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Conan Exiles Achievements, List, Chapters, Descriptions, Names

ChapterIKickYour hands ache. Sore knuckles, bloody palms and the ragged holes torn in your flesh by iron nails. As weapons, they are less than formidable. But you have a backup. The simple kick. You know you can use it to keep your enemies on the backfoot and give you the distance you need to escape. Press KICK to perform a kick. Use it to keep enemies at a distance when you have nothing equipped in the off hand.

You snap off a few air kicks, feeling satisfied with the feeling as your leg hammers through the air, the weight of your body behind it.Beware the mighty kick!
ChapterIClimbThis is a dangerous place. You can sense it, like a stag senses the stalking hunter on the wind. You are in no state to fight large or dangerous creatures - even a well-fed human would be a match for you in your current state.You decide that climbing away from danger might be your best course. You flex your fingers and look around for something that might be climbable. Almost any vertical surface in the Exiled Lands can be climbed. Walk up to a surface and hold Jump to attach. Press Crouch to release.

You finish climbing and smile grimly to yourself. No matter what comes your way, you can at least try to climb away from it.
ChapterIDodgeYou're still concerned about the diminished capacity of your body to avoid threats and damage. While on the cross, your muscles spasmed uncontrollably due to the strained positions in which they were held. Now, freed from those constraints, you feel stiff and sore.Your concern is that if something knocks you down, you will stay down. You need to practice your tumbling - rolling and returning to your feet quickly. Press DODGE to perform a roll. You can use this keep distance from enemies, or get in closer. If you are wearing heavy armor, you cannot roll.

Your momentum carries you back to your feet and you smile, despite the pain. That felt good and you know it will be very useful.
ChapterIUse a bed or bedrollPain has made your mind foggy. Days spent in horrible conditions have left your mind dazed - pulled inwards to protect itself. You need to sleep. To make sense of events. To allow your mind to reorder itself around the future. You just need to find a safe location where you can collapse. Craft a bedroll and place it in the world. This will make the bedroll your respawn point.

Your mind feels refreshed and restored, despite the aching in your muscles. The insights that your dreams provide and the primal vitality that sleep restores will all be important in the days and weeks ahead.
ChapterIFind signs of intelligent lifeLoneliness is not something you are accustomed to. For days, as you hung from the cross, you were a prisoner inside your own mind. And then your liberator came and freed you from the cross, before abandoning you once again within the wasteland. You're alone again. But perhaps amongst this sea of windswept dunes, there are others. Keep a close eye on the world around you in order to find lore objects and notes left by other travelers.

It doesn't matter that whoever left that note is long gone. It is enough to know that others have passed this way in the past and, gods willing, will again in the future. You are an exile, but you are not alone.
ChapterISlay!Life returns slowly to your aching muscles. Every step is a misery of aches and pains. But you are here. You are alive. And as that thought arrives in your mind, a slow burning anger fills you. You were taken from your home and left to die on a cross in a place you have never seen before. Taken from everything you knew, and left on a cross for the vultures. You are gripped by the sudden, inexplicable urge to kill something. Equip a weapon or use your fists to damage enemies

Blood drips. Your fists ache. But for now, the fire of your anger has dimmed. Your future looms before you and it is blood, death and the endless cycle of survival. Probably a good idea to get a weapon.
ChapterICraft a toolYou study the callouses on your hand and conclude that if you are going to pull up plants and gather stones, you'd best be effective about it. Besides, you aren't sure what manner of creatures you are sharing this place with. There is always something reassuring about the heft of a tool in your hands. Tools can be used to harvest objects in the world for resources. Craft you first tool from the stones and branches lying around

You smile grimly and bounce your tool against the palm of your hand. There is something beautiful about the act of creation. There is something even more beautiful about using your creation to smash something.
ChapterIEatAs the pain of crucifixion recedes, a new pain sets in. Hunger. Not the pain of going without a meal or two, but the deep gnawing ache of your body slowly devouring itself. You have not eaten for days, and now you need to find something to eat. Anything. Unless you have the means to cook, you can get sustenance from insects, eggs and grubs. Food will regenerate your health.

You barely remember whatever it was that you ate. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the pain in your stomach has receded. For now. Hunger is truly the best sauce.
ChapterIClothe yourselfThe heat of the desert sun is merciless and it beats down upon your head with vicious savagery. Without even the most basic clothing you need to clothe yourself before heatstroke, insanity and death set in. Basic clothing can be crafted from fibrous plants. Harvest some plants and then weave some basic clothing

Coarse clothing offers very little protection against fang or claw, but it does provide a measure of relief against the burning sun. You wove yourself some rudimentary clothing from the strands of fibrous plants and ensured your ongoing survival just a little longer.
ChapterIDrink Weakened by your wounds and in desperate need of time to heal, you find yourself confronted by even more basic needs. The water shared by your mysterious rescuer has long since been absorbed by your parched body. Your tongue rasps dryly against the inside of your mouth. You must find water. You have no other choice. Gain water by interacting with water sources in the world or items such as waterskins and canteens.

Despite your wounds and the abuse that your body had received while on the cross, you managed to find and drink some water. The battle for survival in the Exiled Lands will be a long one, but in this skirmish, you are the victor.
ChapterIIBlock an attackIt's obvious to you that the people you are encountering are not well trained in combat. Whatever your past experience, you can see the obvious flaws in their methods, the way that they swing too hard and too often. With a shield, you think you could probably stun them long enough to get in some devastating blows of your own. Equip a shield and use it to stagger an enemy in combat by blocking their attacks. Shields are useful, but they lose durability quickly and can be destroyed mid battle.

The bone-shaking blow was easily deflected back at the attacker, causing them to stagger and lose complete control. You made note of the opening, and the technique for future battles. As long as you can keep your shield in one piece.
ChapterIIUse a TorchYou see that darkness comes quickly in the Exiled Lands, and with it comes danger. You'll need fire to drive off beasts and keep the darkness at bay while you explore. Craft or find a torch and equip it. Torches can be held in the off hand, freeing the main hand for tools and weapons.

You know how to keep the darkness at bay, whenever it comes. If you have enough fuel to keep your torch burning, you'll always have at least one ally in the darkness.
ChapterIICreate a homeWandering and scavenging is good enough when you are clinging to survival by your fingernails, but you realize that you need to start building something slightly more permanent. To keep out the hazards of the Exiled Lands, to store and protect the things that you have created, and as a place from which to stage your explorations. Place out foundations and walls to create a base. You can place building pieces by equipping them to the hotbar then selecting them. Of course, you might need to craft them first.

