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Conan Exiles Complete Consumables Food and Drink Recipes and Ingredient List
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Total Listed: 211
Icon ItemID Name Station Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
18071AbsintheFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water15 Glowing Goop5 Leavening Agent
18072AleFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water10 Hops5 Leavening Agent
14001Aloe ExtractFirebowl Cauldron10 Aloe Leaves
18236Aloe SoupStove1 Soup1 Aloe Leaves
53502Ambrosia1 Lingering Essence
13601Arena Ritual OfferingCampfire1 Demon's Bane1 Rotten Devil's Bonemeal
18221Berry JuiceStove1 Purified Water1 Aloe Leaves5 Highland Berries
18262Berry JuiceStove1 Purified Water1 Aloe Leaves5 Desert Berries
18291Black Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask3 Black Lotus Powder1 Alchemical Base
18276Blood SausageCampfire5 BloodPlant FiberSalt
18252Bone BrothStove1 Soup1 Bone
12008BonemealGrinder1 Severed Leg
12009BonemealGrinder1 Severed Arm
18206BreadFurnace5 Seeds2 Plant Fiber1 Leavening Agent
53102Breathing PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water Orb5 Glowing Essence
18254Bug KabobStove1 Fat Grub1 Branch
18214Bush JerkyStove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt
18074Cactus WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water30 Plant Fiber5 Leavening Agent
18210Century EggStove1 Egg1 Ichor
18250Chili Desert StyleStove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt5 Spice
18242Cimmerian MealStove1 Dried Meat1 Mushroom Stew1 Mead
18226Cleansing BrewStove1 Herbal Tea1 Yellow Lotus Blossom
13600Cooked Abysmal MeatCampfire1 Abysmal Flesh
80986Cooked AnglerfishCampfire
80987Cooked CatfishCampfire
80988Cooked DogfishCampfire
18257Cooked EggsStove1 Egg
18202Cooked Exotic FishCampfire1 Exotic Fish
18205Cooked Exotic ShellfishCampfire1 Exotic Shellfish
18285Cooked Exquisite MeatCampfire1 Exquisite Meat
18200Cooked FishCampfire1 Unappetizing Fish
80989Cooked GroperCampfire
12010Cooked Human FleshCampfire1 Severed Leg
12011Cooked Human FleshCampfire1 Severed Arm
13053Cooked Human FleshCampfire1 Human Flesh
80990Cooked Moray EelCampfire
18220Cooked OysterStove1 Oyster Flesh2 Salt
18280Cooked Pork DinnerStove1 Cooked Pork Rinds3 Dried Berries1 Mead
18277Cooked Pork RindsCampfire1 Raw Pork
18278Cooked Pork StripsStove1 Raw Pork1 Salt1 Spice
18201Cooked Savory FishCampfire1 Savory Fish
18204Cooked Savory ShellfishCampfire1 Savory Shellfish
18203Cooked ShellfishCampfire1 Unappetizing Shellfish
18215Corrupting BrewStove1 Purified Water1 Demon Blood1 Yellow Lotus Blossom
18234Darfari Bug SoupStove1 Soup5 Handful of Insects1 Fat Grub
18245Demon Blood-SausageStove1 Demon Blood1 Raw Pork
53202Demon's Bane2 Demon Blood1 Silverstone
18033Desert Berry PulpFluid Press5 Desert Berries
18080Desert WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water5 Desert Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent
13550Devil's BonemealCampfire1 Heart of a Hero1 Ancient Rhino Horn1 Eyes of Innocence1 Brimstone
18258Dried BerriesDryer1 Highland Berries
18264Dried BerriesDryer1 Desert Berries
18013Dried FishDryer1 Unappetizing Fish
18014Dried FishDryer1 Savory Fish
18015Dried FishDryer1 Exotic Fish
18016Dried FishDryer1 Unappetizing Shellfish
