Ray-traced Reflections Quality
RaytracedReflectionsQualityTooltipDetermines the realism of ray-traced reflections. Relies on your computer's graphics processor(GPU). Lowering this setting will improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} No ray-traced reflections.\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Single ray ray-traced reflections, with approximated blur from rough materials.\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} Multi rays ray-traced reflections, giving accurate blur from rough materials.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Ray tracing is currently WIP, expect a significant a performance hit and possibly instability when enabled {/c}
RaytracedShadowsQualityTitle{c_red}[WIP]{/c} Ray-traced Shadows Quality
RaytracedShadowsQualityTooltipDetermines the realism of ray-traced shadows. Relies on your computer's graphics processor(GPU). Lowering this setting will improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} No ray-traced shadows.\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Single ray ray-traced shadows.\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} Multi rays ray-traced shadows, giving accurate contact hardening and soft shadows.\r\n\r\n{c_red}Ray tracing is currently WIP, expect a significant a performance hit and possibly instability when enabled {/c}
RaytracingToggle{c_red}[WIP]{/c} Ray-tracing
RaytracingTooltipEnable real time ray-tracing. Requires hardware accelerated GPU for ray-tracing.\r\n\r\n{c_red} Ray tracing is currently WIP, expect a significant a perfomance hit and possibly instablility when enabled {/c}
RealIDHashesTitleShow Real ID Names & BattleTag identifiers
RealIDHashesTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} Displays the names of players whom you have friended using Real ID, as well as BattleTag numerical identifiers.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} Hides Real ID names and BattleTag numerical identifiers.
ReduceStrobingTitleReduce Strobing
ReduceStrobingTooltipThis will disable several effects and lights in the game, reducing the amount of strobing in the game.
ReflectionQualityTitleReflection Quality
ReflectionQualityTooltipControls the number of probes used for reflections. Lowering this will improve performance and memory usage at the cost of some reflections being less accurate.
ReflectionsToggleScreen Space Reflections
ReflectionsTooltipDetermines whether Screen Space Reflections are rendered.
RefreshRateTitleRefresh Rate
RefreshRateTooltipControls the number of frames your monitor can display per second.
RegionNorthAmericaThe Americas
RegionPTRPublic Test
ResetDefaultsConfirmationAre you sure you want to reset {s1} to default settings?
ResolutionPercentageTitleResolution Percentage
ResolutionPercentageTooltipAdjusts the scale of textures used. Default is 100%.
ResolutionTooltipHigher resolution will result in increased clarity, but this greatly affects performance. Choose a resolution that matches the aspect ratio of your monitor.
ReverseSpeakersToggleReverse Left/Right Speakers
ReverseSpeakersTooltipSwap the sound coming from the left and right speakers.
SafeZoneButtonAdjust Safe Zone
SafeZoneTitleSafe Zone
SafeZoneTooltipAdjust the extents of your screen space
SalvageConfirmationToggleDisable Salvage Confirmation Dialog
SalvageConfirmationTooltipDisables the confirmation dialog that appears when salvaging rare quality items.
ScreenReader3rdPartyTitle3rd Party Screen Reader
ScreenReader3rdPartyTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} Allows for third party applications to handle screen reading and disables the platform's built in screen reader.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} Defaults to the platform's built in screen reader.
ScreenReaderSpeedTitleScreen Reader Speed
ScreenReaderSpeedTooltipAdjusts the speed of screen reader dictation.
ScreenReaderTitleScreen Reader
ScreenReaderTooltipEnables dictation of screen elements.
ScreenReaderVoiceTitleScreen Reader Voice
ScreenReaderVoiceTooltipDefines the type of voice heard when screen reader is enabled.
ScreenReaderVolumeTitleScreen Reader Volume
ScreenReaderVolumeTooltipAdjusts the volume of screen reader dictation.
ScreenShakeTitleScreen Shake Effects
ScreenShakeTooltipShow screen shake effects on certain Skills and abilities.
SelectColorSelect Color
SetBindingButtonSet Binding
SetBindingTooltipChange the bindings for this action.
ShaderQualityTitleShader Quality
ShaderQualityTooltipControls the quality of various visual effects on a case by case basis. Decreasing this may improve performance.
ShadowTitleShadow Quality
ShadowTooltipControls both the method and quality of shadows. Decreasing this may greatly improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} Low-resolution terrain shadows, blob shadows for units\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} Low-resolution terrain shadows, high-resolution dynamic shadows near player\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} High-resolution dynamic shadows for entire scene\r\n{c_highlight}Highest:{/c} High-resolution, highest quality dynamic shadows for entire scene
SharpenTitleSharpen Image
SharpenTooltipAdjusts the intensity of a sharpening filter on the final image.
ShowPlayersNearYouEnable Display of Local Network Players
ShowPlayersNearYouTooltipAllows you to see other players on your network who are currently online. These players will be displayed by their BattleTag. \r\n\r\nDisabling this feature prevents both you from seeing other players on your network and them from seeing you.
SmartCoopMinimapTitleEnable Smart Minimap in Coop
SmartCoopMinimapTooltipOnly display the minimap when near an objective.\r\n
SoftShadowsTitleSoft Shadows
SoftShadowsTooltipToggles whether soft shadows are rendered. Turning this off will increase performance.
SoundChannelsTitleSound Channels
SoundChannelsTooltipAdjust the number of Sound Channels used.
SoundChatLineBreaksPlay sound separating chat line breaks
SoundChatLineBreaksTooltipEnable/Disable a sound that plays separating chat line breaks.
