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Conan Exiles Complete Material Recipes and Ingredient List
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Total Listed: 273
Icon ItemID Name Station Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
11070Alchemical BaseFirebowl Cauldron2 Silver Dust1 Gold Dust2 Ichor
11113Aloe LeavesCrude Planter1 Aloe Seeds1 Compost
14199Asura's GloryCrude Planter1 Asura's Glory Seeds1 Compost
15506Awakened Staff of the TriumvirateAltar of the Bat1 Staff of the Triumvirate1 Albino Bat Demon Blood
11086Black Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Black Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11087Black Lotus PowderGrinder1 Black Lotus Flower
11131BloodFluid Press1 Human Flesh
13602BoneFluid Press1 White Rhino Head
13603BoneFluid Press1 Black Rhino Head
13604BoneFluid Press1 Rhino King Head
13605BoneFluid Press1 Grey Rhino Head
13606BoneFluid Press1 Gazelle Head
13607BoneFluid Press1 Kudo Head
13608BoneFluid Press1 Antelope Head
13609BoneFluid Press1 Rocknose Head
13610BoneFluid Press1 King Rocknose Head
13611BoneFluid Press1 Bat Demon Head
13612BoneFluid Press1 Crocodile Head
13613BoneFluid Press1 Hyena Head
13614BoneFluid Press1 Shaleback Head
13615BoneFluid Press1 Shaleback King Head
13616BoneFluid Press1 Demonic Shaleback Head
13617BoneFluid Press1 Undead Hyena Head
13618BoneFluid Press1 Skeletal Serpentman Head
13619BoneFluid Press1 Elk King Head
13620BoneFluid Press1 Black Bear Head
13621BoneFluid Press1 Deer Head
13622BoneFluid Press1 Mammoth Head
13623BoneFluid Press1 Mountain Goat Head
13624BoneFluid Press1 Wild Boar Head
13625BoneFluid Press1 Wolf Head
13626BoneFluid Press1 Dire Wolf Head
13627BoneFluid Press1 Elk Head
13628BoneFluid Press1 Brown Bear Head
13629BoneFluid Press1 Panther Head
13630BoneFluid Press1 Sabretooth Head
13631BoneFluid Press1 Red Dragon Head
13632BoneFluid Press1 Green Dragon Head
13633BoneFluid Press1 Shoebill Head
13635BoneFluid Press1 Salamander Head
13636BoneFluid Press1 Jaguar Head
13637BoneFluid Press1 Tiger Head
13638BoneFluid Press1 Gray Ape Head
13639BoneFluid Press1 Weathered Skull
14153BoneFluid Press1 Shoebill Head
14154BoneFluid Press1 Shoebill Head
19946BoneFluid Press1 Bear Carcass
19947BoneFluid Press1 Hyena Carcass
19948BoneFluid Press1 Crocodile Carcass
19949BoneFluid Press1 Ostrich Carcass
19950BoneFluid Press1 Shoebill Carcass
19951BoneFluid Press1 Rhinoceros Carcass
19952BoneFluid Press1 Sand Reaper Carcass
19954BoneFluid Press1 Boar Carcass
19955BoneFluid Press1 Gazelle Carcass
19956BoneFluid Press1 Camel Carcass
19957BoneFluid Press1 Shaleback Carcass
19958BoneFluid Press1 Spider Carcass
19959BoneFluid Press1 Tiger Carcass
19960BoneFluid Press1 Sabretooth Carcass
19961BoneFluid Press1 Jaguar Carcass
19962BoneFluid Press1 Wolf Carcass
19965BoneFluid Press1 Panther Carcass
11078BonemealGrinder1 Bone
11079BonemealGrinder1 Ivory
11081BonemealGrinder1 Claws
11082BonemealGrinder1 Chitin
11085BonemealGrinder1 Fangs
11088BonemealGrinder1 Horn
11090BonemealGrinder1 Tusks
11132BonemealGrinder1 Skeletal Serpentman Head
