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Game Time 18:49:12 Day Region: PC NA/EU   Console   KR   SA

Use SA South America coupons 👉HERE - Black Desert Online - BDO (auto-refresh)

01-20Najunchilgi Chest x10
Master of Training Box x1
Special Food Box x3
Cron Stone x50
Advice of Valks (+50) x1
Special Rabbit Goody Bag x1
01-18Advice of Destiny x3
Advice of Memory x3
Combat or Life Box x1
Combat or Life Box x1
01-18J's Hammer of Loyalty x1
2022Advice of Valks (+150) x1
J's Hammer of Loyalty x1
Cron Stone x2023
Weapon Exchange Coupon Box x1
Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon x1
Thankful Premium Outfit Box x1
Nostalgia Classic Box x1
Urimok Furniture Set x1
Haso Teaware Prop Set x1
Promise Gift Box Key x1
Radiant Shakatu's Seal x10
Shining Shakatu's Seal x20
Marni's Unstable Fuel x500
2022Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x10
Sealed Book of Life (20 Days) x1
Golden Blessing of Agris Box x1
Rare Courser Training Box x1
Item Drop Rate Increase Scroll x20
Sealed Book of Combat (20 Days) x1
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Three Ways to Redeem Coupons

[In-game] ESC menu -> Adventurer Support (F11) -> [Use Coupon]
BlackDesertofficial website’s [Coupons] page
BlackDesert+app > Menu > Coupons

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