You've started to build something that provides shelter, protection from attacks and a place to keep your equipment. Now it just needs to be finished.
ChapterIIScout an Exile CampThere are other people here, you are certain of it. Other exiles, left to rot in the desert. What is the common thread binding you all together? Why were you all brought here and left to die? What is the meaning of this bracelet that encircles your arm like a shackle? Perhaps finding other exiles might help you to make sense of it. You can find other people near water sources or easily defended locations

You can only feel pity. Driven to the edge of desperation, the men and women you encountered were little more than animals themselves. They threw themselves at you and you were forced to take action. Is everything in the Exiled Lands hostile?
ChapterIIStore goodsYou can't keep carrying everything around with you. You only have so many hands and the tools and stones and branches and leaves quickly add up. You need something to store your more valuable items in. Whether you make it or steal it from somebody else is irrelevant. Place items in a storage container to keep them safe. Open the radial menu to lock and unlock the box for other people

You're a little nervous about not carrying everything around with you, but you feel lighter, more agile and more ready to face the challenges of the desert with just a few things on your person. Besides that wooden box should keep your gear safe from would-be thieves. Unless they have access to metal or sorcery.
ChapterIIGet a dedicated weaponYour first encounters are behind you and you've gotten through them with a blend of grit and a raw natural strength. But the Exiled Lands are clearly a hostile place and you're going to need to be more effective in combat in the future. You think it is time to get yourself a real weapon. Weapons can be crafted or looted from fallen enemies. Just remember to keep them in good repair. Nothing worse than a weapon that breaks mid-battle.

You give your new weapon a few swings and it moves through the air with a satisfying whoosh. You almost feel sorry for the next fool who tries to kill you. Almost.
ChapterIIFind shelterYou find yourself worrying about the weather. While on the cross, you saw the great sandstorms sweeping across the north, a moving wall of sand that scoured all in its path. You are certain that there are many ways to shelter yourself from it. You simply need to find one of them that covers you fully. Shelter can be created through building or found in various locations in the world.

BA58D98EC01", "You now know at least one place that will be safe for you to be during a sandstorm. You might be trading the danger of the scouring sandstorm for the depths of a monster-filled cave or the dubious safety of hiding underwater, but nowhere in the Exiled Lands is a truly safe place.r
ChapterIIEat a filling mealA life spent eating insects, eggs and grubs is a life lived on the very edges of desperation. You understand that such sparse foods are useful in dire times, but they are not what is needed to feed a strong, vital body. The thought of rich juicy meat makes you begin to salivate. You'd better cook it first though. The creatures around here are probably crawling with parasites. Cooking food requires a campfire and the raw ingredients. Eating raw meat is a bad idea!

You smack your lips with relish. It has been so long since you have had to fight for your food, you'd forgotten what it was like. Never mind the taste of woodsmoke or the charred, overcooked meat. A good meal, hard earned, is a satisfaction all of its own.
ChapterIIPerform a Heavy Finisher with a weaponYou've been experimenting with your weapon. How it feels in your hands during each swing; how the rhythm of combat reveals itself in the interplay of balance and counterbalance.There is a light rhythm which inflicts small amounts of damage on the enemy, while keeping them off-balance. And then there is the heavy, brutal rhythm which batters at the enemy, inflicting grievous wounds and bringing the fight to an end quickly.Your eyes widen as you understand that the rhythm is the same and you can switch between them at will, building your own unique style. You need to test this, ending a series of rhythmic blows with a brutal heavy finisher. Combine light attacks and heavy attacks in a combo that finishes with a heavy finisher.

The last swing whips through the air with a satisfying whoosh. You're certain that the key to skillful combat is to chain together your attacks in a way that sets your foe up for that single, definitive blow.Woe be to your enemies.
ChapterIISpend Knowledge PointsThe fog of pain has begun to clear and you begin to focus on your circumstances. You reject the idea that your situation is hopeless and instead cast your mind back over everything you have learned in your life about surviving in a dangerous place.You half-remember fragments of learning, tidbits dropped here and there throughout your life. If you just try, you are certain that you can put together practical applications for some of these things. Press O to open the Feat screen. There you can see new types of knowledge which you can unlock. Learn a feat to gain access to crafting recipes which can then be accessed in your inventory, or in the workstation that is required to craft the object

It all starts to come back - pieces of knowledge fitting together in your mind to form a complete picture of how to make things.There's a certain pleasure to knowing things and knowing that no matter how injured your body, your mind will retain this information.
ChapterIIIObtain an iron barYour wood and stone tools are no longer sufficient. Not for harvesting the stone and wood that you need to create things. Not for cutting down your enemies who seem to be ever-increasing in power. You want to make the next step, out of the stone age and into the iron age. And the first thing you'll need is some pure iron. You can make iron by smelting iron ore in a furnace or take if from someone who has already done the work for you

You have an iron bar and taken your first tottering step on the path that leads out of the age of stone. Now you just need a few hundred more.
ChapterIIIUse a pick to gather bark from treesYou need to figure out how to create leather. You're not sure exactly the process but you remember that bark is needed. Stripping bark off one of these trees should be a easy, provided you have the right tools. You can use different tools on the same harvestable for different results. Use a pick to harvest wood and bark from trees, a hatchet to harvest wood and branches

You've figured it out and managed to gather some bark. Now you'll just have to experiment to see which other tools you can use for varying purposes.
ChapterIIIGet a HeadYou want a trophy of your adventures. Something that says I was here. I slaughtered this thing. For example, a head. Some creatures can be harvested for their heads, which can be stuffed and mounted on walls

You have taken a head. It is oozing and smells badly and you're not sure if you can remember how to stuff and preserve it. But you have it. You're so lonely.
ChapterIIIShoot an enemyBashing heads and lopping off arms is a brutal but necessary part of the life in the Exiled Lands. You are starting to suspect, however, that it might be better to try and kill your enemies from a distance. And at least hunting antelope will be so much easier. You decide that you should find a ranged weapon and try it out. Craft or find a bow and arrows. To equip arrows to a bow, drag them over the bow in your inventory or hotbar.

You took a moment to become used to the flight of the arrow but once it was under control, you shot your first enemy. Though the bow might not be useful against very fast creatures, you can see that it will give you a decided advantage when attacking from ambush.
ChapterIIIUse a skinning knife to skin an animalSlaughtering animals is a part of surviving, but up until now you have been avoiding another, messier part of the process. Skinning animals is a disagreeable task at any time, but you need hides in order to craft armor. And from what you have seen of the Exiled Lands, you're going to need armor. By using a skinning knife you can harvest hides exclusively from animals

You sniff the air, then shrug. One of the better things about being exiled is that there aren't a lot of people around to smell you after you've skinned something. You wipe your knife and put it carefully away. You're going to be doing a lot more of this.
ChapterIIIThrow an OrbYou've seen them before dangling on the belts of alchemists, small glass orbs filled with some bizarre concoction. Whatever is inside them, when exposed to air it reacts and causes some interesting effects. Fire, slippery grease, poison gas - all of these would be of use when confronting your enemies. You think it is time to find out for yourself. Equip an orb and press LMB to throw it so that it rolls for a distance. Use RMB to shake the orb and mix the contents, ensuring that it will react immediately upon impact.

With the shattering of glass and the accompanying reaction, you've found a new weapon. Good for removing walls, choking enemies, and making everybody fall down.
ChapterIIIEquip a piece of light armorThe coarse clothing that you put together from plants fiber has served you well, but you decide that it is time to find something more...protective. You wonder if you can make or find something. Armor can be crafted using an armorer's bench. It can also be dropped by human enemies that you kill.

