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Bless Online Pet Skills List

Type Name Inferior Moderate Superior Effect
Pet SkillAbility Up!182848Ability Power
Pet SkillAdventure Begins6.75%8.07%10%Dungeon Point Gain Through Battle
Pet SkillBe Strong154/44224/64336/96Physical Defense / Magic Defense
Pet SkillCapable Member of the Guild10%20%50%Guild EXP Gain
Mount SkillClimb10%20%40%Climb Angle
Pet SkillCollector's Apprentice10%15%30%Gathering Level Gain
Pet SkillCollector's Delight5%7%10%Gathering Speed
Pet SkillCrafter's Apprentice10%15%30%Crafting Level Gain
Pet SkillCrafter's Delight5%7%10%Crafting Speed
Pet SkillFriend of the Merfolk10%20%50%Swimming Speed
Pet SkillFriend of the Wind Elemental10%20%50%Backward Move Speed
Pet SkillGet Rich42.10%76.10%154.70%Gold Gain from Hunting
Pet SkillGiant Growth42.10%76.10%154.70%EXP Gain from Hunting
Mount SkillIncrease Movement Speed10%20%40%Movement Speed
Mount SkillIncreases EXP ObtainedMount EXP Gain +20%
Mount SkillLeap162.07%246.55%381.72%Jump Height
Mount SkillNocturnal40%50%70%Movement Speed at Night
Pet SkillPower Up!182848Fighting Power
Mount SkillProtection-10%-20%-50%Dismount Chance
Pet SkillRapid GrowthPet EXP Gain +20%
Mount SkillReduce Boarding Time-30%-50%-100%Boarding Time
Mount SkillRun Away40%50%70%Movement Speed when Hit (2s)
Mount SkillSneak30% / 20%50% / 30%80% / 60%Reduces Detection Range / Movement Speed (5s)
Mount SkillSpeed20%30%60%Increases Movement Speed (5s)
Mount SkillStamina Consumption Reduction-5% / -10%-10% / -20%-20% / -50%Stamina Consumption on Summon / Movement
Mount SkillStamina Recovery Increase10% / 20020% / 35050% / 600Stamina Recovery Rate / Max Stamina
Pet SkillThank You for the Treat!Loots within 30m radius
Pet SkillThis Means War42.10%76.10%154.70%EXP Gain from PvP Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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