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Named T4 Elite Faction Thralls NON-PURGE Locations List
Blackhand Anchor Point
Bilgewater Break
Buccaneer Bay
Captain's Quarters
Deathwhisper Camp
Deckswab's Retreat
Descent of Dagon
Island of Unsightly Sirens
Jamilla's Liberty
Lookout point
Marauder's Muster
Pirate Ship: Crafter Area
Sailstitch Camp
Scavenger's Berth
Scoundrel's Gateway
Scupper's Shelter
Spotter's Squat
Sully's Ambush
Talier's Berth
Tarman's Berth
The Black Galleon
The Pocket
The Sandspit
Voyager's Vigil
Dogs_Desert The Den
Arena Camp
N'batu's Pack
Darfari Fleshtearer Falls
Narrowneck Span
Riverwatch Camp
The Summoning Place
Thugra's Stand
Exile Drifter's Rest
Northern Sandswept Ruins Camp
Shattered Bridge
Sinner's Refuge
The Sentinels
Forgotten_Tribe Mounds of the Dead
Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
Stargazer's Crest
Heirs_of_the_North Coldfish Camp
Freya's Hovel
Lian's Watch
Mammothrider's Shanty
Meltwater Crag
New Asagarth
Rimefisher's Hut
Sandward Tower
The Wardtowers
Trapper's Cabin
Lemurian Mounds of the Dead
Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
Relic_Hunter Mounds of the Dead
Narrowneck Span
Riverwatch Camp
Ruins of al-Merayah
Sandward Tower
Spinebreaker's Flank
Stargazer's Crest
The Crevice
The Summoning Place
Voyager's Vigil
Westwall Prison
Votaries_Of_Skelos Path of the Penitent
Road of the Righeteous
Shrine of the Oracle
Terrace of the Tenders
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