You like the feel of this new armor against your skin. You feel confident and protected. You're ready to take on anything.
ChapterIIIFind somebody to talk toDespite that fact that every single person you've met so far has been hostile, you're certain that somebody out here might want to talk to you. You just need to find them. Occasionally you will meet friendly NPCs in the world. They provide valuable information about the world, as well as teaching new skills and abilities

You finally found somebody who was willing to talk to you. It's good to know that not everybody wants to kill you when they see you. Just most of them.
ChapterIIIVenerate the godsThe gods are watching. You realize that whatever your feelings about the gods, in this place you need to avoid offending them. You should find or create an altar and see what the gods have to offer you. Use an altar just like any other crafting machine. If you are a worshipper of that particular god, the recipes available to you will show on the right

You used an altar and saw immediately that there were things that you could create only with divine inspiration. Perhaps something to make use of in the future.
ChapterIIIScout a Darfari campYou can hear drums throbbing in the night and you recognize the sound. The Cannibals of Darfar. Does this mean that you are in Darfar? You do not know. But you can find out. Are the Darfari wearing bracelets as you are? Are they also trapped in this land? You need to scout one of their camps and find out. The Darfari are cannibals and will almost always be hostile when encountered. They eat human flesh in their worship of the demon-god Yog

The Darfari were also wearing the bracelets which means they are probably also captured and trapped here. You wonder who has such power, that they could capture entire bands of Darfari and imprison them. Though the cannibal slaves are common enough in the cities of Shem, you suspect that these Darfari have never known the lash.
ChapterIVDye an itemYou understand the principal of changing the color of clothing. As a survival mechanism, it can be useful to help you blend into your surroundings, to attract certain animals and drive away others. Some people uses dyes for fashion too, but that would be a frivolous waste of dye out here. Craft or steal a dye and then use it to dye an item in your inventory. Dyes can be crafted using the firebowl cauldron, but you will first need to create a flask to hold them. Glass can be crafted from crystal.

You look at the colors of your new item. The dye seems to have taken and the clothing seems as robust as ever. You also look good.
ChapterIVEarn a perkYou can feel that you have grown more powerful over the past days of hardship - expanding your capabilities in ways that you could not have imagined before.As you change, you feel that you are adapting in ways that are unique, ways that could be very useful to your continued survival. Open your Attributes screen. Spend points in a single attribute to earn a perk. The more you focus on a single attribute, the higher the point cost, but the more powerful the perks.

You're certain that what you have figured out will help you to survive for longer. Perhaps even give you the edge in a crucial situation.It feels good.
ChapterIVCatch a fishHunting food requires energy and commitment. Catching fish, you realize is a much simpler pastime. Especially if you simply place out a trap and come back and check it some time later. You decide that maybe fishing is just what you need. If you have a fish trap, you can use it to catch fish. Just place it in some water and wait.

Your first fish lies dead at your feet. The lifeless eyes stare up at you accusingly but it was you or it. Perhaps not, but regrets are for the weak.
ChapterIVPut an Enemy in the Wheel of PainThus far, you've been killing the enemies that you come across. But they would be more useful alive - as allies. The problem is that nobody you've met out here seems very interested in making an alliance. Making thralls of your enemies is a way to turn their strength to your advantage. And the Wheel of Pain is designed to do exactly that. You just need to capture an enemy first. Capture enemies by knocking them unconscious with a truncheon and then binding their legs with fiber and dragging them back to the Wheel of Pain. If you have a bound npc, using the Wheel of Pain will attach them to it.

You've captured your first thrall and put them on the Wheel of Pain. Over time, you realize, that you could create an army of willing servants. But all people are born with different skills and you will need to find the right thralls in order to quickly increase your production.
ChapterIVPlant seedsYou remember hearing once that agriculture is the key to civilization. The benefits of civilization are less interesting to you than they once were, but the benefits of agriculture cannot be denied. This shouldn't be too hard. Nature does it all the time. Seeds can be placed in a planter, and over time they will grow into plants that can be harvested. Using compost and fertilizer will speed the process.

Tamping down the earth over your first planted seed, you feel a sense of satisfaction. It might not be as glorious as slaying enemies in battle, but there is a certain pleasure in growing something of your own.
ChapterIVSleep in a bedThe appeal of sleeping on a bed of leaves or fur has long since disappeared. You realize with a jolt that you probably have the resources and knowledge to build yourself a proper bed, one that you don't destroy by using. Or you can just borrow someone else's bed. If they'll let you. Beds are much more powerful than bedrolls and do not despawn once they have been used. Craft a bed in order to have a permanent (until someone destroys it) respawn location.

You crafted a bed to give yourself a permanent place to sleep. Not to mention the added benefit of being off the ground, where the snakes and spiders can crawl in.
ChapterIVMine all the iron in a nodeIron is becoming the most important resource that you require for creating tools and weapons. In order to get enough, you need to harvest iron deposits directly, and not rely upon the iron that you occasionally find in other stones. Iron deposits in the world have a metallic grey. They are mostly found north of the river. Harvest them directly to receive large amounts of iron.

You found and harvested an iron deposit in the world and you are certain that you can identify more of them in the future. It is time to move beyond stone and start working with iron.
ChapterIVObtain a potionYou have heard tales of miraculous potions that can heal the sick, strengthen the weak and restore the constitution of the weary. You decide that experimenting with the different herbs and plants that can be found in the Exiled Lands is worth the risk of accidentally poisoning yourself. When the land itself is tainted by sorcery, the plants must have some miraculous properties. Use a firebowl cauldron to combine ingredients into a potion, or steal one from your enemies.

You gulp down the potion and let the effects spread slowly throughout your body. For all you know, it might all be in your mind. It's just nice not to be drinking water for once.
ChapterIVCraft an iron toolNow that you have access to iron, you realize that you can improve your tools. Harder tools means having to repair them less, which in turn provides you with more time to gather resources. Time to enter the iron age. You can craft an iron tool at a blacksmith's bench.

You have successfully crafted a iron tool. You admire the heft and feel of it in your hands. Trees and rocks beware - you are coming for them.
ChapterIVShow your religious zealThe gods tend to be passive until invoked, and the strength of the invocation depends on the zeal of the one performing the ritual. You realize that no matter your feelings toward the gods, in the Exiled Lands they are capable of providing real, tangible benefits. All you need to do is offer them proof of your zeal. Crafting items on the altar of the gods will create physical representations of zeal. Zeal is used to upgrade altars to higher tiers.

Your rudimentary acts of zealotry were enough to create physical manifestations of the favor of the gods on the altar. With enough favor, who knows what is possible?
ChapterIXBuff yourself with WarpaintYou've mastered the art of painting yourself with decorative paints that stain your skin. But you want to learn the higher art, the one that tribes use to drive themselves into a frenzy. The patterns that give strength, agility, vitality and more to their wearers. Perhaps the effect is all in the mind. You're not concerned. As long as it works. Warpaint buffs can be learned on the feats page, or found in the world. Craft or find one, then apply it to yourself.