18017Dried FishDryer1 Savory Shellfish
18018Dried FishDryer1 Exotic Shellfish
18027Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Fish
18028Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Savory Fish
18029Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Exotic Fish
18030Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Shellfish
18031Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Savory Shellfish
18036Dried FishDryer1 Cooked Exotic Shellfish
18042Dried FishDryer
18043Dried FishDryer
18044Dried FishDryer
18045Dried FishDryer
18046Dried FishDryer
18019Dried MeatDryer1 Feral Flesh
18020Dried MeatDryer1 Savoury Flesh
18021Dried MeatDryer1 Exotic Flesh
18034Dried MeatDryer1 Grilled Steak
18035Dried MeatDryer1 Roasted Haunch
18037Dried MeatDryer1 Shredded Roast
18038Dried MeatDryer1 Raw Pork
18039Dried MeatDryer1 Cooked Pork Rinds
18256Egg SurpriseStove1 Egg1 Ichor1 Salt
18295Elixir of EnduringFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base1 Crimson Lotus Powder1 Golden Lotus Powder
18304Elixir of FreedomPleasure Place of Derketo1 Sliver of the Unfulfilled10 Handful of Insects
18290Elixir of GraceFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base2 Crimson Lotus Powder
18298Elixir of IngestionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base1 Purple Lotus Powder1 Crimson Lotus Powder
18297Elixir of MightFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base1 Frost Lotus Powder1 Grey Lotus Powder
18292Elixir of NumbingFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base2 Frost Lotus Powder
18289Elixir of SightFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base2 Grey Lotus Powder
18299Elixir of VigorFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base1 Black Lotus Powder1 Frost Lotus Powder
18225Enhanced GruelStove1 Gruel1 Egg1 Spice
18207Exotic FeastStove1 Exotic Flesh1 Egg5 Dried Berries
11140Exotic FishFish Trap1 Fat Grub
11141Exotic ShellfishShellfish Trap1 Fat Grub
18249Exquisite StewStove1 Savoury Flesh1 Soup
18303Feast of DerketoStove1 Honeybread1 Cooked Exotic Shellfish1 Absinthe
18302Feast of Jhebbal SagStove1 Blood Sausage3 Dried Berries1 Ale
18222Feast of MitraStove1 Lingering Essence1 Soup1 Herbal Tea10 Honey
18218Feast of SetStove2 Reptile Hide1 Soup1 Spiced Tea
18260Feast of YmirStove1 Black Ice1 Meat Strips1 Roasted Mushrooms
18212Feast to YogStove1 Weathered Skull1 Bone Broth2 Ichor
18213Feral FeastStove1 Feral Flesh1 Cooked Eggs5 Dried Berries
18075FirewaterFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water10 Brimstone5 Leavening Agent
18301Fish Gill PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base1 Purple Lotus Powder1 Crimson Lotus Powder
18199Fish StripsStove1 Unappetizing Fish1 Savory Fish1 Exotic Fish
18216Flavored GruelStove1 Gruel1 Dried Berries2 Spice
19500Flesh of RemembranceFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask5 Blood3 Glowing Goop
18300Frost Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask2 Frost Lotus Flower1 Alchemical Base
18293Golden Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask2 Golden Lotus Flower1 Alchemical Base
18294Grey Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask3 Grey Lotus Powder1 Alchemical Base
13505Grilled SteakCampfire1 Savoury Flesh
13540GruelCampfire5 Plant Fiber1 Seeds
18404Healing Wraps5 Leather10 Aloe Leaves