11133BonemealGrinder1 Weathered Skull
16011BrickFurnace10 Stone
13634ChitinFluid Press1 Demonic Spider Head
14176Composite ObsidianVolcanic Forge5 Obsidian1 Steel Bar
11076CompostCompost Heap5 Plant Fiber4 Bonemeal2 Putrid Meat
11136CompostCompost Heap5 Plant Fiber10 Dung
11500Corrupted StoneFirebowl Cauldron2 Stone1 Ichor1 Demon Blood
11124Crimson Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Crimson Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11142Crimson Lotus PowderGrinder1 Crimson Lotus Flower
11118Dagger HandleCarpenter's Bench1 Insulated Wood10 Leather
14175Dead Woman's HairTorturer's Worktable1 Twine1 Desert Wine
18006Desert BerriesCrude Planter1 Desert Berry-Bush Seeds1 Compost
16005Dismantle to Iron BarsBlacksmith's Bench2 Iron Reinforcement
16006Dismantle to Steel BarsBlacksmith's Bench2 Steel Reinforcement
14183DragonpowderFirebowl Cauldron2 Demon Blood10 Brimstone50 Crystal100 Steelfire
18040Dried MeatDryer1 Cooked Exquisite Meat
18041Dried MeatDryer1 Exquisite Meat
18025Dry WoodDryer1 Wood
18026Dry WoodDryer5 Branch
12002Entwine1 Vines
12003Entwine3 Plant Fiber
11109Extract SilkArtisan Table10 Fat Grub
14194False MandrakeCrude Planter1 False Mandrake Seeds1 Compost
11080Frost Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Frost Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11121Frost Lotus PowderGrinder1 Frost Lotus Flower
11551GlassFurnace2 Crystal
14200Glass FlaskFurnace3 Glass
14197Glowing EssenceFirebowl Cauldron10 Glowing Goop2 Aloe Leaves
11054Gold BarFurnace30 Gold Coin
11057Gold BarFurnace3 Goldstone
11066Gold CoinBlacksmith's Bench1 Gold Bar
11068Gold DustGrinder1 Gold Bar
11098Gold DustGrinder1 Gold Coin
11089Golden Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Golden Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11123Golden Lotus PowderGrinder1 Golden Lotus Flower
11091Grey Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Grey Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11092Grey Lotus PowderGrinder1 Grey Lotus Flower
14190Grey-flower LupineCrude Planter1 Lupin Seeds1 Compost
16012Hardened BrickFurnace1 Brick1 Stone Consolidant
12516Hardened LeatherImproved Armorer's Bench5 Leather2 Thick Leather2 Alchemical Base5 Oil
18062Hardened Steel BarFurnace2 Steel Bar1 Brimstone
18005Highland BerriesCrude Planter1 Highlands Berry-Bush Seeds1 Compost
18000HopsCrude Planter1 Hops Seeds1 Compost
12515Ice5 Ice Shard
18089IchorFluid Press20 Sand Reaper Toxin Gland
18090IchorFluid Press20 Serpent Venom Gland
18091IchorFluid Press50 Putrid Meat
18092IchorFluid Press20 Volatile Gland
18093IchorFluid Press10 Abysmal Flesh
11108Insulated WoodCarpenter's Bench1 Dry Wood2 Resin
11501Iron BarFurnace2 Ironstone
16002Iron ReinforcementBlacksmith's Bench2 Iron Bar
18054Layered FurImproved Armorer's Bench2 Fur2 Alchemical Base
11053Layered SilkImproved Armorer's Bench4 Silk2 Alchemical Base
11059LeatherTannery1 Hyena Pelt
11061LeatherTannery1 Feline Pelt
11062LeatherTannery1 Wolf Pelt
11064LeatherTannery1 Bat Skin
12511LeatherTannery3 Hide
12514LeatherTannery1 Reptile Hide
12517LeatherTannery3 Fur
12518LeatherTannery1 Gazelle Head
