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Conan Exiles Complete Foods and Drinks List

Total Listed: 126
Icon ItemID Name Food Recovery Drink Recovery Burn Time Description
18071 Absinthe0150 Powerful liquor of a mystically green hue
18072 Ale0150 A most refreshing beverage
18236 Aloe Soup5025400 A green soup with no meat at all
13601 Arena Ritual Offering2001001600 An offering to the bloody spectacle of battle
18221 Berry Juice25016 Sweet drink made from berries
18276 Blood Sausage200160 Links of meat held together by innards. Tasty.
18252 Bone Broth5215416 Under the delicious broth is something that was recently...human
18206 Bread10080 A loaf of bread
18254 Bug Kabob200160 Roasted bugs on a skewer
18214 Bush Jerky19-5152 Strips of feral meat dried and salted
18074 Cactus Wine0100 An unlikely drink, sweeter than expected
18210 Century Egg12096 Dark green egg smelling of ammonia
18250 Chili Desert Style78-25624 Meaty and eye-wateringly spiced
18242 Cimmerian Meal8230656 It\'s hot, and its filling
18226 Cleansing Brew5540 Smells sharp
13600 Cooked Abysmal Meat4010320 The cooked flesh of the abysmal remnant
18257 Cooked Eggs160128 Eggs sizzling hot
18202 Cooked Exotic Fish300240 Steaming bowl of fish
18205 Cooked Exotic Shellfish500400 An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared
18285 Cooked Exquisite Meat600480 A cooked haunch of exquisite meat
18200 Cooked Fish10080 Steaming bowl of fish
13053 Cooked Human Flesh12-196 Flesh torn from other humans
18220 Cooked Oyster220176 Oysters served hot
18280 Cooked Pork Dinner500400 A calorie-filled dinner
18277 Cooked Pork Rinds350280 Delicious!
18278 Cooked Pork Strips450360 Scraps of wild boar flesh
18201 Cooked Savory Fish200160 Steaming bowl of fish
18204 Cooked Savory Shellfish350280 An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared
18203 Cooked Shellfish250200 An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared
18215 Corrupting Brew5540 A foreboding liquid of acrid yet sweet aroma
18234 Darfari Bug Soup5525440 Full of things with no legs or too many legs
18245 Demon Blood-Sausage550440 Links of blackened meat
18033 Desert Berry Pulp0100 Blue berry pulp
18080 Desert Wine0150 A particularly thirst-quenching wine
13550 Devil's Bonemeal2001001600 The crushed bones and marrow of an otherworldly creature.
18258 Dried Berries108 A handful of dried berries
13011 Egg11588 A large nutritious meal
18256 Egg Surprise180144 A delicious looking egg...
18225 Enhanced Gruel1010240 It is gruel, but it actually smells good
18207 Exotic Feast1000800 A decadent display of choice meats
18286 Exquisite Meat400320 A choice cut
18249 Exquisite Stew8715696 Chunks of exotic meat floating in a fine stew
13052 Eyes of Innocence8564 Eyes taken from a being of pure innocence
13012 Fat Grub554 Disgusting, yet filling
18303 Feast of Derketo7070560 A holy food served at the orgies of Derketo
18302 Feast of Jhebbal Sag10040800 A ritualistic meal in honor of Jhebbal Sag
18222 Feast of Mitra7550600 A ritualistic meal in honor of Mitra
18218 Feast of Set 7550600 A ritualistic meal in honor of Set
18260 Feast of Ymir7550600 A ritualistic meal in honor of Ymir
18212 Feast to Yog7550600 A ritualistic meal in honor of Yog
18213 Feral Feast400320 Mounds of cooked, feral meat
18075 Firewater050 Tastes like death, but packs a kick
18199 Fish Strips70-2560 Cooked strips of fish
18216 Flavored Gruel325160 Gruel with a dash of flavor
19500 Flesh of Remembrance50251 Flesh which bears remembrance of Jhebbal Sag
13502 Grilled Steak420336 Cooked slab of succulent meat
13540 Gruel1080 A thin, foul-smelling gruel
13013 Handful of Insects2016 These will keep starvation at bay. Barely.
18251 Hearty Meal7230576 A meal both filling and flavorful
18244 Hearty Stew10015800 Chunks of succulent meat floating in a stew
