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Conan Exiles Complete Pet Recipes and Ingredient List
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Total Listed: 502
Icon ItemID Name Station Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
19078BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Plant Fiber
19079BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Highland Berries
19080BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Desert Berries
19081BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shroom Amanita
19082BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Puffball Mushroom
19187BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shadespiced Plant Fiber
19188BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19189BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19190BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shadespiced Amanita Mushrooms
19191BoarDung1 Boar Shoat1 Shadespiced Puffer Mushrooms
19084CamelDung1 Camel Calf1 Plant Fiber
19193CamelDung1 Camel Calf1 Shadespiced Plant Fiber
19055CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Raw Pork
19056CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Abysmal Flesh
19057CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Feral Flesh
19058CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Human Flesh
19059CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Savoury Flesh
19060CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Exotic Flesh
19061CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Exquisite Meat
19164CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19165CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19166CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19167CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19168CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19169CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19170CrocodileDung1 Crocodile Hatchling1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
95000DungDung1 Unappetizing Fish
95001DungDung1 Desert Berries
95002DungDung1 Savory Fish
95003DungDung1 Highland Berries
95004DungDung1 Exotic Fish
95005DungDung1 Honey
95006DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95007DungDung1 Raw Pork
95008DungDung1 Human Flesh
95009DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95010DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95011DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95012DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95013DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95014DungDung1 Raw Pork
95015DungDung1 Human Flesh
95016DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95017DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95018DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95019DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95020DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95021DungDung1 Raw Pork
95022DungDung1 Human Flesh
95023DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95024DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95025DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95026DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95027DungDung1 Raw Pork
95028DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95029DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95030DungDung1 Human Flesh
95031DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95032DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95033DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95034DungDung1 Raw Pork
95035DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95036DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95037DungDung1 Human Flesh
95038DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95039DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95040DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95041DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95042DungDung1 Fat Grub
95043DungDung1 Desert Berries
95044DungDung1 Highland Berries
95045DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95046DungDung1 Fat Grub
95047DungDung1 Desert Berries
95048DungDung1 Highland Berries
95049DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95050DungDung1 Fat Grub
95051DungDung1 Desert Berries
95052DungDung1 Highland Berries
95053DungDung1 Highland Berries
95054DungDung1 Desert Berries
95055DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95056DungDung1 Fat Grub
95057DungDung1 Highland Berries
95058DungDung1 Desert Berries
95059DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95060DungDung1 Fat Grub
95061DungDung1 Highland Berries
95062DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95063DungDung1 Vines
95064DungDung1 Desert Berries
95065DungDung1 Bark
95066DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95067DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95068DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95069DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95070DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95071DungDung1 Human Flesh
95072DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95073DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95074DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95075DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95076DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95077DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95078DungDung1 Human Flesh
95079DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95080DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95081DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95082DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95083DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95084DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95085DungDung1 Human Flesh
95086DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95088DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95089DungDung1 Highland Berries
95090DungDung1 Desert Berries
95091DungDung1 Shroom Amanita
95092DungDung1 Puffball Mushroom
95093DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95094DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95095DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95096DungDung1 Vines
95097DungDung1 Highland Berries
95098DungDung1 Unappetizing Shellfish
95099DungDung1 Desert Berries
95100DungDung1 Savory Shellfish
95101DungDung1 Exotic Shellfish
95102DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95103DungDung1 Vines
95104DungDung1 Highland Berries
95105DungDung1 Unappetizing Shellfish
95106DungDung1 Desert Berries
95107DungDung1 Savory Shellfish
95108DungDung1 Exotic Shellfish
95109DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95110DungDung1 Vines
95111DungDung1 Highland Berries
95112DungDung1 Unappetizing Shellfish
95113DungDung1 Desert Berries
95114DungDung1 Savory Shellfish
95115DungDung1 Exotic Shellfish
95116DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95117DungDung1 Vines
95118DungDung1 Highland Berries
95119DungDung1 Unappetizing Shellfish
95120DungDung1 Desert Berries
95121DungDung1 Savory Shellfish
95122DungDung1 Exotic Shellfish
95123DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95124DungDung1 Fat Grub
95125DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95126DungDung1 Human Flesh
95127DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95128DungDung1 Demon Blood
95129DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95130DungDung1 Fat Grub
95131DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95132DungDung1 Human Flesh
95133DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95134DungDung1 Demon Blood
95135DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95136DungDung1 Fat Grub
95137DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95138DungDung1 Human Flesh
95139DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95140DungDung1 Demon Blood
95141DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95142DungDung1 Fat Grub
95143DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95144DungDung1 Human Flesh
95145DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95146DungDung1 Demon Blood
95147DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95148DungDung1 Fat Grub
95149DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95150DungDung1 Human Flesh
95151DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95152DungDung1 Demon Blood
95153DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95154DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95155DungDung1 Human Flesh
95156DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95157DungDung1 Raw Pork
95158DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95159DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95160DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95161DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95162DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95163DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95164DungDung1 Human Flesh