18251Hearty MealStove1 Steak and Eggs1 SpiceHerbal Tea
18244Hearty StewStove1 Exotic Flesh1 Soup
18228Herbal TeaStove1 Purified Water1 Aloe Leaves5 Plant Fiber
18032Highland Berry PulpFluid Press5 Highland Berries
18073Highland WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water5 Highland Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent
18002HoneyBeehive1 Worker Bee
18003HoneyBeehive1 Queen Bee
18272Honey JerkyStove1 Exotic Flesh3 Honey1 Salt
18273HoneybreadStove1 Bread2 Honey
18269Honeyed EggsStove1 Egg1 Honey
18271Honeyed GruelStove1 Enhanced Gruel3 Honey
18079Honeyed WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water20 Honey5 Leavening Agent
18268Honeyglazed RoastStove1 Feral Flesh5 Honey
18305Hunter's PotionBower of Jhebbal Sag1 Water-filled Glass Flask2 Sacred Blood
18274Ice TeaStove1 Herbal Tea2 Ice
18247Lasting MealStove1 Roasted Haunch1 Aloe Leaves1 Soup
18281Lumpy SoupStove1 Raw Pork1 Soup
18076MeadFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water2 Plant Fiber5 Honey5 Leavening Agent
18233Meat StripsStove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt
18223Meaty MashupStove1 Feral Flesh1 Savoury Flesh
14201Melt iceCampfire1 Glass Flask10 Ice
18282Mixed Meat ScrapsStove1 Raw Pork1 Feral Flesh1 Salt
18241Mulled BrewStove1 Mead1 Shroom Amanita
18239Mushroom StewStove1 Soup1 Shroom Amanita1 Puffball Mushroom
18243Mushroom TeaStove1 Shroom Amanita1 Herbal Tea
18270Mystery Meat SoupStove1 Bone Broth3 Human Flesh
19502Night-Eye PotionBower of Jhebbal Sag1 Water-filled Glass FlaskGlowing Goop1 Sacred Blood
18405Numbing Wraps10 Thick Leather20 Aloe Leaves20 Honey
18209Oyster OmeletteStove1 Egg1 Oyster Flesh
18070Phykos RumFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water10 Orange Phykos5 Leavening Agent
19503Potion of Bestial MemoryFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask3 Yellow Lotus Blossom10 Raw Ash3 Blood
18275Potion of EndowmentFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask1 Alchemical Base3 Grey Lotus Powder
19501Potion of MidnightFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask5 Blood3 Bonemeal20 Yellow Lotus Powder
19504Potion of Natural LearningFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask3 Yellow Lotus Blossom10 Raw Ash3 Bonemeal
53501Purified Flesh1 Unblemished Human Meat
18211Purified WaterStove1 Water-filled Glass Flask
18296Purple Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Water-filled Glass Flask3 Purple Lotus Powder1 Alchemical Base
14151Reaper PoisonFirebowl Cauldron1 Sand Reaper Toxin Gland
18077Resin WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water10 Resin5 Leavening Agent
18246Rhino Head SoupStove1 Black Rhino Head1 Exotic Flesh1 Soup
13509Roasted HaunchCampfire1 Exotic Flesh
18240Roasted MushroomsStove1 Shroom Amanita1 Puffball Mushroom
18259Salted BerriesStove1 Dried Berries1 Salt
18287Salted Exquisite MeatStove1 Exquisite Meat5 Salt
18283Salted PorkStove1 Raw Pork5 Salt
18208Savory FeastStove1 Savoury Flesh1 Egg5 Dried Berries
18232Savory JerkyStove1 Savoury Flesh5 Salt
18237Seed SoupStove1 Soup1 Seeds
53503Set Antidote1 Human Heart
19919Shadespiced Amanita MushroomsFirebowl Cauldron25 Shroom Amanita1 Shadebloom
19917Shadespiced BarkFirebowl Cauldron50 Bark1 Shadebloom
19900Shadespiced Corrupted FleshFirebowl Cauldron3 Abysmal Flesh1 Shadebloom