You can feel the paint tingling upon your skin. And you feel the effect in your blood, roaring through your veins.It works. That is all that matters
ChapterIXDefeat Hrugnir of the FrostThe leader of the Frost Giants that inhabit the northern slopes of the frozen north is known simply as Hrugnir of the Frost.Perhaps he is the reason that the Frost Giants cling to this area, perhaps he is as trapped as you are. Either way, you're going north to confront him and his band of Frost Giants. Find and kill Hrugnir of the Frost

You found and defeated Hrugnir of the Frost. And while you found no sign of a bracelet on his corpse, you are still certain that the Frost Giants are tied to this place in the same way as the other Exiles.You're just not certain why.
ChapterIXSummon WitchfireThe person you were would have been intimidated by the mention of witchfire. Before the Exiled Lands, the mere hint of sorcery was to be feared and spoken of in whispers. Now, you realize that the right combination of alchemical effects can be combined to produce the flickering, ghostly lights that other people refer to as witchfire.You want to create some, just to spite the shadow of who you used to be. Witchfire recipes can be learned on the feat page.

Your witchfire burns blue against the night, a flickering flame that gives off little smoke and casts a harsh light on the landscape.Looking down, you can see that your shadow is gone.
ChapterIXVisit the Mounds of the DeadOnce, a battle was fought in the lands north of the Unnamed City - between the Giant-kings and the humans who had once been their allies.It is unclear to you who the victor was. But the battlefield itself still exists and is apparently haunted. Finding the burial grounds of the dead might provide some clue as to who won the titanic battle, and in turn, might lead you closer to solving the mystery of your exile. The Mounds of the Dead lie on the western side of the northern highlands.

You've walked the ancient battlefield of the Exiled Lands. You've seen the grave mounds rising in the mist. You've seen the lost souls of the warriors who fell, wandering the graves with a nameless, timeless hunger. You've seen the Mounds of the Dead. But what has it taught you?
ChapterIXDefeat the Barrow KingWhere the dead lie sleeping, there is a secret and a whisper. You have heard the name as you walked among the fallen, The Barrow King.Apparently one of the leaders who fell in the titanic battle that took place here in the north, the Barrow King still haunts these lands. But where?You just need to find the place where his army laid him to rest. Perhaps the Cimmerians in the area can help? The Barrow King is buried somewhere close to the Mounds of the Dead. Find his barrow, open it, and defeat him to learn more of his role in the war.

The Barrow King, also known as the Priestking, member of the Giant-king triumvirate, lies dead at your feet. You are not sure whether all that you find in his tomb is unvarnished truth, or whether it is indeed tainted by his alien perspective, but it give you more knowledge of events in the Exiled Lands than you had before.You feel as though the mystery is starting to unravel.
ChapterIXPour Boiling Oil from a Siege CauldronThe more you accumulate, the more important it has become to defend what you have. Thick walls can be climbed, after all, and even the sturdiest ceiling in the world cannot stand up to repeated blows.You've seen some of the nasty tricks that fortresses use to defend themselves against climbing foes and indeed, those foolish enough to hang around at the base of their walls. Time to heat the oil. Place a Siege Cauldron, and use it to pour oil down the length of your wall.

You survey the slick patch of oil left on the wall proudly. This will hinder anyone silly enough to climb the walls.You look forward to them trying.
ChapterIXEquip a Nordheimer Armor SetAs you penetrate further into the northern areas of the Exiled Lands, you find that the armor and clothing of the desert is inadequate to protect you against both the damage and temperatures of the frozen region.The locals, however, seem to have developed armor that keeps them warm even in the coldest of areas. You might just need to borrow some. Loot a Nordheimer enemy for their armor, or craft it yourself from the recipes learned on the feats page.

The new armor pleases you and simply for the warmth that it imparts. It also looks really good.
ChapterIXObtain a Black Ice WeaponOn the frozen slopes, you've heard of giants roaming with frost glittering from their icy weapons. You've heard of a secret method of working the hardest ice into weapons and you'd like to try out such a weapon.But, rumor holds that the secret of Black Ice is jealously guarded by the Frost Giants at their temple in the north. You grit your teeth and prepare to go north, into Frost Giant territory. Learn to craft Black Ice weapons from the Frost Giants, or find one and equip it.

You heft your new weapon, proud of the combination of balance and power throbbing through the haft. You must admit, however, that you dislike the slow burning cold that seeps into your skin from the weapon itself.
ChapterIXDiscover all the Giant-king obelisksFrom your very first moment in the Exiled Lands, the voice of the Giant-kings has reached out to you across the eons. The giant lorestones that dot the Exiled Lands speak directly to your mind, carrying messages for slaves that served the Giant-kings so very long ago.As you've explored the world, they have taught you about their places, their culture and what they once did to their slaves who wore the bracelet. You know that you need to seek out all of the Giant-king lorestones in order to understand more about this alien culture. Listen to all of the Giant-king lorestones to find out their history

The lorestones of the Giant-kings contained echoes of their culture and their attitude. You're not certain you will ever understand how such ancient creatures thought, and the reasoning behind their actions. But you understand that their history is the key to your freedom.
ChapterIXMaintain normal temperature in the most Extreme ColdThere are places of extreme cold in the Exiled Lands - so cold that you will literally die if you spend any time there.But you are not to be conquered by this place. You plan to stroll through the coldest areas without even the smallest shiver.You simply need to prepare a bit first. Visit the coldest area of the Exiled Lands while maintaining a normal body temperature. You will need to combine food effects, special clothing and armor to achieve this.

You shake the frost from your clothing and look at your icy skin. You didn't feel any discomfort at all.You've conquered another aspect of this place.
ChapterVUpgrade a building pieceSimple buildings are a good first step, but you understand that your first walls are lucky to keep out a strong wind. A determined, well-armed enemy could easily break through your walls, take your things and destroy everything you have worked for. Time to upgrade. You can upgrade your buildings to the next tier by crafting stronger pieces and placing them on top of the old pieces.

9949BE81B6C", "You've upgraded a building piece to make it stronger, sturdier and more resistant to attack. Now you simply need to do the rest of the building.r
ChapterVDecorate yourself with warpaintYou're curious about the warpaints that you have seen some of your enemies wearing in the Exiled Lands. They are intimidating, but they also serve to identify members of various tribes and groups. You know that some tribes use paints to prepare themselves for war, but for now, you'd just like to see how it feels to paint on yourself, without help. Decorative warpaint patterns can be learned in the feat tree or found at various locations around the world. Using the pattern will apply it to your body.

In the beginning, the paint feels odd against your skin, but you know that over time you will become used to it. Oddly satisfied with your freshly patterned skin, you move onwards with a bounce in your stride.
ChapterVFire a trebuchetYour enemies in the Exiled Lands are well protected and well-armed. Sometimes, swords and spears are not going to be enough. The pinnacle of modern siege weaponry, the trebuchet is designed to address that imbalance. Too cumbersome to hit single targets, but powerful enough to bring down the walls of enemy forts, it is a vehicle of destruction. You really want to fire one. Trebuchets can be crafted via the feat tree. Make sure the trebuchet is loaded, the counter-weight is set and then pull the lever!

