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Conan Exiles in game Hints Text list

Arrows, Javelins and Throwing Axes will cripple if they hit your enemies in the leg. Use this to keep enemies from running away
Bleed is a stacking effect that damages enemies over time. They start weak but gain potency with further applications
Building a bed or bedroll allows you to respawn at it when you die
Certain materials are best gathered using specific tools
Certain recipes can only be found by exploring the world
Climb by approaching any vertical surface, then press and hold Jump [Jump]
Cook meat over an open fire before eating to avoid food poisoning
Coveted resources can be claimed by the most daring and well-prepared in perilous places
Craft dyes to customize your outfit with a unique style
Cripple is a stacking effect that will slow your movement speed
Crom does not answer prayers and his religion comes with no benefit
Different clothing has different temperature values. Dress for the weather!
Different weapons have different properties - experiment to find their strengths and weaknesses
Dodge [DodgeActionV2] will get you out of almost any situation. Use it to cancel combos, hit recovery, and even get out of knockdowns
Don't eat yellow snow
Draining your stamina completely will incur an exhaustion penalty. Keep an eye on your stamina at all times
Every weapon has a light attack [PrimaryActionV2] and a heavy attack [SpecialActionV2]. These can be chained to create combos
Exploring the dark places of the world will corrupt your heart and soul. This corruption can only be lifted by Entertainer Thralls
Falling from high places kills you, grab onto something on the way down!
Feeling a bit heavy? Adding points in encumbrance lets you carry more in your inventory
If a sandstorm comes, find shelter quickly. The scouring sands will damage you without the right protection
Levelling up too slowly? Explore the map [FullScreenMap] to find points of interest that will increase your experience for each discovery
Lock on to your enemies in battle using Target Lock [TargetLock]. This will allow you to strafe around them and keep track of their health
Log out in a safe area! Your body is not removed from the world and can be killed (or looted while you are offline
Open the emote wheel [ToggleEmotesMenu] to interact with others
Press [Building_AutoAlignToTerrain] while building to snap your building into alignment with the terrain
Press [CrouchMode] to crouch. This makes you harder for enemies to spot
Remember to lock your chests! Hold Interact [InteractKey] to access the radial menu and select Lock
Removing the bracelet from your wrist will kill you
Running out of stamina? Make sure you are not over encumbered
Shields allow you to Block [SecondaryActionV2] damage and regain the initiative
Some weapons are capable of shield smashing - which means you will not rebound from enemy blocks
Spend your attribute points wisely. Over time you will gain access to powerful perks
Sunder is a stacking effect that will reduce the effectiveness of your armor
The Block [SecondaryActionV2] button has different applications depending on your equipped weapons. For example, pressing Block while wielding daggers will perform a backflip
The Exiled Lands are wild and dangerous, and the foolhardy may perish if they venture too far before they're ready
The Exiled Lands contain many ghosts. Some will lead you to treasure, others will teach you new ways to express yourself
Thralls working at crafting stations provide bonuses, such as crafting speed increase and material use reduction
To invite a friend into your clan, stand in front of them and hold down Interact [InteractKey]
Try climbing interesting landmarks. You might find something unexpected
When in doubt about what to do next, check your Journey [OpenJourney]
While climbing, press [CrouchMode] to detach from the climbing surface. Hold [Jump] to attach to the surface again
While swimming, press [CrouchMode] to dive and explore beneath the surface
You can build (almost anywhere. Try placing foundations on cliffsides!
You can capture NPCs in the wild, and break them into thralls on the Wheel of Pain
You can discover skilled artisans in the world who can craft you special cultural armor. Only after you knock them out, of course
You can learn a new religion by finding different trainers around the map
You cannot repair an item fully unless you know how to make it

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