19926Shadespiced CrystalFirebowl Cauldron25 Crystal1 Shadebloom
19924Shadespiced Demon BloodFirebowl Cauldron10 Demon Blood1 Shadebloom
19908Shadespiced Desert BerriesFirebowl Cauldron25 Desert Berries1 Shadebloom
19914Shadespiced Fat GrubFirebowl Cauldron25 Fat Grub1 Shadebloom
19904Shadespiced Fatty MeatFirebowl Cauldron15 Raw Pork1 Shadebloom
19909Shadespiced FishFirebowl Cauldron25 Savory Fish1 Shadebloom
19928Shadespiced GoldFirebowl Cauldron20 Goldstone1 Shadebloom
19929Shadespiced Gold DustFirebowl Cauldron40 Gold Dust1 Shadebloom
19910Shadespiced Highland BerriesFirebowl Cauldron25 Highland Berries1 Shadebloom
19912Shadespiced HoneyFirebowl Cauldron5 Honey1 Shadebloom
19902Shadespiced Human FleshFirebowl Cauldron10 Human Flesh1 Shadebloom
19913Shadespiced InsectsFirebowl Cauldron50 Handful of Insects1 Shadebloom
19927Shadespiced Iron OreFirebowl Cauldron25 Ironstone1 Shadebloom
19907Shadespiced Oily FishFirebowl Cauldron25 Unappetizing Fish1 Shadebloom
19905Shadespiced Perfect Cut of MeatFirebowl Cauldron15 Exquisite Meat1 Shadebloom
19915Shadespiced Plant FiberFirebowl Cauldron100 Plant Fiber1 Shadebloom
19920Shadespiced Puffer MushroomsFirebowl Cauldron25 Puffball Mushroom1 Shadebloom
19901Shadespiced Raw Stringy MeatFirebowl Cauldron10 Feral Flesh1 Shadebloom
19903Shadespiced Raw Succulent MeatFirebowl Cauldron25 Savoury Flesh1 Shadebloom
19906Shadespiced Raw Tough MeatFirebowl Cauldron25 Exotic Flesh1 Shadebloom
19918Shadespiced Rotten MeatFirebowl Cauldron100 Putrid Meat1 Shadebloom
19921Shadespiced Rotten ShellfishFirebowl Cauldron25 Unappetizing Shellfish1 Shadebloom
19922Shadespiced ShellfishFirebowl Cauldron25 Savory Shellfish1 Shadebloom
19930Shadespiced SilverFirebowl Cauldron20 Silverstone1 Shadebloom
19931Shadespiced Silver DustFirebowl Cauldron40 Silver Dust1 Shadebloom
19925Shadespiced StoneFirebowl Cauldron100 Stone1 Shadebloom
19911Shadespiced Succulent FishFirebowl Cauldron25 Exotic Fish1 Shadebloom
19923Shadespiced Succulent ShellfishFirebowl Cauldron25 Exotic Shellfish1 Shadebloom
19916Shadespiced VinesFirebowl Cauldron25 Vines1 Shadebloom
13501Shredded RoastCampfire1 Feral Flesh
18081Shroom BeerFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water10 Shroom Amanita5 Leavening Agent
18224SoupStove1 Purified Water1 Feral Flesh1 Salt
18253Spiced and Shredded RoastStove1 Shredded Roast2 Spice
18255Spiced EggStove1 Egg2 Spice
18288Spiced Exquisite MeatStove1 Exquisite Meat3 Spice
18217Spiced HaunchStove1 Exotic Flesh2 Spice
18219Spiced OystersStove1 Oyster Flesh2 Spice
18284Spiced PorkStove1 Raw Pork3 Spice
18248Spiced SliversStove1 Reptile Hide1 Meat Strips3 Spice
18235Spiced SoupStove1 Soup2 Spice
18231Spiced SteakStove1 Savoury Flesh2 Spice
18227Spiced TeaStove1 Herbal Tea2 Spice
18230Steak and EggsStove1 Savoury Flesh1 Egg
18229Trail JerkyStove1 Exotic Flesh5 Salt
11138Unappetizing FishFish Trap1 Handful of Insects
11139Unappetizing ShellfishShellfish Trap1 Handful of Insects
14101Violet CureallFirebowl Cauldron10 Serpent Venom Gland
18094WineFermentation Barrel1 Purified Water5 Desert Berry Pulp5 Highland Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent
14102Yellow Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron10 Yellow Lotus Blossom
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