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Diablo 4🔥 Frontend Variables and Descriptions

Name↕️ Description↕️
BarbarianOverviewPowerful warriors who rely on brute force to subdue their enemies. Barbarians are able to swap between an array of powerful weapons during combat, ensuring that they are prepared for any situation.
BarbarianPlaystyle1DescChannel your inner rage to enter and maintain the Berserking state, increasing damage and Movement Speed.
BarbarianPlaystyle2DescUse Slashing weapons to cause enemies to Bleed, dealing damage to them over time.
BarbarianPlaystyle3DescBecome a Walking Arsenal, gaining damage and other bonuses for using various weapons in combat.
BarbarianPlaystyle3TitleWalking Arsenal
BarbarianPlaystyle4DescThe pinnacle of aggression, you have an increased Fury cost to use Skills. In exchange, your Skills are dramatically more powerful.
BarbarianPlaystyle4TitleUnbridled Rage
BreakingNewsBreaking News
CharacterListSlots{c:FFdba864}{s1}{/c}{c:FF928c82}/{s2}{/c} Slots Used
ChooseACharacterChoose a Character
ClassDetails_CombatType{icon:bullet, 2.0} Combat Type:
ClassDetails_Strengths{icon:bullet, 2.0} Strengths:
ClassDetails_Weapons{icon:bullet, 2.0} Common Weapons:
ClassResourceTitlePrimary Resource:
CreateNewCharacterCreate New Character
DeleteCharacterDelete Character
DeleteCharacterButtonTooltipDelete this character. Note that you can only undo your last character deletion.
DeleteInputInstructionsCharacter Name
DeleteWarningThis will permanently delete this character.\r\n\r\n{c_highlight}{s1}{/c}\r\n\r\nPlease enter the character's name below to enable the delete action.
DruidOverviewFlexible and resilient, Druids harness the power of Nature to protect life. Druids can shapeshift between the cunning Werewolf and the powerful Werebear to fight their enemies. Additionally, those who prefer spellcasting can unleash Earth and Storm magic from a distance.
DruidPlaystyle1DescWerewolves are ferocious and agile. They benefit greatly from increasing their Attack Speed and Critically Striking enemies.
DruidPlaystyle2DescThe Werebear is a powerful force on the battlefield, dealing damage in large areas while also being notoriously difficult to take down.
DruidPlaystyle3DescCall upon the Storm to rain Lightning upon your enemies or blow them away with powerful gusts of Wind.
DruidPlaystyle4DescEarth magic focuses on limiting enemy movement with Crowd Control effects. They also benefit when used against enemies who are in such a state.
EnterCharacterNamePlease enter the character's name.
EternalRealmEternal Realm
InProgressIn Progress
Modal_HallFallenHeroes_DetailsYour Fallen Hero has gone to the Hall of Fallen Heroes\r\nYou can find them in Collections.
Modal_HallFallenHeroes_TitleHall of Fallen Heroes
Modal_HardcoreMode_DetailsOnce your character dies, they cannot be revived.\r\n\r\nAll characters below Level 10 will vanish upon death, while characters Level 10 and above will be remembered in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.
Modal_HardcoreMode_TitleHardcore Mode
Modal_HeroVanished_DetailsYour character's soul vanished into thin air.\r\nCharacters must reach Level 10 to be remembered in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.
Modal_HeroVanished_TitleCharacter Vanished
Modal_UndoDelete_DetailsDiablo IV saves a copy of your most recently deleted character that may be returned to the game.\r\n\r\nNote: There must be space in your character list to complete this action.\r\n\r\nMost recent character deletion: {s1}
Modal_UndoDelete_TitleUndo Character Delete
NecromancerOverviewThe enigmatic Necromancers are custodians of the balance between life and death. They can raise powerful undead armies to fight for them while also wielding the powerful magics of Bone, Shadow, and Blood.
NecromancerPlaystyle1DescSummon a host of undead Minions to do your bidding, including Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and the Golem.
NecromancerPlaystyle1TitleUndead Army
NecromancerPlaystyle2DescUse the power of Bone magic to physically assail enemies. Bone Skills often gain increased power when you have large amounts of Essence.
NecromancerPlaystyle3DescWear down enemies over time. Darkness Skills utilize Crowd Control elements so that enemies are kept at bay while they die a slow, painful death.
NecromancerPlaystyle4DescSiphon the life from enemies with Blood magic, which has defensive benefits while becoming more powerful as you increase your maximum Life.
NoAvailableCharactersWarningYou must delete a character before you can create a new character.
NoCharactersCreatedCreate a character to play.
PlaytimeHour{s1} H
PlaytimeMins{s1} M
PlaytimeTimeDay{s1} D
ReconnectingToServicesReconnecting to Diablo IV
Restore_Deleted_CharacterUndo Character Delete
RogueOverviewThe cunning Rogue uses whatever tools are available to get the job done. Rogues are both agile and resourceful, able to fight enemies at range with Bows, or up close with Daggers. They are also able to Imbue their weapons with various Magics.
RoguePlaystyle1DescKite enemies at a distance using Bows and Arrows. Marksmen benefit from Critically Striking enemies and by causing them to become Vulnerable.
RoguePlaystyle2DescImbue your weapons with Poison, Cold, or Shadow energies. These Imbuements give attacks special properties when they damage enemies.
RoguePlaystyle3DescLay Traps on the ground, which can trigger various effects. These effects range from damaging targets, Poisoning them, Slowing them, and much more.
SeasonalHardcoreSeasonal Hardcore
SeasonalObjectives{c_green}{s1}{/c} / {s2} Chapters Complete
SkipCampaignSkip Campaign
SkipCampaign_Button_TooltipOnce you have completed the entire campaign on a single character, you unlock the ability to skip the campaign on any other characters on your account.
SorcererOverviewMasters of the elements, Sorcerers inflict Cold, Fire, and Lightning damage to subdue their enemies.
SorcererPlaystyle1DescFrost Skills Chill enemies, reducing their Movement Speed. Chilling enemies will eventually Freeze them, causing them to be unable to act.
SorcererPlaystyle2DescPyromancy Skills focus on dealing Fire damage. These Skills deal a high amount of damage and cause enemies to Burn for additional damage over time.
SorcererPlayStyle3DescShock Skills use Lightning to defeat enemies. These Skills have many ways to reduce Cooldowns and benefit especially well when Critically Striking.
StartGameStart Game
UndoDeleteCharacterTooltipRestore your most recent deleted character.
WarningDetailsYou have no character slots available.
Warning_DropInNone of your characters are eligible to join the current game.
Warning_Frontend_CoOpPlayer 2 may join after Player 1 has entered the game.
WorldTierWorld Tier
XboxSignedInAsSigned in as {s1}

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