12519LeatherTannery1 Kudo Head
12520LeatherTannery1 Antelope Head
12521LeatherTannery1 Bat Demon Head
12522LeatherTannery1 Crocodile Head
12523LeatherTannery1 Hyena Head
12524LeatherTannery1 Shaleback Head
12525LeatherTannery1 Shaleback King Head
12526LeatherTannery1 Black Bear Head
12527LeatherTannery1 Deer Head
12528LeatherTannery1 Mountain Goat Head
12529LeatherTannery1 Wild Boar Head
12530LeatherTannery1 Wolf Head
12531LeatherTannery1 Dire Wolf Head
12532LeatherTannery1 Elk Head
12533LeatherTannery1 Brown Bear Head
12534LeatherTannery1 Panther Head
12535LeatherTannery1 Sabretooth Head
12536LeatherTannery1 Shoebill Head
12537LeatherTannery1 Salamander Head
12538LeatherTannery1 Jaguar Head
12539LeatherTannery1 Tiger Head
12540LeatherTannery1 Gray Ape Head
12549LeatherTannery1 Shoebill Head
12550LeatherTannery1 Shoebill Head
18001Leavening AgentCrude Planter1 Leavening Plant Seeds1 Compost
11115Long HandleCarpenter's Bench3 Insulated Wood10 Thick Leather
18406Midnight Blue FlowerCrude Planter1 Midnight Blue Flower Seeds1 Compost
18400OilFluid Press1 Unappetizing Fish
18401OilFluid Press5 Savory Fish
18402OilFluid Press10 Exotic Fish
18403OilFluid Press15 Seeds
18523OilFluid Press15 Frost Lotus Seeds
18524OilFluid Press15 Yellow Lotus Seeds
18525OilFluid Press15 Purple Lotus Seeds
18526OilFluid Press15 Black Lotus Seeds
18527OilFluid Press15 Golden Lotus Seeds
18528OilFluid Press15 Grey Lotus Seeds
18529OilFluid Press15 Desert Berry-Bush Seeds
18530OilFluid Press15 Highlands Berry-Bush Seeds
18531OilFluid Press15 Hops Seeds
18532OilFluid Press15 Leavening Plant Seeds
18533OilFluid Press15 Asura's Glory Seeds
18534OilFluid Press15 Midnight Blue Flower Seeds
18535OilFluid Press15 Orange Phykos Cutting
18536OilFluid Press15 Lupin Seeds
18537OilFluid Press15 False Mandrake Seeds
18538OilFluid Press15 Aloe Seeds
18539OilFluid Press15 Crimson Lotus Seeds
18540OilFluid Press15 True Indigo Seeds
14192Orange PhykosCrude Planter1 Orange Phykos Cutting1 Compost
11093Plant FiberCrude Planter1 Seeds1 Compost
11074PontoonArtisan Table2 Insulated Wood3 Twine
11077Potent CompostCompost Heap2 Compost2 Blood2 Raw Ash
11137Potent CompostCompost Heap2 Compost10 Dung2 Raw Ash
11112Purify bloodRetreat of Jhebbal Sag1 Demon Blood
11083Purple Lotus FlowerCrude Planter1 Purple Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
11084Purple Lotus PowderGrinder1 Purple Lotus Flower
80531Radium GemFirebowl Cauldron10 Crystal3 Alchemical Base1 Witchfire Powder
18082SaltGrinder10 Stone
18083SaltGrinder2 Crystal
12001Separate fibers1 Vines
16021Shaped WoodCarpenter's Bench10 Wood
16022Shave barkImproved Carpenter's Bench10 Wood
11116Shield FrameImproved Armorer's Bench4 Insulated Wood5 Twine
11114Short HandleCarpenter's Bench2 Insulated Wood10 Leather
12513Silk2 Gossamer
11055Silver BarFurnace3 Silverstone
11056Silver BarFurnace30 Silver Coin
11065Silver CoinBlacksmith's Bench1 Silver Bar
11067Silver DustGrinder1 Silver Bar
11097Silver DustGrinder1 Silver Coin
11119Spear HandleCarpenter's Bench3 Insulated Wood10 Thick Leather
11100SpiceGrinder10 Desert Berry-Bush Seeds
