Bless Online Mob Monster and Drop List

Name XP Location Item Drops
Bentclaw MeerkatGolden Hills
Big-earred Hunter BearKingdom of Floren | Highwind Path
Blackstar Hound38Green Shadow Forest NorthSuperior Lvl 19 Weapon | Shattered Fang | Cracked Bone
Green Horror SlimeEmalin Farmstead
Hooked HumblebeeKingdom of Floren | Highwind PathFrayed Wings | Broken Insect Leg
Mud Nest TermiteEmalin Farmstead
Orc Axe Warrior54Green Shadow Forest NorthBlood Alliance Talisman | Crushed Skeleton Fragment | Frayed Flag
Orc Bowman54Green Shadow Forest NorthBlood Alliance Talisman | Rotten Grain | Crushed Skeleton Fragment | Bashed Skeleton
Orc Storm Trooper AxemanHighwind Path
Red Leaf Venus FlytrapGolden Hills
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