95165DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95166DungDung1 Raw Pork
95167DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95168DungDung1 Raw Pork
95169DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95170DungDung1 Human Flesh
95171DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95172DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95173DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95174DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95175DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95176DungDung1 Human Flesh
95177DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95178DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95179DungDung1 Raw Pork
95180DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95181DungDung1 Unappetizing Fish
95182DungDung1 Desert Berries
95183DungDung1 Savory Fish
95184DungDung1 Highland Berries
95185DungDung1 Exotic Fish
95186DungDung1 Honey
95187DungDung1 Highland Berries
95188DungDung1 Desert Berries
95189DungDung1 Handful of Insects
95190DungDung1 Fat Grub
95191DungDung1 Highland Berries
95192DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95193DungDung1 Vines
95194DungDung1 Desert Berries
95195DungDung1 Bark
95196DungDung1 Highland Berries
95197DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95198DungDung1 Vines
95199DungDung1 Desert Berries
95200DungDung1 Bark
95201DungDung1 Highland Berries
95202DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95203DungDung1 Vines
95204DungDung1 Desert Berries
95205DungDung1 Bark
95206DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95207DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95208DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95209DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95210DungDung1 Putrid Meat
95211DungDung1 Human Flesh
95212DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95216DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95217DungDung1 Highland Berries
95218DungDung1 Desert Berries
95219DungDung1 Shroom Amanita
95220DungDung1 Puffball Mushroom
95221DungDung1 Plant Fiber
95222DungDung1 Vines
95223DungDung1 Highland Berries
95224DungDung1 Unappetizing Shellfish
95225DungDung1 Desert Berries
95226DungDung1 Savory Shellfish
95227DungDung1 Exotic Shellfish
95228DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95229DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95230DungDung1 Human Flesh
95231DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95232DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95233DungDung1 Raw Pork
95234DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95235DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95236DungDung1 Raw Pork
95237DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95238DungDung1 Human Flesh
95239DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95240DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95241DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95242DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95243DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95244DungDung1 Human Flesh
95245DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95246DungDung1 Raw Pork
95247DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95248DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95249DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95250DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95251DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95252DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95253DungDung1 Human Flesh
95254DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95255DungDung1 Raw Pork
95256DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95257DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95258DungDung1 Human Flesh
95259DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95260DungDung1 Raw Pork
95261DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95262DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
95263DungDung1 Abysmal Flesh
95264DungDung1 Feral Flesh
95265DungDung1 Human Flesh
95266DungDung1 Savoury Flesh
95267DungDung1 Raw Pork
95268DungDung1 Exquisite Meat
95269DungDung1 Exotic Flesh
19083GazelleDung1 Fawn1 Plant Fiber
19192GazelleDung1 Fawn1 Shadespiced Plant Fiber
19014JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Abysmal Flesh
19015JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Raw Pork
19016JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Feral Flesh
19017JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Human Flesh
19018JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Savoury Flesh
19019JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Exotic Flesh
19020JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Exquisite Meat
19123JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19124JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19125JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19126JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19127JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19128JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19129JaguarDung1 Jaguar Cub1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19062OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Handful of Insects
19063OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Fat Grub
19064OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Desert Berries
19065OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Highland Berries
19171OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Shadespiced Insects
19172OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Shadespiced Fat Grub
19173OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19174OstrichDung1 Ostrich Chick1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19932PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Abysmal Flesh
19933PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Feral Flesh
19934PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Human Flesh
19935PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Savoury Flesh
19936PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Raw Pork
19937PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Exquisite Meat
19938PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Exotic Flesh
19939PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19940PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19941PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19942PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19943PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19944PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19945PantherDung1 Panther Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19066RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Highland Berries
19067RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Plant Fiber
19068RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Vines
19069RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Desert Berries
19070RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Bark
19175RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19176RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Shadespiced Plant Fiber
19177RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Shadespiced Vines
19178RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19179RhinocerosDung1 Rhino Calf1 Shadespiced Bark
19102RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Stone
19103RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Crystal
19104RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Ironstone
19105RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Goldstone
19106RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Gold Dust
19107RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Silverstone
19108RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Silver Dust
19211RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Stone
19212RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Crystal
19213RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Iron Ore
19214RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Gold
19215RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Gold Dust
19216RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Silver
19217RocknoseDung1 Pebblenose1 Shadespiced Silver Dust
19007SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Abysmal Flesh
19008SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Feral Flesh
19009SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Savoury Flesh
19010SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Exquisite Meat
19011SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Human Flesh
19012SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Exotic Flesh
19013SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Raw Pork
19116SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19117SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19118SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19119SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19120SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19121SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19122SabretoothDung1 Sabretooth Kitten1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19071Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Exquisite Meat