11101SpiceGrinder10 Highlands Berry-Bush Seeds
11102SpiceGrinder10 Hops Seeds
11103SpiceGrinder10 Leavening Plant Seeds
11125SpiceGrinder10 Asura's Glory Seeds
11126SpiceGrinder10 Midnight Blue Flower Seeds
11127SpiceGrinder10 Orange Phykos Cutting
11128SpiceGrinder10 Lupin Seeds
11129SpiceGrinder10 False Mandrake Seeds
11130SpiceGrinder10 Aloe Seeds
11135SpiceGrinder10 True Indigo Seeds
18084SpiceGrinder10 Plant Fiber
18085SpiceGrinder10 False Mandrake
18086SpiceGrinder10 Grey-flower Lupine
18087SpiceGrinder10 Orange Phykos
18088SpiceGrinder10 Seeds
18098SpiceGrinder10 Asura's Glory
10012Split woodCarpenter's Bench1 Wood
18061Star Metal BarFurnace2 Star Metal Ore1 Brimstone1 Black Ice
11502Steel BarFurnace5 Iron Bar1 Steelfire
16004Steel ReinforcementBlacksmith's Bench2 Steel Bar
14173SteelfireFirebowl Cauldron2 Tar1 Brimstone
19953StoneFluid Press1 Rocknose Carcass
19963StoneFluid Press1 Gold-vein Rocknose Carcass
19964StoneFluid Press1 Silver-vein Rocknose Carcass
16001Stone ConsolidantFirebowl Cauldron2 Ichor2 Twine
42001Stretch Hide1 Thick Hide
11069Strip Hide2 Rhino Hide
11071Strip Hide2 Hyena Pelt
11072Strip Hide2 Elephant Hide
11073Strip Hide2 Feline Pelt
11094Strip Hide2 Wolf Pelt
11095Strip Hide2 Bear Pelt
11096Strip Hide2 Bat Skin
11099Strip Hide2 Reptile Hide
11117Sturdy StringCarpenter's Bench15 Silk
11134TarFirebowl Cauldron10 Resin10 Raw Ash
18097TarFluid Press25 Coal
18099TarFirebowl Cauldron20 Oil5 Raw Ash
11058Thick LeatherTannery1 Rhino Hide
11060Thick LeatherTannery1 Elephant Hide
11063Thick LeatherTannery1 Bear Pelt
12512Thick LeatherTannery1 Thick Hide
12541Thick LeatherTannery1 White Rhino Head
12542Thick LeatherTannery1 Black Rhino Head
12543Thick LeatherTannery1 Rhino King Head
12544Thick LeatherTannery1 Grey Rhino Head
12545Thick LeatherTannery1 Elk King Head
12546Thick LeatherTannery1 Mammoth Head
12547Thick LeatherTannery1 Red Dragon Head
12548Thick LeatherTannery1 Green Dragon Head
11120Throwing Axe HandleCarpenter's Bench1 Insulated Wood
10014TransmutePleasure Place of Derketo5 Serpent Venom Gland1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
10015TransmutePleasure Place of Derketo5 Sand Reaper Toxin Gland1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
10016TransmutePleasure Dome of Derketo5 Vines1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
10017TransmutePleasure Dome of Derketo100 Handful of Insects1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
10019TransmutePleasure Place of Derketo5 Vines1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
10020TransmutePleasure Dome of Derketo50 Oil1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled
14189True IndigoCrude Planter1 True Indigo Seeds1 Compost
14174Twine3 Plant Fiber
11503Venom-Infused Steel Bar1 Steel Bar1
11110Weave2 Gossamer
80532Witchfire PowderFirebowl Cauldron8 Brimstone2 Glowing Essence
50003XX_Mitra Favor1 Human Heart
50001XX_Set Favor1 Human Heart
50002XX_Yog Favor1 Unblemished Human Meat
14152Yellow Lotus BlossomCrude Planter1 Yellow Lotus Seeds1 Potent Compost
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