18228 Herbal Tea03010 A medicinal brew
18032 Highland Berry Pulp0100 Red berry pulp
18073 Highland Wine0150 Wine with a spiced kick
18272 Honey Jerky770616 Strips of exotic meat dried, salted and drenched in honey
18273 Honeybread280224 A loaf of bread that smells of honey
18269 Honeyed Eggs180144 Eggs sizzling hot with a light covering of honey
18271 Honeyed Gruel121096 It is gruel, but it actually smells good
18079 Honeyed Wine0150 A very sweet wine
18268 Honeyglazed Roast220176 Zesty scraps of feral meat, drenched in honey
13051 Human Flesh8-364 Flesh torn from other humans
18040 Ice011 Frozen water
18274 Ice Tea03510 A medicinal brew that smells of honey
18247 Lasting Meal8050640 A heavy and fatty meal
18281 Lumpy Soup4020320 Chunks of succulent meat floating in a stew
18076 Mead0150 Drink made from fermented honey
18233 Meat Strips150120 Cooked strips of succulent meat
18223 Meaty Mashup7010560 Various meat scraps cooked together
18282 Mixed Meat Scraps300240 Cooked strips of succulent meat
18241 Mulled Brew123096 Hot and smelling of winter spices
18239 Mushroom Stew6015480 A stew floating with mushrooms
18243 Mushroom Tea03510 Shroom tea with a zesty kick
18270 Mystery Meat Soup6025480 Under the delicious broth is something that was recently...human
18261 Oyster Flesh108 Raw flesh harvested from an oyster
18209 Oyster Omelette300240 Omelette filled with delicious muscles
18070 Phykos Rum0150 Clear, strong drink with an orange tint
18008 Puffball Mushroom2-20 A mushroom that violently discharges poisonous spores
53501 Purified Flesh762620 Flesh that has been ritually purified
18211 Purified Water0501 Crystal-clear water
13599 Putrid Meat10-2010 Whatever this used to be, it is inedible now
18279 Raw Pork10080 Raw flesh harvested from a wild boar
18077 Resin Wine0150 A dark wine with a burning bouquet
18246 Rhino Head Soup10025800 Soup from a great beast\'s head
13503 Roasted Haunch820656 A cooked haunch of exotic meat
18240 Roasted Mushrooms12096 Bowlful of cooked mushrooms
13598 Rotten Devil's Bonemeal-100-10010 A stinking mass of black matter
18263 Salt1-101 White, crystalline granules
18259 Salted Berries1-28 A small snack both savory and sweet
18287 Salted Exquisite Meat50-5400 A salted piece of meat with perfect texture
18283 Salted Pork10-280 Salt and fat in a succulent combination
18208 Savory Feast600480 Heaps and heaps of glorious meat
18232 Savory Jerky38-5304 Strips of succulent meat dried and salted
41032 Sealed Waterskin0250 A sealed leather skin for storing water
18237 Seed Soup5025400 A soup of boiled seeds
13501 Shredded Roast220176 Cooked scraps of feral meat
18081 Shroom Beer0150 Smells kind of funny, but tastes ok
13014 Small Scorpion5040 A bite sized scorpion snack with extra sting
18224 Soup4525360 A hearty bowl of broth and other bits of food
18264 Spice1-101 Powdered, exotic flavors
18253 Spiced and Shredded Roast26-5208 Zesty scraps of feral meat
18255 Spiced Egg18-5144 Zesty cooked eggs
18288 Spiced Exquisite Meat70-10560 A spiced piece of meat with perfect texture
18217 Spiced Haunch88-5704 A zesty haunch of exotic meat
18219 Spiced Oysters28-5224 Cooked and zesty oysters
18284 Spiced Pork30-5240 Zesty slab of succulent meat
18248 Spiced Slivers25-5200 Zesty meat wrapped in crocodile skin
18235 Spiced Soup5520440 A zesty soup
18231 Spiced Steak48-5384 Zesty slab of succulent meat
18227 Spiced Tea0355 A zesty brew
13597 Spoiled Gruel0-2010 Gruel that has turned green
18230 Steak and Eggs720576 Slice of meat and sizzling eggs
18229 Trail Jerky77-5616 Strips of exotic meat dried and salted
14201 Water-filled Glass Flask0100 A glass flask filled with water
18078 Wine0150 Bounty of the grape, drink of the gods
18265 xx_maxfood1001000
18266 xx_nofood-100-1000
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