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Diablo 4🔥 BETA Datamine - Diablo 4🔥 All Lore Books Checklist for Diablo IV

A list of the family line of the house of Garan.
A Record of My Journey Pt. I
A Record of My Journey Pt. II
A Record of My Journey Pt. III
A small piece of scribbled parchment
Abandoned Mineworks
Abbot's Journal, Entry 3
Acrid Caverns
Akkhan's Grasp
Aldara's Journal
Ancient Reservoir
Ancient's Lament
Aneta's Letter
Anica's Claim
Anonymous Letter
Archivist's Journal: Volume I
Archivist's Journal: Volume II
Archivist's Journal: Volume III
Bastion of Faith
Belfry Zakara
Betrayer's Row
Black Asylum
Blind Burrows
Blood-Soaked Handwritten Missive
Bloodsoaked Crag
Bloody Condemnation
Bloody Parchment
Brecht's Journal
Broken Bulwark
Buried Halls
Caldera Gate
Calibel's Mine
Carrion Fields
Cathedral Bounty
Cathedral of Light
Champion's Demise
Charnel House
Collapsed Vault
Corrupted Grotto
Crumbling Hekma
Crumbling Leaflet
Crumpled Note
Crusader's Cathedral
Cultist Refuge
Cultist Writings
Cultist Writings
Dark Ravine
Dead Man's Dredge
Defiled Catacomb
Demons Wake
Derelict Lodge
Deserted Underpass
Domhainne Tunnels
Earthen Wound
Elias' Notes, Part 1
Elias' Notes, Part 2
Elias' Notes, Part 3
Elias' Notes, Part 4
Elias' Sanctum Journal Entry
Endless Gates
Eriman's Plea
Excavation Log
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the New Horadrim
Faceless Shrine
Fading Echo
Fallen Temple
Faolan's Confession
Feral's Den
Festering Scripture
Fetid Mausoleum
Flooded Depths
Forbidden City
Forgotten Depths
Forgotten Ruins
Formal Request
Forsaken Quarry
Frozen Journal
Garan Hold
Genbar's Journal
Ghoa Ruins
Gospel of the Mother
Gospel of the Mother
Gospel of the Mother
Gospel of the Mother
Graverobber's Journal
Guulrahn Canal
Guulrahn Slums
Hakan's Refuge
Hallowed Ossuary
Halls of the Damned
Handwritten Note
Handwritten personal journal
Hastily Written Note
Haunted Refuge
Heathen's Keep
Heretic's Asylum
Hidden Letter
Hidden Oasis
Hoarfrost Demise
Howling Warren
Immortal Emanation
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 1
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 2
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 3
Inquisitor's Ledger, Chapter 4
Iron Hold
Iron Tunnels
Jalal's Vigil
Kaan's Note
Kemir's Stockpile
Knight Vigo's Log
Komdor Temple
Kor Dragan Barracks
Kor Valar Ramparts
Last Chronicle of Paladin Lord Carthas
Last Entry
Letter from Benen
Letter from Bottle
Letter to Brenna
Leviathan's Maw
Light's Refuge
Light's Watch
Lore Template
Lost Archives
Lost Journal
Lost Keep
Luban's Rest
Maddux Watch
Malnok Cliffs
Manifestations of the Prime Evils
Mariner's Refuge
Maugan's Works
Medical Notes
Merchant Letter
Mercy's Reach
Message from the Abbot
Nekhii's Confession
Nostrava Deepwod
Onyx Hold
Oyuun's Journals
Paladin Squire's Journal, Part One
Paladin Squire's Journal, Part Two
Pallid Delve
Path of the Blind
Patriarch's Den
Penitent Cairns
Prava's Decree
Prison of Caldeum
Putrid Aquifer
Qara Yisu Watchman's Log
Raethwind Wilds
Ravaged Journal
Renegade's Retreat
Rimescar Cavern
Ruins of Eridu
Sanguine Chapel
Sarat's Lair
Scholar's Journal
Scorched Page
Sealed Archives
Seaside Descent
Sepulcher of the Forsworn
Serpent's Lair
Shadowed Plunge
Shifting City
Shivta Ruins
Sirocco Caverns
Sister Octavia's Letter
Specimen Notes
Steadfast Barracks
Strange Journal
Sunken Library
Sunken Ruins
Taissa's Journal
The Birth of Hell
The Orbei Monastery, Part 1
The Orbei Monastery, Part 2
Timue's Journal
To the Penitent
To the Searcher
To the Sinner
To the Sufferer
Tomb of the Saints
Tormented Ruins
Twisted Hollow
Uldur's Cave
Unsent Letter Addressed to the Zakarum Church
Vani's Journal
Vault of the Forgotten
Vault of the Forsaken
Vigo's Report
Villager Journal
Villager's Journal
Whispering Pines
Whispering Vault
Wretched Delve
Yshari Sanctum

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