The payload arcs through the sky and lands with a satisfying thump. You're certain that simple walls won't be able to stand up to the pounding of such a machine.War is coming and you are prepared.
ChapterVClimb the Tower of BatsIt stands in the desert, a ruined structure of impressive stature. A whispered rumor names it the Tower of the Bat, a relic of the ancient past.You are curious about the bracelet still clinging to your wrist and preventing you from leaving the Exiled Lands. Perhaps the tower can offer some answers...perhaps not. Either way, you're going to climb it. The Tower of the Bat is a mysterious structure on the river bank, just east of the Unnamed City. Climb it to discover what mysteries await at its apex.

You heave a heavy sigh as you pull yourself over the edge of the Tower of Bats.Time to find out if this place anything of value to you at all.
ChapterVObtain the head of a boss creatureSome of the creatures that you've encountered are larger and fiercer than others, unique in a land of large and fierce creatures. You want to take a trophy from one of them, proof of what you have seen. If you ever make it out of here. Kill one of the unusually large creatures that do the Exiled Lands and take its head

You have the head and proof of both your prowess and the unnaturally large creatures that haunt the Exiled Lands. Something to remind you to be alert at all times.
ChapterVRide an elevatorYou find yourself impressed with the ingenuity of survivors in the Exiled Lands. With the application of counterweights, pulleys, and strong ropes, platforms that move around and provide safe access in and out of mountainous places not only exist, but seem to work with little accident. You want to try one of these contraptions. Craft an elevator, or find one in the world that you can use. Interact with the control lever while standing on the platform to activate it.

You shake your head as you step off the elevator. Necessity really is the mother of all invention.
ChapterVCombine orb effects6906A668833", "After experimenting with alchemical orbs, you understand their basic applications. But the compounds within can be combined to cause a variety of secondary effects. You'd like to see what happens when you combine two orb effects. Experiment with different orbs and combine their effects to produce new effects.

You're not sure how it works, but it works. And now you know a new trick to use against your enemy.
ChapterVScout a Black Hand campYou've encountered different inhabitants of the Exiled Lands thus far - desperate exiles and Darfari cannibals. But rumor has it that there is a group of pirates who hunt the desert, plundering the sands for their own enrichment. You're not really sure if you believe in these so-called Black Hand pirates, but you'll need to find one of their camps to know for sure. The Black Hand can be found north of the river in the desert. Their camps are easily identified by their seafaring aesthetic.

You shake your head. The rumors were true, a group of pirates stuck in the desert. Interestingly, also wearing the bracelets, marking them as prisoners in the Exiled Lands.You wonder what the Black Hand of Set would think if they knew that a bunch of pirates had stolen their name and were running around the desert.
ChapterVCraft an exceptional or flawless itemYou've recently come to the realization that you will never be as accomplished a craftsman as one who as worked at a trade their entire life. The things that you hammer out at the blacksmith bench are decent enough and very good by the standards of the Exiled Lands, but you can tell that they lack the finesse of proper craftsmanship. You'd miss the feeling of a quality item in your hands and you'd like to have that back. You just need to find somebody with the right skills and...acquire them. Exceptional and flawless weapons are crafted by artisan thralls. Capture an artisan, break them on the wheel of pain, then attach them to a crafting station to use their abilities

Ah there it is. That undeniable quality of craftsmanship that separates the novice from the master. You marvel at the little details that you would never have thought to include and, most importantly, the extra power that imparts. You're looking forward to testing this out.
ChapterVDestroy the Abyssal RemnantYou've heard rumors of something in the darkest depths of the Dregs. Something that lives beneath the city and devours all that dare to face it. The rumors set you afire with curiosity. What could that creature be guarding? Where did it come from? Why is it there? You decide that you want to test yourself. You have survived the Exiled Lands, thus far, but you have not ventured into the darkness. You wish to try. The Dregs dungeon can be found on the western end of the river in the south.

You have overcome the Abyssal Remnant and won through The Dregs. Your confidence in yourself grows along with your ability.
ChapterVILure an enemy into a trapDirect confrontation is not the only way to deal with an enemy. Sometimes, you realize, it pays to be smarter.You've often considered traps with spring-loaded mechanisms that could be used to trigger death on those who dare to trespass in your home. Time to put those thoughts into action. Traps can be crafted or found on enemies in the Exiled Lands. Place a trap and lure an enemy on to the trap so see what effect it has.

There is absolute delight in watching a plan execute itself perfectly. In this case, the trap worked flawlessly, triggered by the weight of the attacker it fired off with devastating effect.
ChapterVIMake an enemy bleedNot all of your enemies deserve a fast death. In a land full of murders, thieves and rapists, you are certain that a fast death is a mercy that not all of them should recieve.Some of your weapons are designed to inflict bleeding - gaping wounds that are designed to leave the enemy spilling their precious lifeblood onto the sands. You decide to master this technique, against the chance that you might need to use it in the future. Apply the Bleed debuff to an enemy by using a weapon combo that contains a sunder. Some weapons that include bleed combos are the daggers, the sword, and the pike.

You watch with satisfaction as your enemy drips blood onto the sand. Sadistic, yes? But then again, they should never have tried to kill you.You store your knowledge of enemy anatomy for future battles.
ChapterVISunder an enemyIncreasingly, you find yourself fighting opponents wearing layers of protection that your weapons are unable to penetrate. You realize that against such well defended foes, you need to angle your strokes so as to expose the flaws in the enemy protection. You have a few tricks in mind, but you really need to try them out in battle, and with the correct weapons, to see if you can manage. Apply the Sunder debuff to an enemy by using a weapon combo that contains a sunder. Some weapons that include sunder combos are the two-handed hammer, the axe, and the mace.

Your deft moves and crushing attacks left your foe exposed and off-balance. From that position it was simple to exploit the weakness.You tuck this technique into your mind for future reference.
ChapterVIModify a piece of armorYour armor creaks and groans when you use it. It isn't that the armor isn't useful, it just feels like it could be more useful. There are specialized tools that can be used to make your armor slightly better; a small scraping of leather here, a touch of additional oil there.You decide to try and modify your armor with the help of a small kit. Craft or acquire an armor modification and then apply it by placing it over an armor piece in the inventory.

Your armor still creaks and groans, but somehow, it all feels slightly better. And you've learned how to modify your armor, which your certain is a useful skill to have.
ChapterVICripple an enemyYou're aware that you've become much more intimidating during the last few weeks of clawing out an existence in the Exiled Lands. You're more formidable than ever - but this has led to a new set of problems. Foremost among them, enemies who run away from you.You need to find a way to pin them down - literally. A well placed arrow or javelin to the legs, or a special cripple combo with a weapon ought to do it. Hit an enemy in the legs with an arrow or throwing weapon in order to cripple them. This will reduce their movement rate significantly.

