Bless Online Weapons List

Name Class Grade Level Gear Score
Ambusher's Longbow of PerseveranceRangerSuperior371945
Axe of the NoviceBerserkerSuperior5463
Blunt SwordGuardianCommon198
Broken ShieldGuardian  PaladinCommon115
Chipped AxeBersekerCommon1121
Curved MacePaladinCommon198
Decimator's Toughened SlasherBerserkerSuperior301621
Disheveled ShelfMage  MysticCommon1121
Engraved Crescent WandMage  MysticSuperior422176
Flawed String BowRangerCommon1121
Legend of the WoodsmanBerserkerRare152627
Light Blackknot LongbowRangerSuperior422176
Northern Shredder of SanctuaryPaladinSuperior421438
Protector's Barrier of ConfrontationGuardian  PaladinSuperior42729
Proud Battleaxe of HistoryBerserkerSuperior422176
Slaughterer's Axe of FuryBerserkerSuperior371945
Slaughterer's Axe of the VigorousBerserkerSuperior191111
Tenacious Shield of SteelPaladinSuperior19373

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