SoundOutputTitleSound Output
SoundOutputTooltipThe output device is where your sound will play.\r\n\r\nDefault will match your systems output device. Use this if you want to play the game through head phones or a different set of speakers.
SoundSpeakerSetupOption8Pro Logic
SoundSpeakerSetupTitleSpeaker Setup
SoundSpeakerSetupTooltipSet this to match your speaker setup. Choose Stereo or headphones or standard two-speaker setups.
SpatialSoundToggleSpatial Sound
SpatialSoundTooltip{c_highlight}Spatial Sound{/c} is supported, but it's based on your current platform. Enable this through your system's settings.
SpeechLocaleNameSpeech Locale
SpeechLocaleTooltipDetermines the language of speech audio.
SpeechVolumeSpeech Volume
SpeechVolumeTooltipAdjusts the speech volume of text to speech voice.
SSAOTitleSSAO Quality
SSAOTooltipControls the number of samples used for SSAO. Decreasing this may improve performance.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Low:{/c} 16 Samples \r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} 24 Samples
StoryGameChannelTooltip[PH] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
STTNotificationEndTranscription ended.
STTNotificationStartSpeech to text allows you to add closed captioning in a voice channel. Transcription started.
TapToRepeatTap to Repeat
TextLocaleNameText Locale
TextLocaleTooltipDetermines the language of text in the game and subtitles.
TextToSpeechToggleTooltipEnables or disables all text to speech.
TextureTitleTexture Quality
TextureTooltipDetermines the clarity and size of textures used throughout the game. Higher texture quality will result in more detail, but it requires more system memory (RAM) and video memory (VRAM).\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Medium:{/c} 3 GB\r\n{c_highlight}High:{/c} 8 GB
ToggleModeHoldAllHold All
ToggleModeToggleAllToggle All
ToggleModeToggleSustainedToggle Channeled Skills
TradeGameChannelTooltipEnable/Disable text to speech for the Trade channel.
TranscribeVoiceChatTranscribe Voice Chat
TranscribeVoiceChatTooltipEnables speech to text transcription of active voice channels.\r\n\r\nView our Online Privacy Policy on {c_highlight}https://blizzard.com/legal/{/c} for more information.
TutorialsToggleShow All Tutorials
TutorialsTooltip{c_highlight}Enabled:{/c} All tutorials will be shown.\r\n{c_highlight}Disabled:{/c} Only tutorials specific to new features in Diablo IV will be shown.
UnsavedChangesYou have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to discard them?
VoiceChatVoice Chat
VoiceChatAutoJoinAuto-Join Voice Channels
VoiceChatAutoJoinTooltipAutomatically join voice chat in parties.
VoiceChatMicrophoneDeviceMicrophone Device
VoiceChatMicrophoneDeviceTooltipThis output device is what your voice will play through.
VoiceChatMicrophoneOutputVolumeMicrophone Output Volume
VoiceChatMicrophoneOutputVolumeTooltipThis adjusts the outgoing volume of your own voice.
VoiceChatModeVoice Chat Mode
VoiceChatModeOpenMicOpen Mic
VoiceChatModePTTPush To Talk
VoiceChatModeTooltip{c_highlight}Push-to-Talk:{/c} Your voice only transmits when your push-to-talk key ({hotkey:VOICE_PTT}) is held down. This key can be adjusted under Controls.\r\n{c_highlight}Open Mic:{/c} Automatically transmits voice when microphone sound is detected.
VoiceChatOutputDeviceVoice Chat Output Device
VoiceChatOutputDeviceTooltipThis output device is what incoming voice chat will play through. Default is your game sound output device.
VoiceChatRestrictedVoice Chat use is restricted for this user.
VoiceChatVolumeVoice Chat Volume
VoiceChatVolumeTooltipThis adjusts the volume of incoming voice chat.
VoiceOptionVoice Option
VoiceOptionTooltipDefines the type of voice heard when text to speech is enabled.
VoiceVolumeTitleDialogue Volume
VoiceVolumeTooltipAdjusts the voice dialog volume.
VOIPSliderVoice Chat Focus Amount
VOIPSliderTooltipAdjusts the amount of attenuation on game sounds when someone in your party is speaking in voice chat.
VOIPToggleVoice Chat Focus
VOIPToggleTooltipAttenuates game sounds when someone in your party is speaking in voice chat.
VolumeToggleTooltipEnables or disables all sound.
VSyncToggleVertical Sync
VSyncTooltipSynchronizes your framerate to some fraction of your monitor's refresh rate. Enable this if you see excessive screen tearing in game.
WaterSimTitleWater Simulation Quality
WaterSimTooltipDetermines the size of the texture used to simulate water. Higher quality will result in more detail, but it requires more video memory. Texture Quality relies on your total video memory (VRAM).
Wheel_Input1Input 1
Wheel_Input2Input 2
Wheel_Input3Input 3
Wheel_Input4Input 4
Wheel_Input5Input 5
Wheel_Input6Input 6
Wheel_Input7Input 7
Wheel_Input8Input 8
WhisperGameChannelTooltipEnable/Disable text to speech for the Whisper channel.
WhitePointDescriptionAdjust the white point to determine the minimum luminance that will appear white.
WhitePointDescriptionControllerUse {icon:l_horiz, 2} to adjust the white point to determine the minimum luminance that will appear white.
WhitePointTitleWhite Point
WorldLocationsTextColorWorld Locations Text Color
WorldLocationsTextColorTooltipChanges the color of World Locations displayed within subtitles.
XeSSTitleIntel® XeSS
XeSSTooltipIntel® Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology uses machine learning to deliver more performance with exceptional image quality.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}Significantly improves performance at the cost of sharpness and image quality.{/c}

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