You grin mercilessly as you watch your enemy limping away. There'll be no escape for them this time.
ChapterVIUse an explosiveYou've heard of alchemical powders from Khitai that can be used to cause great explosions and fire in the sky, but it has never gained impetus in the Hyborian kingdoms due to a scarcity of the resources required to create it.Here in the Exiled Lands, however, the ingredients are plentiful. You want to craft an explosive of your own. You want to blow something up. Explosives can be learned and crafted through the feat menu. They can be triggered by interacting with their fuse or simply walking into them.

The satisfying boom of the explosion still rings in your ears. The raw power of the powder is enough to smash walls and bring down forts and castles.Oh, the destruction you will leave in your wake.
ChapterVIDrink water from a wellYou're tired of continually having to find a stream or river to refill your waterskin. You're tired of having to search out water before you can go on long trips. And you're concerned about your ability to defend your home if an enemy blocks your access to fresh water. You're confident after so much time spent in the desert that you can see the telltale signs of an underground water source. You decide that you can dig a well for simpler access to water, or at the very least locate one nearby that you can use. Find or craft a well and then use it to quench your thirst or fill your waterskin. Wells will fill up over time, so check back to get more water later.

You wipe your mouth with your hand. The water tastes a little brackish, but is drinkable.One of the great threats of the Exiled Lands, thirst, is thus overcome.
ChapterVIModify a weaponSwinging your weapon in battle has made you acutely aware of its flaws, but it has also grown familiar, like an additional limb. You don't want to give it up, but the problems it has could eventually be lethal.You know that you can modify your weapon to customize it for your combat preferences with the help of a special set of tools. You'll just need to make the tools first. Craft or acquire a weapon modification and then apply it to a weapon by placing it over the weapon in the inventory.

Your newly modified weapon still feels familiar, but subtly different. You won't be certain until you try it in combat, but you're looking forward to.
ChapterVIScout a Dogs of the Desert campYou can hear them on the night of the full moon, howling across the desert. Hyenas, a great roaming pack that devours anything in their path. But you've observed here and there, mingled with the pawprints of the beasts, the distinct footprints of humans.There are rumors of a group known only as the "Dogs of the Desert". Perhaps they are the ones who accompany the great pack on its hunt. You decide to scout their camps. Cautiously. The Dogs of the Desert can be found in the northern areas of the desert. Their camps are usually marked by animal hides and the pawprint of the hyena.

The Dogs of the Desert were as aggressive as their name implies - attacking you on sight. Still, there was something animalistic about their features. As if they weren't truly men at all - they were just wearing the mask.
ChapterVISquish something in a fluid pressAs you establish yourself in the Exiled Lands, you've become aware that you need access to various resources to lubricate the gears of your production chains. You remember seeing merchants using their fluid press to separate the pulp from the useful liquids inside various creatures. It's disgusting, but you imagine it will help to provide you with resources. Craft or acquire a fluid press, then fill it with something you'd like to squish.

With a sickly gurgle, the fluid press squeezes pungent liquid into the world. You're becoming quite efficient at producing things, even if it is mostly just bad smells.
ChapterVIICreate a map-roomYou'd like to have a better idea of the full scope of the Exiled Lands and all that they contain. You lack the necessary cartographic knowledge to create a map, but you are certain that somewhere the Giant-kings kept knowledge of their kingdom and all that it entailed.If you can find their map, then you might be able to reproduce your own. Learn how to create a map-room from the Archivist in the Unnamed City. Then build one of your own.

You've reproduced the map room from the ancient ruins with a precise level of detail. Now you can see an overview of the lands that the Giant-kings once ruled and, if The Archivist was correct, even access their sorcerous system of travel.
ChapterVIISurvive a Purge The creatures and people of the Exiled Lands are extremely territorial. Anybody who dares to build in an area that they have claimed will face swift consequences.You have built your home and it is only a matter of time until the hordes come for you. You're ready to fight back, to defend what you have with tooth and nail. When the purge meter is full, you have a chance of being attacked by a purge. Purges will vary based upon your location in the world. Survive a purge to update this journey entry.

The battle was bloody and the screaming horde were intense in their desire to see your home destroyed.But you overcame. You won again. That is all that matters.
ChapterVIIDestroy a DragonYou've heard of these creatures through whispered stories around the hearth your entire life. Dragons, magnificent creatures of legend, known for their ferocity and power. And every tale accompanying dragons comes with a promise of hoards of treasure for those bold enough to pit themselves against such creatures.You've seen the dragons. Here, in the Exiled Lands, they walk as living creatures.And you decide that you must slay one, not for gold, but for glory. And so that you can tell people you did it. Dragons can be found roaming the Exiled Lands. Kill one.

You stand above the broken body of your foe and feel only exhaustion. That was one of the most difficult fights of your life and you salute the creature who gave it to you.You realize that you are now entitled to call yourself, Dragonslayer.
ChapterVIIVisit SepermeruYour travels in the Exiled Lands thus far have been dogged with enemies of every kind, factions of cannibals, pirates and desperate exiles have hindered your progress at every turn.But you have heard of a city in the far west, a city of Relic Hunters who welcome any to visit them. Could it be true? There is really only one way to find out. Find Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

You found Sepermeru and the rumors were true, the inhabitants did not attack you at first sightYou've found a cure for perhaps one of the greatest threats of the Exiled Lands, loneliness.
ChapterVIIAttune an ObeliskAmong the weathered stones of the Exiled Lands are Obelisks that pulse with a dark energy. Approaching them seems to sap at your will, but your bracelet seems to respond to the dark energy with a pulsing of its own. Touching your bracelet to an obelisk seems to activate it - perhaps you can glean something from the interactions. Find an obelisk in the world and interact with it to attune your bracelet.

When you touched your bracelet to the obelisk, the patterns inscribed upon it seem to burn themselves into your mind. Along with something...darker.You hope that whatever has hidden itself in the back of your mind will be useful.
ChapterVIIEquip a Raider Armor PieceThere are cultures feared across the Thurian continent for the ferocity of their raids upon neighboring kingdoms. Shemite and Stygian slavers, raiding each other and their neighbors to the north and south. And from the far east, the mysterious Kambujans who set forth from their jungle kingdom. You know that to establish yourself here, regardless of whether you are a raider or not, you need to borrow some of the fear that comes with their image.At least you get three choices. Raider armors can be learned in the feat tree and crafted at an armorers bench.

You like the feel of your new armor. It makes you dangerous. And fearless.Like you'd like to go on a raid.
ChapterVIISurvive a sandstorm outside of shelterThe huge sandstorms that roll across the Exiled Lands are an unnatural phenomenon. Their frequency and ferocity are a testament to whatever terrible force it is that drives them across the landscape.They are more than an annoyance to you, being forced to flee for shelter every time a sandstorm approaches. You've heard tell of certain desert nomads who craft a specific mask that allows them to breath and see while among the stinging sands. Either way, you are tired of cringing behind shelter during sandstorms. Time to face the beast. Find a way to survive in the sandstorm without being in shelter. The sandstorm mask can be crafted from the armor tab in the feats window.