19072Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Exotic Flesh
19073Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Savoury Flesh
19074Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Feral Flesh
19075Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Putrid Meat
19076Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Human Flesh
19077Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Abysmal Flesh
19180Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19181Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19182Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19183Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19184Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Rotten Meat
19185Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19186Sand ReaperDung1 Locust Spawn1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19085ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Plant Fiber
19086ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Vines
19087ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Highland Berries
19088ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Unappetizing Shellfish
19089ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Desert Berries
19090ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Savory Shellfish
19091ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Exotic Shellfish
19194ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Plant Fiber
19195ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Vines
19196ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19197ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Rotten Shellfish
19198ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19199ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Shellfish
19200ShalebackDung1 Shaleback Hatchling1 Shadespiced Succulent Shellfish
19098ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Highland Berries
19099ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Desert Berries
19100ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Handful of Insects
19101ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Fat Grub
19207ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19208ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19209ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Shadespiced Insects
19210ShoebillDung1 Shoebill Chick1 Shadespiced Fat Grub
19092SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Handful of Insects
19093SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Fat Grub
19094SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Putrid Meat
19095SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Human Flesh
19096SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Abysmal Flesh
19097SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Demon Blood
19201SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Insects
19202SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Fat Grub
19203SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Rotten Meat
19204SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19205SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19206SpiderDung1 Spiderling1 Shadespiced Demon Blood
95087StoneDung1 Stone
95213StoneDung1 Stone
95214StoneDung1 Stone
95215StoneDung1 Stone
19035Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Unappetizing Fish
19036Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Desert Berries
19037Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Savory Fish
19038Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Highland Berries
19039Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Exotic Fish
19040Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Honey
19144Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Oily Fish
19145Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Desert Berries
19146Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Fish
19147Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Highland Berries
19148Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Succulent Fish
19149Tamed BearDung1 Bear Cub1 Shadespiced Honey
19048Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Abysmal Flesh
19049Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Raw Pork
19050Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Human Flesh
19051Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Exotic Flesh
19052Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Exquisite Meat
19053Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Savoury Flesh
19054Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Feral Flesh
19157Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19158Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19159Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19160Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19161Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19162Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19163Tamed Spotted HyenaDung1 Spotted Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19041Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Abysmal Flesh
19042Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Raw Pork
19043Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Human Flesh
19044Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Exotic Flesh
19045Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Exquisite Meat
19046Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Savoury Flesh
19047Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Feral Flesh
19150Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19151Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19152Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19153Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19154Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19155Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19156Tamed Striped HyenaDung1 Striped Hyena Whelp1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19000TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Abysmal Flesh
19001TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Feral Flesh
19002TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Human Flesh
19003TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Savoury Flesh
19004TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Raw Pork
19005TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Exquisite Meat
19006TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Exotic Flesh
19109TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19110TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19111TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19112TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19113TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19114TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19115TigerDung1 Tiger Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19021WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Abysmal Flesh
19022WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Feral Flesh
19023WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Human Flesh
19024WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Savoury Flesh
19025WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Exotic Flesh
19026WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Raw Pork
19027WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Exquisite Meat
19028WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Savoury Flesh
19029WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Exotic Flesh
19030WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Exquisite Meat
19031WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Abysmal Flesh
19032WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Feral Flesh
19033WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Human Flesh
19034WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Raw Pork
19130WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19131WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19132WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
19133WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19134WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19135WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Fatty Meat
19136WolfDung1 Wolf Cub1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19137WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat
19138WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat
19139WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat
19140WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh
19141WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat
19142WolfDung1 Frostwolf Cub1 Shadespiced Human Flesh
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Item dBs and Named Thralls Updated 1-16-20 Retail PC

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