You've stood unharmed during the course of the sandstorm. As the fury of the sands whipped around you, you stood tall, protected by your ingenuity.You feel that, finally, you have faced the harshest of what the Exiled Lands can throw at you.
ChapterVIICleanse corruption by watching an entertainerThe things that you've seen have affected your mind. Though you try to convince yourself otherwise, you feel off. Half-glimpsed visions, whispers that seem to come from nowhere. You feel corrupted. You need to distract your mind, focus on something other than survival and the horrors of the Exiled Lands in order to heal yourself. Perhaps dancing? Entertainers can cleanse corruption from your mind and body with their unique talents. Capture an entertainer or find a location where you can watch one in action.

You feel refreshed, like you've awoken from a dark dream. The menacing clouds on your consciousness have lifted. You are restored.
ChapterVIIExplore the Unnamed CityThe brooding black city haunts the corners of your vision. Impossible to ignore, it is a testament to the strength of the ancient culture that once ruled these lands. And the mystery of the bracelet that enslaves you probably has roots within the walls of that city. It is inevitable that your journey will bring you to walk along those avenues of haunted, cyclopean stone. Do you dare to tread where none has gone before in thousands of years? Explore the Unnamed City and discover all the major points of interest in the area

You have seen the empty boulevards and shattered streets of the ancient city of the Giant-kings. The places where they held their human slaves, performed their sorcerous rituals, and even the archives where they keep the entire knowledge of their race.And the corruption of the ancient city yet lingers on your mind, clinging like a thin layer of grease to your consciousness.
ChapterVIIRecruit a unique thrallYou don't know where they are. You don't know what they want. You don't have any money to pay them, but what you do know is that there are people out there with a particular set of skills. Skills that they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a boon for people like you. You will look for them. You will find them. And you will enslave them. Unique thralls are masters of their particular craft or weapon. They can be found scattered across the Exiled Lands. Recruit one to work for you.

Your new ally, known far and wide for their skills, gets quietly to work. You're satisfied to have such a skilled person on your side.Willing or not.
ChapterVIIIBuild or Upgrade your building to the highest tierAs you explore the lands, you find you are dissatisfied with the materials you have used to build your home. You've seen ancient architecture that has stood for ten thousand years, and the robust dwellings of the other captives of the Exiled Lands. In order to protect yourself and your clan, nothing but the highest tier of protection will do. Craft build pieces of the highest tier (black ice, reinforced stonebrick) and upgrade your building

You've begun to turn your home into a fortress. Raiders and enemies will need to be very determined indeed if they hope to break down your walls.You almost hope they try.
ChapterVIIIGet extremely drunkThe more you explore and learn about your imprisonment, the clearer it becomes to you that there is no short term solution. For better or worse, you are stuck here among the outcasts and exiles. Well, as a wise drunkard once slobbered into your ear, it could be worse. There might not be alcohol.And you could really use a drink. Learn to brew alcholic beverages in the feat tree, or find someone willing to share. Then drink until you forget about everything.

Your head hurts too much for you to think of a benefit to this. You're certain there was one just want some greasy food.
ChapterVIIIHarvest a fallen star for oreIn the north, where the cold highlands give way to the frozen slopes, you can see the stars falling from the sky. You've always heard tales of the strength and power of metal forged from stars and now is your opportunity to get your hands on some of it. You need to find a fallen star and harvest it for star metal. Find a fallen star and harvest it by shattering the outer shell with a demon-fire orb

You have a gleaming lump of star-metal ore, ready to be smelted into a weapon or tool. You want to see what it can do.
ChapterVIIIVisit New AsagardThere is a line where the desert gives way abruptly to the scrubby bush and grey-green grasses of the highlands. It is rumored that somewhere up there is a tribe of nordheimer barbarians, eking out an existence in the bitter cold. You think it sounds wonderful, you've spent too long in the heat. Find New Asagard, the village of the Nordheimers, located in the highlands.

You've found the walled village known as New Asagard - but the locals were less than happy to see you. Unlike Sepermeru, it seems that strangers are particularly unwelcome in the village of these brutes.
ChapterVIIIDrink the Yellow Lotus PotionThe herbs and concoctions of the Exiled Lands seem to have a potency that you have never seen in your former life. You've heard of potions that bring dying men back to full health, that allow one to breathe underwater for an insane length of time, and that open your eyes to new experiences and new horizons. The blossom of the yellow lotus, used as a narcotic in southern Stygia and the Black Kingdoms, can apparently be prepared in such a way as to add new insights and allow you to see yourself as you might have been if you'd made different choices in life. You're determined to try it out and see what you can glean from the experience.The Yellow Lotus Potion can be used to reset your feat and attribute points. Craft one at a Firebowl Cauldron or find one in the world and devour it.

Infinities explode before your eyes. The world spins and turns. You see yourself as a child, an adolescent, an adult. You see every road you never turned down, every path untrodden and with a flick of the wrist, you can change it all.You can become something else entirely.
ChapterVIIIHarvest the Black Lotus BlossomThe blossoms of Black Lotus are dangerous. To breathe in their scent is to bring dreams of darkness and death. The mighty sorcerers of the Black Ring use the smoke of the black lotus to revive their sorcerous powers.For you, the Black Lotus represents a challenge. Like so many of the other things you have achieved in the Exiled Lands, the task of plucking a Black Lotus Blossom appeals to your sense of adventure. You're not even sure what you would use it for.Harvest Black Lotus in the Black Gardens of the ruined city in the swamp.

Holding the blossom carefully away from your face, you smile triumphantly. Another challenge overcome and another mystery of this place conquered.
ChapterVIIIDefeat the KinscourgeThere is a tower in the northern reaches of the highlands. At the top of the tower is a light that stays lit eternally.If the rumors are to be believed, it is the home of Tyros the Kinscourge, leader of the Silent Legion. Dark tales speak of his eternal watch and the circumstances that brought it into being. You want to know if the tales are true. And as far as you know, entering the tower and confronting the Kinscourge is the only way to find out. Tyros the Kinscourge can be found at the top of the Black Keep at the heart of the Ruins of Xulla in the northern highlands.

You sheathe your weapon and look upon the corpse of the creature that you have just slain. Man, spirit or something else? All you know is that this tragedy, played out over ten thousand years, was ended by decisive action.Your action.
ChapterVIIIDiscover all the Lemurian LorestonesOne of the most unsettling features of the Exiled Lands are the large lorestones scattered across the landscape. Through sorcerous means, the stones speak directly into your mind, though the messages are clearly for people living in the dim reaches of the past. You wonder if that is also why you can understand what would have been ancient and alien languages.There are two distinct voices that speak to you from the lorestones. One of them, the voice of a woman, seems to preach rebellion from the stones themselves.What she has to say provides fascinating insight into the events that took place here. And somewhere in her words, might be the key to your escape.Listen to all of the Lemurian Lorestones to find out their side of the story

The tale of how the Lemurians came to the Exiled Lands - the sinking of their homeland in the cataclysm, their forced enslavement by the vicious people who captured them as they made landfall - strikes a chord with you.And yet... you don't fully trust the words spoken by the stone. There is another side to this story.
ChapterVIIIEnter the Palace of the Witch QueenRumor has spread across the Exiled Lands, from the depths of the swamps that haunt the eastern reaches of the Exiled Lands. Rumors of the Witch Queen of Lemuria and the opulent palace that she maintains at the heart of the ruins. You're always interested in ancient ruins and, particularly, the treasures contained within. Find and enter the Palace of the Witch Queen in the eastern swamps.

The Palace of the Witch Queen was not what you expected, but you have uncovered treasure of a different sort.You think it is going to work out just fine.
ChapterVIIIDiscover what haunts the Sanctuary RuinsIn the north, men speak of ghosts in quiet whispers. Perhaps because they are surrounded by them - the armor-clad undead of the Silent Legion, the flickering Wights that haunt the mounds of the dead or the other, more regular ghosts that you have seen all across the Exiled Lands.The latter are more like memories than ghosts, spectral messages embedded in the universe for thousands of years. Apparently one of these ghosts haunts the Sanctuary Ruins - and has information about the Kinscourge. For those who are willing to listen. The Sanctuary Ruins can be found on the southeastern edge of the Exiled Lands.

You found the spirit of Telith in the Sanctuary Ruins, and listened as she sang her lament for her lost lover, Tyros.There is a greater nuance and mystery to the story of the Kinscourge than you had imagined.
ChapterXDefeat the Mummy of the RingSo it comes to this - Thoth Amon, lord of the Black Ring, is the one who imprisoned you in the Exiled Lands. He seeks the artefacts that you have gathered and he is sending his black servant to collect them. Destroy the Servant of the Ring, by any means necessary. When you placed the artefacts in the vessel, the Servant of the Ring was summoned to take them. You must defeat it!

You have destroyed the servant of Thoth Amon and recovered the essence of the Serpent Ring of Set from its body. You now have a single final act to perform to remove your bracelet and leave the Exiled Lands forever.
ChapterXSummon the Avatar of a GodYou have tried to find time to make devotions to the gods. You've visited their altars and even made sacrifices to them. But to call upon the power of the gods requires earning a lot of favor and a lot of favor requires a lot of sacrifice.You decide to renew your efforts on behalf of your chosen deity. Or deities. That way lies true power. Craft a True Name token at a tier 3 altar and summon the avatar of your god. Just don't do it in your house.

For a brief moment, you soared! You saw through the eyes of a god and smote those who opposed you with the wrath of a deity.Such power coupled with a glimpse of infinity. There is no greater domination!
ChapterXEquip an Epic Armor SetLooking back over the different types of armor that you have used throughout your travels, you can see minute ways in which they can be improved. Some additional padding here, some minor tweaks there and every single armor set could be more valuable than they were before. You just need to take the time to make the alterations. Craft an Epic Armor set and equip it. Epic armors can be found in the armor tab on the feats page.

You smile as you clamber about in your new armor. Your alterations have made it far more effective and yet it still retains the visual and cultural flair that it had earlier. You are very pleased with yourself.
ChapterXSurvive the heat of the volcanoThe volcano is the hottest place in the Exiled Lands - so hot that it can burn a person to death just walking on the stones there. You will not allow it to beat you. You will stroll through the Volcano and you will not sweat and you will not quiver.You need to prepare, of course. Visit the hottest area of the Exiled Lands while maintaining a normal body temperature. You will need to combine food effects, special clothing and armor to achieve this.

Steam rises from your skin and your armor crinkles in the extreme heat. But you, you felt nothing out of the ordinary.You consider this challenge conquered.
ChapterXDestroy whatever dwells at the heart of the VolcanoSomething festers at the heart of the volcano. You don't know what it is, but you know that it was at least partially responsible for the war that took place in the Exiled Lands ages past. Does it still live? Does it still whisper betrayal to those who trust it? Does it have something to do with your imprisonment? You know there is only one way to find out. Find and destroy the creature that dwells at the heart of the volcano

The Degenerate, ancient enemy of mankind, lies dead in the ruins of his city. Such a creature knew nothing but deceit and contempt for other living things. The Giant-kings were fools to trust it, the Lemurians were fools to believe that it revealed itself to them willingly. Now, you wipe the ichor of its passing from your blade and stride forth from the ruins. It will never attempt to rule from the shadows again.
ChapterXFind a Legendary weaponSome weapons carry a story with them. It can be as simple as a blade that become famous because its wielder managed to slay five enemies with it, or something as complex as a weapon specifically crafted by a sorcerer to kill a single person.Over time, such weapons gain a certain mythical quality and it is said that they confer those bonuses to whoever wields them. There has to be weapons like that in the Exiled Lands, considering the rich history that you have been uncovering during your explorations. There are legendary weapons scattered across the Exiled Lands, hidden in locked chests guarded by ferocious creatures. Find yourself one.

You hold a legendary weapon in your hands and while it feels good, you have a doubt. Can you be worthy of its legacy?Time will tell.
ChapterXEscape the Exiled LandsYou have gathered the artefacts of the Giant-kings, their enemies and their allies. You have defeated the Servant of the Ring and earned your right to freedom. Now, you need only complete the ritual to free you of the bracelet and escape the Exiled Lands forever.Or, you can choose to stay and dominate. You must make a choice. Use the keystone to remove the bracelet and escape the Exiled Lands. Be aware that this will delete your character and end the game.

You walk from the Exiled Lands into the desert. Behind you, the cursewall crumbles. And with every step, the world fades until...So then, you're not quite dead.
ChapterXObtain an Obsidian WeaponObsidian, a dark-glass formed from flows of lava, is abundant in the volcano. You have heard tell of fantastically sharp weapons that can be crafted from the glass, but the secret of their forging is beyond your knowledge. Perhaps somewhere in the Volcano, you can find someone or something to teach you how to craft these fine weapons. Or perhaps you can simply find one of the weapons to steal. Whatever works. Learn to craft Obsidian weapons in the volcano, or find an obsidian weapon and equip it.

You have a weapon made of the dark glassy substance known as Obsidian. You have no doubt it will shatter quickly under repeated stress, but until then it is a smooth and welcome weight in your hands.
ChapterXCreate a Master WorkstationYou realize that your have become something of a master in your chosen crafts over your time in the Exiled Lands. You can identify dozens of inefficiencies in the production chain and you have ideas on how to improve them all.These are the small things, you realize, that separate the master from the journeyman or apprentice. You get to work on your master crafting station, certain that your improved design will be faster and more efficient. Learn a master crafting station from the feat page and then craft one to be placed in the world.

You stand proudly beside your master workstation. This, as much as your combat prowess, is proof that you have come to dominate the Exiled Lands. You have become so much more than you were.
ChapterXExplore the entire Exiled LandsYou have explored much of the Exiled Lands, but to truly dominate you know that you need to understand the land intimately. Every chokepoint that can turn the tide of battle, every cave where an enemy might be hiding, every location where a rare resource might be found - you must learn them all. Time to get cracking. Explore your map to find every point of interest in the Exiled Lands

You have found every single location of interest within the Exiled Lands. You've been everywhere that there is to go, seen every vista and visited every scene.You are the ultimate explorer.

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